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Watch: Implosion fails to bring down Pontiac Silverdome, Twitter reacts

A partial implosion of the Silverdome has failed to bring down the upper section of the former Detroit Lions’ home stadium.

Demolition company Adamo says that Sunday morning’s blasts in Pontiac, Michigan, did weaken the Silverdome and it could still fall, but it’s unclear when that might happen.

Adamo executive vice president, Rick Cuppetilli, told the Detroit Free Press that 10 percent of the explosive charges failed to detonate due to wiring issues that crews are investigating.

The first the blast was supposed to break the metal beams supporting the upper ring of the dome, which is a 20-foot steel band that held up the equipment used to inflate the roof. Then, each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome was to be broken when a small charge detonated, causing the steel ring to fall to the ground.

According to Cuppetilli, there will not be any additional blasts Sunday. He said the building could fall in on its own today. It could take hours or even days for the old building to give up.

Cuppetilli says that unless gravity causes the building to fall on its own, excavators will start taking down the structure this week.

On Twitter, people couldn’t help themselves but make the connection between this failure and the run of the Lions football that fans experienced at the Silverdome from 1975-2001, which featured just one playoff victory.

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