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Open roof at Lucas Oil Stadium in November makes Colts fans unhappy

It’s Nov. 26, and the temperature is 49 degrees at kickoff in Indianapolis. So of course, the Colt have thrown open both the windows and the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium for their game with AFC South rival Tennessee.

This is just the 16th time since Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008 that the Colts have had both the roof and windows open. The biggest reason the Colts usually keep the roof closed if there’s any threat of rain is because the field doesn’t have a crown to drain water. But the skies couldn’t be sunnier or more clear Sunday.
The Colts are 8-7 when both are open, 8-0 when the roof is open and the window is closed, 33-15 when both are closed and 1-5 when the roof is closed and the window is open.
The decision to open the roof caught some people by surprise.

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