2017 NFL Draft Top Prospects

QB RB WR TE OL DL LB CB SAF Top-10 by Position


School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 214 lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 6

Will not hesitate for one second as a hitter. Steps downhill looking to punish running backs to set a tone for defense. Toggles between patient and urgent in treks to the ball. Plays off blockers. Approaches target with open arms and wide, balanced base to limit escape routes. Intelligent field general. Gets secondary aligned properly. Plays with plus balance in coverage. Pattern reader who can digest combinations. Alert for misdirection keys from offense. Party crasher on screen plays. Can handle coverage responsibilities against tight ends. Five interceptions and two recovered fumbles over last two seasons at LSU. Handsy and too willing to clamp onto receivers down the field. Hard-charging downhill, but a little stiff when asked to retreat. Long speed appears to be average on tape. Will give away some interceptions due to drops. Slower coming to balance as tackler on bursting runners between the tackles. Desire to limit cutbacks leads to challenging play-side tackles. Doesn’t pursue with expected vigor from across the field. Interchangeable safety with a sheriff’s mentality. Adams is a physical tone-setter who should thrive near the line of scrimmage or in a robber role. Should be a commanding presence in the locker room early on and his do-as-I-do play demeanor could be the catalyst for turning a struggling defense around quickly.

School: Western Michigan | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 247 lbs.

Selected by: Pittsburgh Steelers – No. 248

Basketball background is evident in his play. Feet are light and bounding. Rarely false steps out of his stance and into his rush. Always works to an edge against blockers. Makes it extremely difficult for tackles to mirror him. Rarely allows a square punch into his chest. Has loose hips to flip around the edge like a basketball defender working over a screen. Has the fluidity and flexibility for tight cornering as pass rusher. Inside counter spin is a dangerous weapon he can feature more. Features big closing burst to the ball as a rusher and in pursuit of ball carriers. Has quickness out of stance to shoot gaps and stink up the backfield. Diagnoses wide flowing runs quickly and climbs over the top of tight ends racing ahead to maintain contain on the edge. Lacks ideal size and length on the edge. Can be engulfed by size and driven off his position. Will need to fight back against wash down blocks on the move. Lacks consistent hand usage at point of attack and as a rusher. Needs to learn to become better hand fighter at the top of his rush. Missing a go-to counter move. Will have to improve punch-and-shuck technique when taking on blocks. Willingness to work around blocks on the edge could create wider running lanes for NFL running games. Scouts have some concerns over character red flags. Adams is an elusive pass rusher who wins with athleticism and foot quickness, but who may lack the size and length to be considered an every-down edge player in a 3-4 front. Adams has pursuit quickness around the field and can be very disruptive when allowed to shoot gaps against the run, but he will have to prove he can set a strong edge and hold his ground at the point of attack if he wants to become anything more than a situational rusher.

School: Auburn | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Vienna, GA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 304 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 93

Low out of his stance and with good explosiveness. Springs into gaps to stress guards and split double teams. Usually first into neutral zone. Disruptive when working the gaps. Burly lower half with good thickness through his hips and thighs. Powerful leg drive pushes him through blocker’s shoulder and into the backfield. Pursues from backside with hustle. Has some bull rush potential if he keeps pads low. Strikes head first with eyes down losing sight of the play. Doesn’t utilize hands well enough to keep himself clean. Needs to improve punch and extension to add value as a two-gap tackle. Sticks on blocks and labors to disengage. Short stepper with limited lateral effectiveness as pass rusher. Active as rusher but fails to stress the edge often enough. Has carried label as underachiever at times. Has talent but needs to more consistently play to it. Adams can be disruptive off the snap but is not the type of player to recover quickly if beaten early in the rep. He is a rotational defensive tackle for gap-attack defenses, but is unlikely to offer much as a pass rusher.

School: South Florida | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 189 lbs.

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 170

Plays fast. Keeps a crisp pace in his routes and and is able to glide past defenders who underestimate him. Shifty to avoid would-be jams and route redirection. Can adjust to throws behind him. Quick to drop feet after catch near sideline. Competitive runner after the catch with a surprising burst. Shows some lateral escapability and a nasty spin move. Keeps feet moving through tackle attempts and is slippery to bring down. Averaged just over 25 yards per kick return while at South Florida. Play strength could be a big concern. Will be challenged to secure passes through contact on the next level. Has small hands and issues with ball security. Drop rate was sky high. Production bolstered by wide receiver screens and pop passes. Too thin to hold up as a legitimate blocker in running game. Tall, thin slot wide receiver with an ability to work both short and deep. Adams wasn’t asked to win with his routes and will have to improve in that area. His competitive nature and urgency jumps off the tape when the ball is in his hands, but his drops and fumbles are troubling. Has the traits to make a roster as a kick returner and fourth/fifth wide receiver early on.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Leesburg, VA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 286 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 17

Plays outside and inside. Quick off the ball. Superior hand-grappler who can control the wrists and forearms of his opponents with accurate hand placement over wild chops and slaps. Varied approach as a pass rusher. Excellent athletic ability and possesses flexible hips. Able to coordinate hands, feet, and hips to climb over the edge against tackles. Has play strength and quickness to rip through the weak inside post of a guard. Can club with either hand to soften the edge of a blocker. Has posted consistent quarterback pressure and sack numbers despite playing in less than half of the defensive snaps. Alert against the run. Quick to diagnose the mesh point against zone reads and gives chase to the ball. Strong on the edge. Has speed down the line to close down back-side cuts. Feet never seem to stop. Lacking the height teams look for from defensive ends. Not very long and could struggle to win the race for hand positioning against long NFL tackles. Found himself engulfed by linemen with mass from time to time. A move inside could require more bulk on his bones. Not built to take on double-team blocks for a living. Doesn’t possess lateral quickness and twitch to contain speedy running backs from getting the corner when he’s at defensive end. Teams utilizing one-gap scheme could question his lack of tackles on other side of the line. Might have benefitted by playing along so much NFL talent up front. Outstanding leader and athlete with an ability to rush the passer from outside or inside. Has produced against the run and pass thanks to his strength, agility, elite hand usage, and plus footwork. He might not be the cleanest fit inside as a full-time tackle for some teams, but his talent should trump any size concerns. Allen is a likely first-round selection with Pro Bowl potential down the road.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Daphne, AL
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 253 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 49

Thick through shoulders and chest with good upper-body power. Exhibits professional approach on the field. Disciplined and married to his assignments. Stays clean. Comes into the league with NFL-caliber hand work. Ready hands at point of attack with a willingness to stick and move to avoid being swallowed by size. Sets a sturdy edge and makes a point to physically challenge tight ends early in the game. Will “dead arm” inside shoulder to alter blocker’s balance and sneak around the outside hand. Relentless charge as a pass rusher and gets home thanks to his effort. Leverages runners to the sideline and rarely gives up a cut-back lane. Tackle finisher who is always hustling. Plays teammate ball over hero ball. Has experience at outside linebacker in both 3-4 and 4-3. Relatively average athlete for the position. Lacks desired pursuit speed and closing burst as a 4-3 linebacker. Hips are a little stiff and he lacks plus range of motion. Could struggle with cover skills in space. Short arms could become an issue if asked to stack the edge against NFL tackles. Effort rusher missing desired traits found in consistent NFL pass rushers. Well-schooled with a high football IQ and a history as a winner. His disciplined, assignment-based approach to the game should resonate with defensive coordinators. Lack of length and average athletic traits could put a cap on his draft stock, but he should be a safe pick and a long-time starter as an outside linebacker.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Wyomissing, PA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 241 lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 76

Has desired size and athleticism to fit into any defensive scheme. His fluid hips allow for easy flips and turns in space. Wide open strider with plus range. Makes up plenty of ground to the perimeter when looking to reel in running backs. Plays with gap-to-gap lateral quickness in his shuffle. Races downhill to get a taste of what iso blockers are serving up. Three-down linebacker who showed off the speed to carry running backs down the field in coverage. Has experience playing all three linebacker spots. Squeezes routes from zone and has acceleration to match seam-running tight-ends. Has closing burst and enough wiggle to challenge the pocket as a blitzer. Plays with inconsistent base. Contact balance is very average. Needs to improve with taking on pulling guards and cross blocking H-backs. Disengagement takes too long and he expends too much energy. Needs to punch and move to avoid being engulfed by linemen. Gets moved out of his run fits by misdirection. Overreacts to play fakes and will lose sight of the ball. At times, will look to do too much in coverage rather than just manning his position. Anzalone’s size, speed and athleticism will be tempting for teams looking for a linebacker who can play all three spots. However, there are concerns about his durability. If he can stay healthy, he has the talent to become a solid three-down starter in the league.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Spanish Fork, UT
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 323 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 164

Big body for the interior. Adds roster flexibility. Has played both guard spots and can play center if needed. Plays with outstanding aggression on the field. Doesn’t just look for extra work, he demands it. Hard worker. Gives maximum effort to take the lead in early portion of a block. Effective lateral skip step puts him in position to make his reach blocks. Rarely gets cheated on initial contact, landing powerful shoulders that jar defenders. Has power to uproot defenders in base blocks. Sets shallow anchor in pass pro against bull rushers. Has reactive quickness to handle blitzes and twists. Playing style can be too frenetic. Will allow his aggression to pull him out of proper blocking position at times. Needs to quiet his flailing hands. Excessive hand fighting prevents him from snatching and securing blocks. Leads with upper body onto second-level blocks and loses balance if he doesn’t land a strike. Base narrows as drive blocker and can be thrown off his block upper body tosses from defenders. Lacks body control for sustained engagements. Aggressive and powerful with an ability to create space for running backs in a power scheme. Asiata isn’t a complete stiff from a movement standpoint, but he loses effectiveness the farther he’s asked to travel from his home base. His ability to generate movement combined with his girthy frame means he could become a starter at either guard or center within a couple of years.

School: Universite Laval | Conference: Canada
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Quebec, Canada
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 256 lbs.


Possesses some high-end physical traits with long arms and massive hands. Well put-together with good muscular build throughout his frame. Capable in-line blocker who attacks his work with an edge. Lands with proper hand placement and torques hips into opponent at impact. Runs feet through contact for extended block sustain. Out of stance and into routes smoothly. Has separation quickness to challenge linebackers in coverage. Has speed to attack down the field and shows toughness to haul in combat catches. Has very limited exposure to quality competition. Still learning technique and fundamentals as a run blocker. Needs to take better angles on his lateral blocks. Will allow defensive ends to cross his face too often. More of a mauler than a technician at this point. Is a little too upright in his routes and could use more knee bend. Limited hip sink into his breaks and routes are somewhat rounded. Average run-after-catch ability in open field. Auclair gets check marks across the board for size, length and athleticism and it doesn’t hurt that he plays with some edge as an in-line blocker. While the step up in competition will be substantial and could require an adjustment period, Auclair has all the tools to become a quality NFL backup with eventual starter traits if he reaches his potential.

School: Charleston Southern | Conference: Big South
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Warner Robbins, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 301 lbs.


Plays with excellent lateral quickness. Takes effective angles on play-side, back-side and combination blocks. Has excellent timing on his work-up blocks to the second level. Has the foot quickness to mirror in space and make the necessary adjustments to land on his targets. Displays adequate contact balance. Has good awareness pre-snap and post. Sees blitzes and responds. Always understands his assignment in the running game. Has footwork to maintain positioning in front of pass rusher. Played a much lower level of competition. Appears unable to unlock his hips and release lower-body power. Struggles to drive block and generate movement. Has short arms and small hands and rarely owns the opponent’s frame with his initial punch. Hands lack the strength to snatch and secure his blocks. May not be built for block sustaining. Could struggle to carry functional NFL weight and mass. Uses wide hands in pass pro that can turn into huggers if he feels his anchor is threatened. Bull-rushers could be a substantial problem for him with a move inside. Austell possesses tremendous foot quickness and overall athleticism but he lacks the length to stay at tackle and the functional power and mass to play guard. He’s instinctive with a very good feel for angles and could end up becoming an eventual starter at center for a zone team.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: San Jose, CA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 202 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 60

Fluid, controlled steps with easy change of direction allows for extended mirroring from press. Decent jam to disrupt. Carries smooth backpedal downfield with excellent mirror-and-match footwork in man coverage. Digests route combinations from zone and makes wise choices. Athletic with suddenness in his movements. Springy feet allow for abrupt click and close to the throw. Opens and swivels hips for desired transition in all directions. Experienced outside and from slot. Able to maintain coverage on shifty slot receivers. Instinctive with feel for route development. Possesses short-area closing burst. Confident on an island. Finds receiver on deep balls and gets head turned around. Dangerous slot blitzer. Short strider. Appears to lack long, recovery speed if beaten over top. Feels smaller than his listed size. Can be handsy down the field with pulls and tugs that turn into flags as a pro. Managed just three interceptions in college. Run support is lacking. Could use more aggressiveness and commitment when stepping downhill to tackle. Passes on the big hit and allows tight ends and big receivers to power through tackle attempts. Sticky man-cover corner who possesses the reactive athleticism and foot quickness to maintain coverage responsibilities around the field. Awuzie’s combination of size and speed pairs well with his instincts providing him what he needs to compete downfield. His inconsistencies as a tackler could turn off some teams, but his abilities as a gunner on special teams may counter that. He can play outside or in the slot and has traits and talent to compete for early playing time.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 195 lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 36

Tremendously explosive and passionate in his play. Screams off the edge as a blitzer. Always bouncing on balls of his feet just waiting to race to the action on a dead sprint. Plays with smooth backpedal and diagonal shuffle. Has a shiftiness that allows him to mirror change of direction in space. Plus instincts from any coverage areas. Allows quarterback’s eyes and pattern recognition to carry him around the field. Not easily pulled from coverage responsibilities by bait routes around him. Has the click and close ability of a cornerback in coverage. Ball skills are solid. Tackle finisher who races to the throw to end plays at the catch point. Scouts used terms like “winner” and “top notch person” to describe him. Undersized safety in a smaller frame. Gets big-boyed by tight ends from the slot. Lack of size may limit how NFL teams can use him. Aggressive shoulder rolls into running backs could cause future health issues. Force as a tackler just average against big running backs. Forced into grab and drag scenarios to get running backs down at times. Can be too overzealous when stepping downhill to tackle. May need to play with a little more discipline and control as an NFL tackler. Undersized free safety with the heart of a linebacker. Baker plays with a competitive desire that leaps off the field when you watch him thanks to elite football character and above-average explosiveness. While he is undersized, he makes up for it with his football instincts and plus play speed. Baker has the talent to become a play-making safety with Pro Bowl potential if he can sustain his health.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Height/Weight: 6-8 / 353 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 137

Massive man with good upper-body strength. Has length and girth to overwhelm smaller opponents. Able to withstand a bull rush thanks to enormous frame. Powerful road-grader who blasts holes open as down-blocker and generates movement with his base blocks. Leverage not always necessary to produce push at point of attack. Won’t find him on the ground much. Decent athlete for his size. Functional combo blocker. Initial kick-slide is fairly smooth. Can make life miserable for pass rushers when he latches strong hands into their frame. Could play right tackle but would need help against edge speed. Balance and redirect are adequate. Has seen weight balloon to 385 pounds. Pass pro is a major concern. Could be too big and bulky to handle NFL edge talent. Lacks athleticism and quickness to recover when beaten. Slower than desired out of stance. Has to open early and lunge to protect the edge in pass pro. Rarely flat-footed at punch, relying on girth over technique. Takes wide route to his target with punch. Doesn’t mirror well enough to keep defender from escaping from side door once engaged. Lack of bend and high center of gravity could make move to guard a challenge. Rare size, but some teams will question whether he can bend enough to be a functional NFL guard. As a tackle, he lacks quickness to consistently protect the passer, and teams might focus too heavily on that shortcoming. Teams who focus on Banner’s strength — drive blocking — should be rewarded with a starting right guard who is average in pass protection, but who can help turn run creases into running lanes.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Nashville, TN
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 259 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 14

Hands are strong, fast, efficient and lethal. Punch-and-discard winner. As rusher, swats are well-timed discarding tackle’s punch attempt. Attacks the edge with good forward lean and works hands and feet in harmony on road to the quarterback. Uses jab steps and lateral movement to search for the edge of the blocker. Has leverage and strength to play right through redirects. Not content to just set the edge — wants to make the play. Uses hand fighting and play strength to work through leverage points. Long strider who can crash down the line to challenge gap plays if unblocked. Punishing hitter. Delivers crushing tackles and sacks when given the opportunity. Hustle player who pursues the play with intent. Rag-dolls tight ends at point of attack. Plus field awareness recognizing play-action, reverses, and screens. Fluid enough to drop into space and play some zone. Admitted slow starter who has had issues with sluggishness to start a season. Will overthink it at times rather than just reacting. Can be undisciplined with guessing snap count and taking penalties. Change-of-direction issues typical of a broad-waisted big man. Struggles to redirect movements suddenly once momentum starts rolling downhill. Quarterbacks with pocket mobility can elude him. Feet are average. Initial burst upfield is average. Times snap count to help with his get-off. Aggressive forward charge opens him up to cut blocks. Long stride creates base inconsistencies at point of attack. Length is a concern. Loops to quarterback are rounded and might need a winning, inside counter move as a pro. Strong edge presence with NFL-caliber hand usage and play strength. Barnett is one of the most productive defensive linemen to come out of the SEC in quite some time despite lacking the length and twitch that teams usually look for off the edge. His awareness and play traits should keep him near the action and he has the talent to step into a starting base end spot right away. There could be coordinators who view him as an early down, outside backer in a 3-4 with the ability to put his hand in the ground on sub packages.

School: Ohio University | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rocky Mount, VA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 269 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 80

Possesses an NFL-ready build including long arms and big, strong hands. Shows flashes of explosive twitch in his attack upfield. Able to dislodge a tackle’s anchor with his speed-to-power move. Has upper body power and traits to become better at softening the edge as a rusher. Plays with good short area burst to close out running backs and scrambling quarterbacks. Maintains functional motor to keep looking for tackles outside of his general area. Asked to drop into space at times and showed enough athletic ability to handle it. Roughneck who likes to take it to tackles and tight ends as edge-setter. Gives physical redirect of tight ends getting into routes. Plays with tightness in his hips which restricts his bend and pad level. Straight-line attacker who will roll past his target if he doesn’t gather his weight early. His pass rush attack is still basic. Leaves his hands at home rather than turning them into weapons of victory. Tries to bull his way around the edge with strong lower body rather than softening edge with his hands. Needs to develop a better plan with reliable counters to beat pro tackles. Lacks smoothness in his turn around the corner. Can still get more out of his long arms. Basham has the strength and length to play as a 4-3 base end or as a 3-4 rush linebacker, but his pass rush approach will need to be sharpened as he lacks the flexibility to bend the edge and attack the pocket with athleticism alone. Basham may never produce a high sack total, but his alpha playing style will appeal to teams looking to groom a solid backup with starter’s potential.

School: Iowa | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Franklin, TN
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 215lbs

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 104

Played in pro-style passing attack, working under center and from shotgun. Capable and confident rolling out. Squares shoulders to deliver strikes. Footwork and pocket mechanics look solid. Throws with some natural accuracy despite pedestrian completion percentage. Has the arm strength to throw the deep out without laboring. Trusts his line and keeps eyes downfield. Plays with relatively calm demeanor. Good feel and timing for screen game. Team leader with ability to handle adversity. Won’t take unnecessary chances. Often late to pull trigger on throws toward the sideline, forcing receivers into boundary and out of the catch. Slow field scanner who tends to lock into a single side. Too much eye-balling and not enough manipulating. Poor feel for pocket pressure. Oblivious to backside pressure until it’s too late. Needs more air under the long ball. Deep-ball accuracy has been terrible. Pro-style quarterback who dealt with nagging injuries to key pass catchers and himself in 2016. Beathard plays checkers with safeties rather than chess, which could always hinder his ability to attack down the field with success. Could be a career backup who finds himself in the action at some point down the road.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Clinton, LA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 243 lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 107

Big throwback frame with ability to bang between the tackles. Has experience in the middle with both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. Takes well-reasoned paths to the ball. Won’t get caught rushing downhill without a plan. Will down into guards as pre-emptive strike before they combo up to him. Maintains his run fits and leverages his gap with an aggressive forearm shiver to short-pulling guards and isolation blockers. Hands are quick with some shock. Can unlock a surprising closing burst to close out on the perimeter. Eyes are disciplined. Good read and respond but plays the game with patience. Body control a plus. Won’t always be pretty but he gets guys tackled. Awareness in space and overall football IQ is above average. Able to find receivers working through his coverage area. Reads quarterback’s eyes helping him drift toward targets. Inconsistent taking on second-level blocks. Is good with his hands but will default to run around or “olé” approaches at times. Athleticism and agility are very average. Could struggle playing sideline to sideline. Has some straight-line burst but takes awhile to unlock hips and chase to the sideline. Plays way too tall. High center of gravity slows his ability to redirect. Missed tackle total too high over last three years. Pad level hinders ability to break down in space and change direction to wrangle shifty running backs. Stiffness in space could spell doom if asked to cover backs out of the backfield. Productive full-time starter over last two and a half seasons on talented LSU defenses. Has the size and spirit to play for teams expecting physicality from their inside linebacker, but his game comes with some athletic and coverage limitations. He has starter’s ability when healthy.

School: Wisconsin | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 246 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 108

Instinctive. Diagnoses zone blocks quickly and darts through gaps into backfield to muddy backside cutback lanes. Works to keep outside shoulder uncovered for contain responsibilities against the run. Emotional leader for the Badgers. Wrap-up tackler looking to thud. Flashes desired pursuit speed to perimeter. First-strike specialist at point of attack. Lands hands first and immediate arm extension provides leverage against much bigger blockers. Adequate hip flexibility and change of direction to mirror play-action rollouts. Good run-pass recognition. Was asked to peel off and cover in space. Squeezes receivers from zone. Undersized, and it often shows up on tape. Gets jostled around by tackles if he loses with his hands. Poor contact balance to fight through redirect blocks and can get shoved to turf. Average three-step burst upfield. Duck-foot rusher missing twitch and athleticism to bend the edge. Attempts to activate spin counter, but he’s missing footwork to bring it home. “Take-on” anchor and power versus lead blockers is below average. Quick to stack, slow to shuck. Effort-based worker bee with edge-setting hands and attitude, but a lack of power that could lead to inconsistency in play. Biegel’s football character is off-the-charts and he can be counted on to put the effort into improving in areas that need work. He lacks individual rush talent but could be a good fit for teams utilizing exotic rush packages. Average NFL ceiling but has the demeanor and traits of a potential special teams demon.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 304 lbs.

Selected by: New York Giants – No. 200

Well-built with proportional frame. Length is average, but his attention to arm extension helps make the most of it. Possesses good upper-body strength and his pass punch has some snap to it. Aggressively passes off twisting defensive ends to his guard. Does a good job of thumping at initial contact as run blocker. Rolls hips up under him after contact as a base blocker. Controlled climber to second level with a wide base. Brawler with a mean streak. Able to exchange power for power if defender challenges him in a phone booth. Gets into his kick slide with good weight distribution. Limited bender with stiffness in his lower half. Unable to unlock hips and gain necessary ground in his pass sets. Lack of slide depth against speedy edge rushers forces him to open gate early and lunge. Struggles to change direction and unable to redirect weight back inside consistently enough to cut off inside moves. Able to get out into space but has a low connection percentage beyond line of scrimmage. Pad level way too high. Rarely able to get across the face of his opponent when zone blocking. Four-year starter with plenty of toughness. Appeared to struggle with an athletic decline in 2016, which could be due to his injury history. In a phone booth, Bisnowaty can handle himself with pure brawn and power, but once he’s forced to play in space, his athletic limitations become more pronounced. He’ll likely have to move to the right side, but athletic opponents will always cause him problems. His ceiling could be as a low-end starter while his floor is fighting for a roster spot within a couple of years.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Lehi, UT
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 297 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 20

Movement skills are smooth and unencumbered. There isn’t an angle block he can’t get to. Smooth climbs to linebackers as a work-up blocker, and has rare ability to accelerate from that block up to a third target. Has lateral quickness in run game to cross-face from backside and seal on the play-side. Can take quick settle steps, sinks and scoops defensive ends on base blocks. Quick feet allow for more patience to scan for stunts. Can meet edge speed with quick sets in pass pro. Plays with a mean streak and loves to finish. Outstanding change of direction to mirror without a hitch in his transition. Keeps weight on inside foot in his slides. Moves feet into position against inside counters. Balanced in his pass sets and keeps blocks centered. Should get bigger and stronger with more weight work after unorthodox path to the draft. Pad level rises and he struggles to generate much movement against stout outside linebackers at point of attack. Needs better knee bend into second-level contact. Inconsistent in sustaining his blocks. Power can toss him off balance. May be limited by scheme fit. Needs to keep hands inside to bolster strength in his base. Lacks trust in his core power against speed-to-power. Leans into blocks with feet behind him to brace up. Will need sharper punch and more sink in his sets. Gives initial ground against power and doesn’t always anchor quickly. Will be 25 years old by opening of fall camp. Bolles clearly has elite athletic ability and foot quickness, but his lack of core strength and ability to sustain blocks against power across from him is a concern at this time. While he has Pro Bowl potential for a zone-scheme team, his floor will be a little lower than you might like in an early round pick.

School: Cincinnati | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 292 lbs.


Powerful upper body. Initial contact contains pop. Creates strong leverage points as base blocker. Explodes into down blocks and snaps hips under his hands to seal the deal. Capable in zone and in combo blocks, taking solid angles to second-level targets. Good snap to set quickness in pass protection. Able to handle a strong bull rush. Athletic with good foot quickness in his pass slide from gap edge to the other. Reactive quickness enables his recoveries. Good torque in his punch. Uses plus body control to mirror and engage pass rushers. Undersized with short arms. Doesn’t generate much drive off the snap. Leg drive gears down after contact. Can do better job of working feet into position after initial contact on both first and second levels. Slightly below average sustaining blocks. Can be beaten to the punch by length. Needs improved arm extension in his pass protection to keep rushers out of his frame. Will short his first block if he thinks a blitz is coming behind it. Needs to do better job of diagnosing blitz packages coming off the edge. Four-year starter with a combination of core strength and foot quickness that lends itself to success on the interior. Smaller than desired with below average length and that could hurt his draft stock, but he’s a plus in pass protection and decent in run blocking and could become an eventual starter with time.

School: Houston | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Tyler, TX
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 247 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 47

Explosive, quick-twitch athlete. Bursts out of his stance and challenges the edge. Good shoulder turn at the edge of rush and can dip and corner with very tight radius. Showed ability to play in variety of spots. Crisp change of direction ability. Took to his coaching and showed drastic improvement against the run this year. Played two years of college basketball at Houston which shows up with his footwork and fluidity when dropping into space. Has ability to pattern match tight ends. Light is starting to come on for him. Should have a big day at the combine. Undersized on the edge. May not have the frame to carry much more weight. Can be engulfed by size. Needs to get better with hands at point of attack. Still has issues where he looks like a basketball guy learning football. Production as pass rusher doesn’t match his explosive traits. Pass rush is built around athleticism and not enough around skill. Has to get even tougher and more skilled against the run. Ascending pass-rush prospect who is still learning the fundamentals of his position thanks to a late commitment to the sport. Bowser’s movement ability in space creates interesting possibilities for teams looking for a twitched-up toy to play with. Bowser lacks production, but his explosive characteristics off the edge will give him a chance to play well above where some scouts might project him.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rockford, MI
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 329 lbs.


Shows good initial hand placement and typically lands where he aims in his initial punch. Looks to jolt opponent with his hands. Has good upper body strength and looks to maul. Will gallop into secure block and blast defensive tackles in the ribs. Looks to widen base and anchor up against power. Tough guy who’s willing to get his block by any means necessary. Shallow sets in his pass protection. Stiff as a board in his pass sets. Punch is a tick slow. Plays with very little knee bend and struggles to drop his pad level below his opponents. As play progresses, allows his hands to slide up the frame of defenders. Doesn’t generate push through lower body. Has to lean due to lack of flexibility, which causes balance issues. Plodder in space. Too slow for the long pull blocks. Falls off of blocks rather than sustaining. Gritty guard with plenty of tough guy in him, but lacking necessary flexibility and athleticism to operate at a consistent level against more talented competition. Could get a late-round nibble, but will always have his hands full if matched up against an athletic defender across from him.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Crescent City, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 307 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 185

Compact frame with lean muscle mass and thickness in his arms and legs. Has tremendous play strength and can dislodge guards with hip torque. Plays hungry and with passion. Able to plant his flag and stand his ground against double teams. When he gets the snap timed up, it’s over. Has the initial quickness and play strength to get into the gap and plow through any and all redirect block attempts. Wants blocker to feel the power in his initial punch. Works off blocks and towards the play. Better pass rusher talent than sack total would indicate. Quick punch and pry opens blockers’ edge allowing him to wedge into the pocket. Efficient mover with no wasted motion. Considers one-on-one blocks a sign of disrespect. May need to add more mass on his frame. Doesn’t possess the lateral agility or quickness to excel as a rusher in twists up front. Not a dynamic pass rusher. Needs to add a counter move for when his power rush stalls out. Has to prove he can handle extended snap count. Part of deep defensive line rotation and was usually kept fresh. Misses out on sacks and tackles for losses due to lack of length to consistently finish when he gets near the play. Guesses snap count. Powerful, stout defensive tackle with the quickness to play the three-technique and the power to play the nose. Brantley has the talent and traits that should appeal to both two-gap and one-gap defenses. While Brantley didn’t play in even half of Florida’s defensive snaps in a single year, the talent is there to become an early starter and a defensive force up front.

School: Ohio University | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 238 lbs.

Selected by: Jacksonville Jaguars – No. 148

Downhill linebacker always looking to make plays in the opponent’s living room. Very instinctive. Key reader who trusts his eyes and is quick to pull the trigger and rocket into gaps if he sees an opening. Generally plays ahead of blocks. Possesses an urgent, physical mindset. Extremely efficient tackle finisher who very rarely lets one get away. Quick to find football on play action and at the mesh point of zone reads. Plays with little hesitation. Sniffs out screens almost immediately. Scrapes with square pads and a controlled, balanced slide. Has good play strength and attacks iso-blocks with leverage. Good short-area burst to close out running backs. Can drop into space and shows the ability to drag running backs on swing routes. Has short arms and lacks desired length at the position. Needs to improve his hand usage rather than always taking on blocks with his shoulder. Can get stuck to blocks once a long-armed tackle gets into him. May not have the pure speed to recover to the perimeter if he takes a bad angle against the run. Lacks slightly in change of direction fluidity. May have issues handling man coverage on the next level. Can be too relaxed when dropping into space. Has had no passes defensed over the last two seasons. Brown isn’t going to check off the “physical traits” boxes for teams who always prioritize height-length-speed at linebacker, but he gets a big check mark in the “find ball, get ball” box. He’s instinctive and has the play strength and leverage to fight through blocks and make his way into tackling position. Despite just one season of high-end tackle production, he has the anticipation, athleticism and toughness to make a roster and eventually challenge for playing time.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Flanders, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 222 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 239

Big receiver who plays like it. Wide frame shields defenders and maintains a catch window. Willing and able to work through traffic and can stomach collisions to secure the catch. Strong hands pluck and secure low throws and balls that sail. Uses size and strength to bully cornerbacks at top of his route when working in the end zone. Physical, fall-forward runner after catch with an effective stiff-arm to stuff tacklers. Gives as good as he gets when facing physical press corners. Able to fight through route re-direction and maintain the timing of his route. Plays the game like a battering ram at times. Committed blocker who looks to cave-in his crack blocks. Able to sustain his block and spring a run for additional yardage. Lacks desired experience thanks to age, injury, and depth at the position over the years. Targeted just 52 times with 33 catches during his career. Short strider with below average burst off the line. Cornerbacks do not appear to fear his deep speed. Has just six catches over 20 yards. Raw route runner lacking sink and sharpness into and out of his breaks. Gives away route breaks with early deceleration. Struggles to gain anything more than functional separation against man coverage. Likely to be tasked with making contested catches as a possession receiver for entire career. Inconsistent finisher on contested catches. Brown is a big, physical possession receiver who could need additional time and coaching to accelerate the learning curve he faces due to his inexperience. While he doesn’t appear to possess great vertical speed, his body control and ball tracking could tilt the odds in his favor when challenging for the 50/50 balls. If he can improve his route running and contested catches, Brown should become an NFL backup with a chance to work into a more predominant role.

School: Miami (Ohio) | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Southfield, MI
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 316 lbs.


Wide body who carries his weight well. Sturdy build in his lower half. Can unlock his hips to sink and sit when dropping his anchor against bull rusher. Plays with a nice, wide base in both his pass sets and run blocking. Pass sets feature good balance and posture. Light enough on feet to handle twists and stunts inside. Throws his hands in a direct line and with consistent timing while keeping his head back in pass sets. Uses choppy power steps in his approach into contact. Sufficient work bringing hips under hands after contact. Patient climbs to second level. He is able to bend, but has to work on maintaining a consistent pad level to stabilize his core. Has issues with aim when he throws his hands. Has too many reps where his punch will land near top of the pads or even bottom of face mask. Lack of placement allows defenders to clear his hands from their frame too easily. Will likely bump inside and will have to prove he can handle the pace and strength of interior work. Can get too grabby with second level blocks. Thickly built offensive linemen who is likely to move inside due to a lack of length. Buchanan has decent hand quickness and good feet for the interior and he shows the necessary anchor to battle back against bull-rushers. He doesn’t appear to have scheme limitations, but he is better suited for a gap scheme. Buchanan’s balance and athleticism are good enough to offer value as a backup right tackle which should add to his value. He could challenge for a starting position within the first couple of years.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 246 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 145

Has NFL size and steps up big in the passing game. Strong hands are like magnets. Can snatch and secure at the catch point. Tough and reliable when working in traffic. Fearless in the middle of the field and understands how to protect himself and the ball while there. Slick with hands. Has slap move to free himself off line of scrimmage and able to create separation at top of his route with sly push-offs. Sinks into space and chews up zone coverage. Play attributes will help him win in the red zone. Effective in intermediate work adjusting routes according to defensive positioning. Competitive after catch with ability to add to his yardage through force. A little cumbersome getting off the line and into his routes. Very average athleticism. One-speed runner without many gears. Lacks speed to threaten vertically. Upright into and out of his breaks. Acceleration out of his cuts can be slight. Separation often comes from rub routes and scheme. NFL linebackers should be able to stick him in coverage. Limited catch radius. Allows physical outside linebackers to set strong edges against him. Needs more commitment and work as a run-blocker on NFL level. In-line tight end with strong, natural hands and the toughness to make a living in the middle of the field as a chain-moving safety blanket. While he’s shown ability to operate as an intermediate target as well, he might lack the athleticism and separation to uncover against NFL safeties and some linebackers in man coverage. Butt must improve greatly as a blocker to reach his potential as a Y tight end. However, his ability as a reliable, productive target should earn him an early starter’s nod with a chance to become a solid pro.

School: Villanova | Conference: CAA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Danbury, CT
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 250 lbs.


Highly instinctive with a strong sense for the running back’s track. Quick to recognize misdirection and can be found waiting on cutback runs. Peripheral vision and feel help him avoid blocks from an angle. Strong, active hands help swipe away block attempts. Good play strength in his lower half and plays with good contact balance. Willing to step into the hole and mix it up with lead blockers. Heavy hitter who explodes into his intended targets. Tackles with fundamentals. Aware in coverage and allows quarterback’s eyes to take him to the play. Below average athleticism. Plays with some tightness in his hips that becomes more obvious when he’s forced to turn and run in coverage. Agility is average. Lacks desired play speed to range from sideline to sideline as an interior linebacker. Will have a limited margin for error when chasing running backs to the perimeter. Possesses a compact frame and plays with a good motor and above average instincts that allow him to make up for some of his speed and athletic deficiencies. He is a likely inside linebacker, but he might offer some value as a 4-3 SAM linebacker. Calitro is a solid football player who finds his way to the football and his intelligence, work ethic and instincts give him a shot of becoming a quality NFL backup.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Homestead, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 218 lbs.


Checks all the physical boxes scouts want checked. Plus athleticism with top speed to range over the top. Usually found at high safety, but has ability to cover tight ends if asked. Able to click accelerator and fire into top gear quickly. Isn’t shy. Can land a heavy blow as a tackler when he’s in position. Offers early special teams help. Instincts are below average. Slow to respond to what he sees. Hesitation allows for throwing windows in the seam and over the top. Makes way too few plays on the ball. Too easily manipulated by quarterbacks. Majority of tackles happened down the field. Slow to diagnose run and race downhill to help. Tape shows mental busts that lead to big plays for opponents. Carter is a classic height, weight, speed player who is more project than prospect at this point. Teams typically draft defenders with these types of physical and athletic attributes and attempt to mold them or turn them into special teams specialists. Carter’s lack of meaningful production speaks to his instincts and how Miami used him. Single-high safety might not be the best fit for him, but he could find new life on the NFL level if a team can fit him into the right scheme.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 277 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 28

Rare combination of size, length and athletic traits as a rusher. Long-levered frame with athletic, knotted calves. Brings freaky athletic traits to table and is still growing into his body. Flashes instant reaction time off snap and up the field thanks to his twitch. Has enough upfield juice to push offensive tackles into hasty retreat. Generates pop through speed-to-power element. Very good flexibility throughout. Able to sink and swerve around corner if he gets early lead in race to the edge. Possesses hip swivel combined with shoulder turn to slip and flip around the corner of an offensive tackle he’s engaged with as a pass rusher. Rushes with forward lean that keeps his momentum downhill. Uses rip-and-stab move and an ominous spin move that could turn into a dominant rush trait in the NFL. Length gives him a shot at dramatically increasing his play-making ability against the run. Despite talent and traits, production and overall play has been uneven at Michigan. Earned full-time starting nod in just his final season. Consistency of anchor at point of attack in question. Can be rooted out of his gap by power. Can do better job of using his length to keep blockers off of him. Doesn’t make enough plays on other side of the line against run. Needs to show a nastier play demeanor at all times. Scouts question whether he has enough toughness for trench battles if bumped inside or to 5-technique. Charlton is an ascending prospect with the size, length, athleticism and pass-rushing potential that NFL general managers dream of. What you see today might not be what you get. While his production coming out of college will be modest, he could become a substantially better player as a pro if he’s committed to the weight room and willing to absorb coaching. High-impact defensive end with all-pro potential is his ceiling. His floor is solid starter.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 204 lbs.

Selected by: Kansas City Chiefs – No. 139

Angular, but features NFL size and plus catch radius. Foot quickness considered adequate. Ball tracker with good concentration. Feasts on combat catches in a crowd. Willing to take his lumps to secure the catch. Can leap and contort in mid-air to snare the difficult catch. Makes quick adjustments to poor throws. Squares back to shield safeties from interfering with catch on deep, in-breaking routes. Understands art of hand-fighting. Has some dog in him as a run blocker and will compete to the whistle. Suffered knee injury in bowl game his junior season and dealt with extended recovery time. Didn’t look like the same guy in 2016 and production dropped substantially. Struggled to find necessary separation quickness in his routes. Defaulted to body catches too often in 2016. Play-strength issues show up against aggressive press corners. Forced to work overtime to free himself from a strong jam. Cornerbacks show no fear of his vertical speed. Effectiveness and quality of routes is below par. Tall into his breaks and will give routes away. Appeared to go through the motions in some games. Just average after the catch. Chesson looked like a shell of his 2015 self for much of the 2016 season. Erratic quarterback play didn’t help his production, but an inability to separate and a noticeable drop in confidence were also culprits. Has NFL size and ball skills but long speed and play strength are deficiencies that could limit him as a pro. If he can revert back to his 2015 form, he has WR2 or WR3 potential, but could struggle to find snaps early in his career.

School: Wisconsin | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Glassboro, NJ
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 221lbs


Has athletic ability NFL teams desire from the position. Utilizes explosive, sudden jump-cut to bound like a deer from gap to gap. Combination of lower body power and balance through contact allows him to run through weak tackle attempts. Able to elude defenders who bolt into the backfield. Lateral quickness and speed to the edge appear to be in order. Looks most comfortable as an outside runner. Sinks hips for sharper one-cut approach on outside zone plays. Able to string jump-cuts together to slalom around multiple tacklers from first to second level. Has shown enough speed in open field to hit the home run during his career. One speed, monotonous approach as a runner. Lacks burst and drags feet through hole, allowing defenders to get hands on him. Impatient. Runs up the back of blockers rather than allowing plays to develop. Missing improvisational talent and finesse. Not an instinctive runner and lacks feel for development of running lanes between the tackles. Can be indecisive and very impatient. Seems to be waiting for the next jump-cut rather than punching the gas downhill. Can be hit-or-miss with his reads on outside zone plays. Rarely in on obvious passing downs. Clement has the size and athletic ability that will help him land on a depth chart, but he appears to lack the fluidity, decisiveness, and vision needed to become a dependable, productive starting running back. His best fit might be as a “committee back” in a one-cut running scheme.

School: North Carolina A&T | Conference: MEAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Bunn, NC
Height/Weight: 5-6 / 179lbs

Selected by: Chicago Bears – No. 119

Nicknamed “The Human Joystick” for his ability to make seemingly impossible cuts. Plays with unpredictable movements. Rare ability to stop and start. Cuts are just as seamless and sharp from any direction. Field vision is excellent. Has lateral escapability to put would-be tacklers on his highlight tapes. Gifted with unusually large hands and a powerful lower body that enhances his contact balance and ability to drive for extra yardage. Very good acceleration pulls him away from tacklers and into the clear. Relentless competitor. A true weapon out of the backfield that will be tough to matchup with. Has good hands and is very slippery in space. Falls below the size standards expected from the position. Overwhelmed slower and less talented competition. Benefitted from heinous angles to the ball from tacklers he faced. Way too eager to take plays off script. Wants to swing for the fences on every snap and will have to learn when to hit singles. Too eager to bounce everything. Takes his share of negative yardage carries. Feet are electric, but footwork and run track on zone plays needs work. Has almost no experience as a punt or kick returner on special teams. Cohen uses a bounding, bouncing approach to the line of scrimmage reminiscent of Le’Veon Bell, but he’s far less likely to finish downhill and instead looks to break it wide and out-race defenders. He’s an electric playmaker who needs touches, but he’s too small and unpredictable to handle much of an NFL carry count. Cohen gets easy separation as a receiver out of the backfield or from the slot and he will likely be used as an updated version of Darren Sproles 2.0.

School: Missouri State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rogersville, MO
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 239 lbs.


Looks physical and plays physical. Forceful player who attacks blocks and tackles opportunities with the same aggression. Not a consistently static target on second level and is able to slip blocks when needed. Instinctive and aware. Reads keys and flows to ball ahead of blockers. Scrapes with good quickness and squared pads. When attacking downhill, careful not to commit to a gap too early and get caught in the trash. Flashes some quick-start burst to chase runners to the sideline and crossing routes that appear in his area. Straight-line player with tightly bundled hips. Will struggle to redirect his weight quickly in space. Extremely pigeon-toed. Rarely low man when attacking running backs. Needs to play with better bend to become a leverage tackler rather than a running back catcher in the hole. Lateral agility is below desired level for an inside linebacker. Average recovery athleticism when he gets behind. May need to come off the field on passing downs. Cole has some flexibility issues because of how tightly bound his frame is, but he flashes explosive get-off off the snap and he’s got above average vision and anticipation that helps him take accurate paths to the football. Cole could be a third day pick and early special teams contributor who can play either inside or outside in a 4-3.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 195 lbs.

Smooth and rhythmic as a runner. Able to eat into corner cushion right away and put slower corners into panic mode. Has desired forward lean into routes and operates with consistent tempo. Strong vertical push frees him for wide-open looks underneath against off-coverage. Creates separation on crossers and posts with his speed alone. Operates with plus body control. Makes late adjustments to throws to snare challenging catches. Possesses another gear to track down the deep shots. Dangerous post-catch. Eludes tacklers in cramped quarters and can burst to daylight. Basic release fundamentals off line of scrimmage rarely cross up press corners. Route work needs an overhaul. His breaks are rounded and predictable. Good pattern readers will run his routes for him. Tries to create openings with uninspired head fakes and stiff upper body. Patterns lack leverage points to create space. Has some issues tracking the deep ball. Taps brakes prematurely when he can’t find ball early. Could struggle against big, physical bump-and-run cornerbacks. Might lack the release ability and play strength to line up outside. Best-suited as a vertical slot receiver who can stretch the field and uncover underneath thanks to athleticism and burst. Raw and might not have the football character necessary to make a dent in the league. However, he has the athletic traits that could make a viable slot option with big-play potential. Durability and ability to contribute on special teams are likely essential.

School: TCU | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Houston, TX
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 295 lbs.


Comes from athletic bloodlines so his quickness and ease of movement should come as no surprise. Height and arm length are below average for tackle position. Has lateral quickness for reach blocks and has the feet to keep his block tied to inside shoulder on play-side blocks. Is diligent with his feet looking to work them into optimal position after initial contact as run blocker. Overcomes some of his power deficiency with footwork and body control. Has an accurate radar to strike a blow on open field targets when asked to pull. Able to mirror in pass sets and stay connected to defender. Plays with some edge in his game. Finishes his blocks and not afraid to get a little chippy with opponents. Somewhat narrow through shoulders and hips and may not have the frame to carry desired weight. Pad level coming off the ball is a little too high. Needs to do a better job of bending his knees and looking to strike from a leveraged position on second level. Is a little light in the power department. Below average as base blocker. Fear of being overwhelmed by power leads to wide, bear-hugging hands. Lacks discipline in his pass sets and will cross feet over to chase edge rushers. May be zone-only fit. The more you watch of Collins, the more you like. His athleticism is the first thing you will notice, but his toughness and determination to stay tied to his blocks are what will start to win you over. Finding the right fit will be the problem. He lacks size and length as a tackle and his below average hand usage will get him in trouble against bull rushers if he moves to guard. Collins is a talented move blocker, but he may need a year or two to get stronger and to tighten up some technique issues.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Massillon, OH
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 195 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 24

Has NFL size with above-average length. Plays long. At his best when playing with inside leverage and trapping receivers against the boundary. Shades receivers with a basketball stance — wide base, bent knees and wide arms. Creates challenging throwing lanes to target. Press-man talent with zone instincts. Shows discipline and technique on verticals and curls. Matches with his feet rather than grabbing. Senses when his pattern is designed to clear space for another receiver and reacts accordingly. Has plus burst to the throw. Uses length to play around receiver and bat passes down underneath without interfering. Runs well and sinks into receiver’s lap down the field, getting his head around to make a play on the ball. Plays the ball with soft hands and outstanding timing. Pattern-match was just average when facing off against more advanced route trees. Got caught reaching and holding in attempt to recover. Will occasionally default to face-guarding rather than turning to find ball. Can be slow to digest route combinations and lose track of his man. Doesn’t look as comfortable or confident in off-man. Plays small in run support and needs to work on consistency as a tackler. Gets driven off his spot by blocking receivers and rarely charges forward to attack near the line of scrimmage. Press-corner with experience at both cornerback spots and an ability to fit into a variety of coverage techniques. He plays with good top-end speed and has the ball skills to challenge and defend passes on any level. He can step in right away in zone coverage, but could struggle to match patterns from a pedal. He will likely be targeted by teams seeking long cornerbacks who can crowd and trail receivers down the field. He has the talent to become an early starter, but he must improve in run support.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Erie, PA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 235lbs

Arm tackles are a waste of time. Carries heavy momentum behind pads at finish. Drops shoulder to punish final tackler. Uses wicked stiff-arm to punch and swat tacklers to the ground. Creates for himself through brute force. Natural power in lower half. Doesn’t need a clean point of entry for aggressive, downhill charge. Excellent contact balance despite heavy shots on his legs. Short-yardage specialist who can move the chains and score touchdowns. Willing to leave his feet and sacrifice body near goal line. Willing blocker in pass pro and showed ability to come out of backfield in wheel routes, swing passes and outs. Needs a clean slate of blocks to consistently make his way around the corner on the next level. Could struggle to accelerate from tacklers if he gets too cute. Lacks quick-escape athleticism for sudden shake in open field. All power, no finesse. Early defensive penetration short-circuits his run. Average lateral movement and not desired amount for every-down back. Can be a little slow to process moving parts in front of him. Not a press-and-cut back and needs to learn to set blocks up better. Hands a little stiff as pass catcher and will fight the ball at times. Shows occasional confusion in blitz pick-up. Physical, battering-ram style runner who makes the hitting a two-way affair. Conner’s lack of speed and reactive quickness could limit his role as a pro, but his heart, work ethic and ability to keep the chains moving could make him a red-zone specialist with the ability to handle some third down duties as well.

School: Florida State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Miami, FL
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 213lbs

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 41

Uses choppy feet and compact stride length downhill. Keeps feet under him and is able to make lateral cuts at a moment’s notice. Flourished in zone, gap and power schemes at FSU. At his best running wide while setting up lead blockers. Slows flowing safeties and linebackers with hesitation steps and glances back inside. Has run-away gear around the corner he keeps tucked away for special occasions. Darting style allows him to escape defenders who show gap commitment too soon. Plus vision. Quick to flow from first to second read on outside zone plays. Greedy redzone runner with ability to cash those checks. Comfortable in both one-back and two-back groupings. Rare ability to cut it all the way back across the grain. Changes direction with degree of subtlety on second level without gearing down. Not much of a dancer. Tends to get hit it up the field. Not always a tough inside runner. Can be early to bounce it outside rather than plant and go downhill. Needs to become more comfortable between the tackles. Excellent vision to the perimeter becomes cloudier between the b-gaps. Will duck head and finish a run prematurely rather than probing for more interior space. Ball security issues with 13 career fumbles. Suffers from focus drops out of backfield. Won’t square-up on blitzers and may not be reliable enough as blocker to play on third downs. Very talented runner with outstanding balance, footwork and burst. Cook lacks the power that you may find with some running backs in this year’s draft, but he is a homerun hitter with a resume featuring monster games against his most highly regarded opponents. Cook creates for himself with elusiveness and speed, but his value could be diminished by injuries, character and issues in pass protection. If everything checks out, he could become a rookie of the year candidate right away.

School: Vanderbilt | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Pinson, AL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 234 lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 57

Play-making machine. Plays on a downhill tilt and is always looking to draw first blood. Fast to see it, process and respond. Creates tackles for losses by shooting gaps at appropriate angles. Has a good feel for blockers and uses varied speeds and subtle upper body turns to avoid blockers on second level. Quick in his lateral scrape and races ahead of blockers. Keeps play-side shoulder uncovered when flowing to the ball. Football magnet with outstanding tackle production and ability to create and recover turnovers. Rangy long strider with instincts and play speed to carry him from sideline to sideline in search of the ball. Has extended tackle radius. Durable and reliable. Has the athleticism and awareness to handle man coverage responsibilities against running backs and tight ends. Quick to trigger on throws from zone and limit yards after catch. Plays behind his shoulder rather than behind his hands in take-on situations. Can get entangled against size and slow to disengage. Doesn’t have play strength to fight past angle blocks once they land. Will need to work to keep shoulders squared in his attack. Leveraging his gap and standing his ground could be a challenge. Not a banger or a bend-and-strike finisher. Tends to attack ball carriers up high rather than down low and will slide off of too many would-be tackles. Cunningham’s missed tackles and lack of desired play strength could bother teams, but his consistent production is hard to ignore. Cunningham is a rangy, three-down linebacker who has a nose for the ball and special teams value. His downhill approach is made for attacking 4-3 defenses and Cunningham could become a good, early starter as a run-and-chase weak-side linebacker.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pittsburg, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 247 lbs.


Has absolutely freakish physical attributes. Arm length and hand size would be considered outstanding for an offensive tackle. Stretches high and outside his frame to make the catch. Hands are supple and strong and the ball tends to stick to them at impact. Plucks it away from his body and can secure through contact. Short strider, but feet turn over rapidly to propel him down the field. Can work the third level. Adjusts his path to off-target deep throws. Team-first player and vocal leader. Has successful stint as a cover man on special teams in his background. Doesn’t always play to his timed speed. Production is below expected level for his physical attributes. Had just 47 touches and five touchdowns over three years. Got open with speed alone and benefited from misdirection, play-action and borderline pick plays. Doesn’t use quality fakes and speed variances to create movement from safeties. Blocks with locked-out knees and little hip bend. Lacks physicality and aggressiveness be counted on as a blocker. Converted wide receiver who is definitely a pass catcher rather than a combination tight-end who can handle blocking assignments as well. Daniels’ combination of athletic ability and physical traits figures to land him as a third-day draft pick, but he will have to learn to run routes more effectively as a matchup tight end in the NFL or he will find himself stuck on the practice squad for a couple of seasons.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 214 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 106

Good NFL size with above-average arm length. Experience in Michigan’s pro-style passing attack. Saw increase in targets and responded with improved production. Fluid working two-way releases from slot. Smooth transitions in his routes. Won’t give away plant-and-go cuts to the post, allowing him to stay ahead of the cornerback. Heady player. Adjusts routes to create better throwing opportunities for quarterbacks. Accepts responsibility as blocker climbing up to cornerbacks with some urgency of engagement. Able to sustain his block when run play flows his way. Locks up back-side safety blocks. Build-up runner who is slow to eat up cornerback cushion. Play speed appears to be average. Missing suddenness and twitch. Inconsistent release quickness against press. Could struggle to uncover against aggressive man coverage. Gradual sink into breaks alerts cornerbacks to slam on breaks and challenge the throw. Body catcher. Ball will beat him up and he suffers from focus drops. Needs to improve positioning against defensive backs. Rarely escapes a spirited tackle attempt. Not very dynamic after the catch. Darboh’s outstanding size will have some teams excited While he lacks the quickness and hands to make a living underneath, his physical traits and willingness to help as a blocker are what will make him stand out. Scheme fit could determine whether he becomes a WR2 or just a guy fighting for snaps off the bench.

School: Bucknell | Conference: Patriot
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Paulsboro, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 318 lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 130

Possesses elite arm length and hand size for the position. Can unravel his arms and stick them into the chest of a frustrated edge rusher. Able to gain necessary ground to race to the edge over first two kick slides. Keeps head back and out of pass sets when he punches. Team leader and two-year captain. Good strength in hands to snatch and secure the frame of defenders. Has adequate athleticism to reach and hook the edge. Able to get out in space as pulling tackle or on screens. Has moldable physical traits to work with. Competition level won’t have him prepared for NFL rushers. Feet are a little heavy. Struggles to redirect back inside against stunts. Plays with inconsistent base width and balance. Will allow secure blocks to slip out of the side door due to poor footwork. Leans into run blocks rather than running feet under him. Has to keep his feet alive and moving after initial contact. Hand approach and placement is spotty. Loses base on lateral work due to tall pad level and uneven weight dispersal. Raw tackle lacking in technique but long on physical traits. Has been able to dominate against lower level of competition and his step up in competition during pre-draft workouts will either throw a wet blanket over his draft grade or send his stock soaring. Despite a lack of technique, his traits will have teams willing to draft and wait for him as a project. He will be a work in progress and might be forced to move to the right side.

School: Western Michigan | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 209 lbs.

Selected by: Tennessee Titans – No. 5

NFL body with desired height, length and muscle tone. Athletic route runner with the lower body coordination to burst in/out of his breaks. Smooth release and route acceleration to achieve proper depth. Polished footwork and hides his intended path. Quickly shifts his gears after the catch to regain his momentum, showing the balance and vision to create as a ball-carrier. Tracks the ball very well with the hand strength to make acrobatic, off-balance catches. Routinely works back to the ball and attacks before the ball reaches his body. Doesn’t allow physical defensive backs to disrupt his focus, quickly resetting his eyes and rhythm mid-route. Enjoys blocking and gives consistent effort in this area. Will fight the ball at times with more double-catches and drops on his tape than ideal. Hears footsteps and focus will wane depending on what is going on around him. Room to improve his consistency in jump-ball situations. Shows route burst when in tempo, but lacks the suddenness to instantly accelerate to top speed after gearing down, allowing corners to catch him. Has the lower body quickness to beat press, but needs to use his hands more effectively to assist his release. Timing and technique as a blocker require refinement. Didn’t consistently face NFL-caliber defensive backs in the MAC.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Kingsland, GA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 238 lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 21

Plus acceleration to chase all over the field. Scouts say coaches are effusive in their praise of his leadership, work ethic and character. Can be rude to company. Erupts from coiled hips with a jarring pop under the pads of oncoming blockers. Runs downhill with choppy steps in balanced, tackle-ready position. Effective in spy role with athleticism to mirror mobile quarterbacks. Has closing burst that could become a weapon as a blitzer. Wrap-up tackler with strong finishing rate. Improved his discipline pursuing to the sideline. Did a better job of leveraging running backs against the boundary. Forceful redirect of tight ends out of their routes. Good peripheral helps him spot crossing routes without having to drop eyes from the quarterback. Has athletic tools to become better in coverage. Downhill routes to the ball can be problematic. Will step too far downhill and get trapped in traffic on counters or bounces to the perimeter. Needs to play with more consistent technique and positioning to properly leverage his gaps against gap plays. Lateral scrapes sometimes lack patience forcing him to overrun run fits and open cutback lanes. Sometimes prioritizes attacking blockers too high. Has to get better at seeing and working past the blocker and toward the runner rather than issuing so many physical challenges that get him behind in pursuit. Praised for both his football and personal character, Davis has athletic gifts to go along with the character traits teams are looking for. His ability to cover ground, operate with loose hips in space, and finish his tackles make him a draft favorite for some teams. While it is easy to fall in love with the traits and potential, Will have to take better routes to the ball and learn to keep himself clean against blocks. Should be able to compete for an early starting job as a 4-3 outside backer.

School: Georgia State | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Warner Robins, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 219 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 209

A coordinated athlete with good overall size and muscle definition for the position. Accelerates fluidly, showing at least moderate top-end speed as well as deceptive burst to squirt through traffic and break into the open field. An effective route-runner, demonstrating just enough burst and balance out of his breaks to generate separation. Was asked to run a variety of pro-style routes in this offense, showing the awareness and body control to set up defenders with effective double-moves. Possesses good body control to contort in the air, spinning to be an effective weapon on back shoulder fades. Is a reliable hands-catcher. An effective vertical threat, showing acceleration as well as the vision and balance necessary to track the ball over his shoulder. May lack the straight-line speed necessary to keep NFL defenders from crowding him at the line of scrimmage. Is more smooth than explosive out of his breaks, creating slivers of space that NFL quarterbacks may opt to avoid. Needs to do a better job of high-pointing passes, catching balls at eye-level rather than extending his arms and boxing out defenders as effectively as his size suggests. Davis slipped through the recruiting cracks but he is far from anonymous to NFL scouts, who see a big-bodied receiver with the production, physicality and experience in a pro-style scheme.

School: Temple | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rahway, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 314 lbs.

Selected by: Buffalo Bills – No. 63

Burly upper body and thick calves down below. Has shown enough upper-body strength to muscle his defender around even without using great leverage. Shows a natural amount of core strength to battle against bull rushers. Able to get out of stance and into his kick-slide with pretty good fluidity and quickness. Uses choppy steps to slide and rarely allows his base to get too narrow in pass protection or in the run game. Plays with balance. Uses aggressive, tight settle-step into defender and then fires hands and hips to help generate push in run game. Has experience in zone- and gap-running schemes. Hands are often too wide in pass protection and his punch turns into grabbing. Needs to keep hands quieter and inside pre-punch. Wide punch approach robs him of some of his natural length. Will head-butt into contact in pass pro. Can be a little inconsistent with footwork when attempting to redirect back inside against stunts. Has a little stiffness in his hips that limit his bend and could affect anchor. Gets caught over-committing on twists and will open the door for looping rushers. Needs to work on improving leverage rather than relying on pure power. Quality tackle who operates with good balance and solid technique. Shows some good initial quickness and a smooth kick-slide out of his stance, but might be better in short areas as a guard rather than in open space as a tackle. He’s athletic enough to operate in space, but power appears to be his calling card. His wide-hand approach in pass protection could be a difficult habit to break, but he has the natural power to withstand bull rush that might come with that. Dawkins is a well-schooled, three-year starter who has chance to transition into an early starter.

School: North Carolina State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Height/Weight: 5-9 / 207lbs

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 252

Runs with patience and presses line of scrimmage to set up his cuts. Outstanding peripheral vision with ability to find back-side cuts. Sees to second level. Operates with controlled, choppy feet in tight quarters for maximum body control. Subtle wiggle on second and third level to create more yardage. Able to gear down and make the sharp, downhill cuts on stretch plays. Solid pass-catching option. Too small to be an every-down back. Runs with some hip tightness. Jump cuts and lateral escapability are below average. Doesn’t accelerate into contact and is too easily tripped by arm tackles. Missing necessary strength in lower body to break tackles and create through power. Averaged just 1.8 yards after initial contact over last two seasons. Lacks long speed to finish the breakaway run. Tempo-based, one-cut running back with good vision but an inability to break tackles and run with power. Best on outside zone plays with an opportunity to find back-side cuts, but when he has to run between the tackles, he’s missing an aggressive burst. Potentially a committee running back with some third-down value if he can tighten up his pass blocking.

School: Oregon State | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Covington, LA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 206 lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 169

Has outstanding size with long arms. Recognizes misdirection and plays with decent football instincts. Patient feet from press coverage. Can be physical through the route. Quick to body up and crowd an outside release against the sideline. Experienced in a variety of coverage. Eyeballs quarterback from zone and has good response time relative to quarterback’s release. Aggressive tackler who steps downhill looking to finish in run support. Works off of blocks and into tackle position. Drives into his target, wraps, and tackles. Gets behind early when pressing receivers with release quickness off the snap. Backpedals from a narrow base with labored feet. Will lose some balance and body control when forced to transition against in-breaking routes. Takes way too many false steps when attempting to sink and trigger on the throw from his pedal. Doesn’t have the sudden closing burst to defend what he sees in coverage. Play speed is slightly below average. Unable to squeeze routes enough to make quarterbacks uncomfortable from off-man. Treston’s size and physicality are two traits that some teams will covet on draft day, but there are some coverage limitations that push him towards a cover-2 defense. DeCoud lacks the trigger quickness to close separation windows that open against him, so a team may try and convert him into a free safety role where his coverage and tackling may be a fit as a backup.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC-12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Ahwatukee, AZ
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 309 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 176

Has three years of experience at right tackle to go along with his newfound snaps at center. Has quick feet and good flexibility through his hips. Possesses desired body control. Talented work-up blocker who finds his second-level targets and strikes with accuracy. Can get to the difficult angles. Will work to bend knees after engagement to improve his leverage. Quick to flip hips and wall off his man. Works well with guards in handoff on combo blocks. Plays with good determination and effort. Rides the bull as long as he can after engaging with bigger defenders. Has tackle feet to mirror pass rushers along interior. Has short arms. Unlikely to offer tackle flexibility on roster due to a lack of length. Will need to add more bulk to prepare for NFL battles. Below average core strength. Finds himself hanging on rather than improving positioning. Finesse player in need of stellar technique without addition of play strength. Unable to create push at the point of attack without help. Can improve with securing on second level. An athletic center with the plus athleticism of a three-year tackle, but he lacks the core power that some teams will require from an interior lineman. Needs to bulk up and add as much strength as possible in order to be a functional NFL player. While his movement skills will be enticing for zone-scheme teams, he could be limited by scheme fit, which narrows the teams who might consider drafting him.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 216lbs

Selected by: Pittsburgh Steelers – No. 135

Has the ball handling and release quickness to get the ball out early when challenged by sudden pressure. Able to get through progressions to the check down option. Throws a tight spiral with adequate drive velocity. Eye-catching deep pass accuracy (47.7 completion percentage) with 14 touchdowns on throws 21-plus yards. Displayed good mental toughness. Can make timely exits from the pocket and win with his feet against overzealous rushers who vacate their rush lanes. Has explosive ability as a runner. Offers a team packaged-play potential in short yardage situations. Below average delivery balance affects his accuracy and ball placement. Footwork is uneven and causes him to throw from unbalanced platform too often. Throwing motion causes him to push some throws. Floats the deep out allowing defenders to close out his passing windows. Decision making not where he needs it to be. Can’t always get away from poor looks once he’s made his mind up pre-snap. Threw nine interceptions on just 104 attempts beyond 10 yards this season. Dobbs is hardly incompetent as a passer, but he hasn’t shown as much growth with his ball placement and accuracy as scouts had hoped to see from this former four-star prospect. Dobbs has decent size and is an outstanding runner outside the pocket which could appeal to a team looking for a developmental quarterback with play-making ability.

School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: East Orange, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 209 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 99

Very aware from zone coverage. Will roll out of his coverage area and overlap in order to make a play. Reads quarterbacks drops and will break early to race ahead of slants and make a play on the throw. Finisher when the ball is there to be had and flashed ball skills of a pro. Plays with strong hands. Able to go up high and win the 50-50 balls and needs very little time to have hands interception-ready. Good recognition of route combinations and will shift from pattern to pattern. Not a physical tackler but gets guys down. Length allows him to catch stray running backs breaking contain. Tall corner who plays upright in his pedal, which affects his balance and transition quickness. Very average in his pattern matching and has below average closing burst to the ball. Won’t be able to match quick-footed receivers from press coverage. Athletic and coverage limitations could limit his scheme fits. Doesn’t have the downfield juice to stick with burners on go routes. Makeup speed is below average. Inconsistent hitter who may lack necessary aggressiveness as tackler to project to safety. Defaults to arm tackles. There is no doubting Douglas’ ability to make plays on the ball when he’s in position, but his lack of long speed and closing burst could make his big senior season an anomaly. Douglas is a zone corner with press and trail ability but needs to run a reasonable time at the combine to solidify his draft slotting.

School: Tennessee State | Conference: OVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 318 lbs.


Good athlete with few physical limitations in space. Has the feet to reach challenging blocks with more technique work. Able to get to cut-off blocks. Has adequate connection rate on linebackers and box safeties. Arm length and hand size is a plus. Plays with a wide base in his pass sets. Has ability to slide from gap to gap to handle quickness requirements against twists and blitzes. Play strength doesn’t match his weight. Was unable to anchor against speed-to-power as a tackle. When defenders stab his chest, he is unlikely to reset hands and recover. Has issues over-setting at both guard and tackle. Guard-only prospect. Plays way out over his toes in run game and falls off of blocks. Feet move as drive blocker, but there isn’t much push behind them. Can be rag-dolled at point of attack by power. Dunker is an excellent athlete, but he is extremely raw and may not have enough core strength to consistently hold up against NFL power. His best chance is with a zone-oriented rushing team, but he will still need time to improve his technique and strength before he could become a factor on the depth chart.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 196 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 247

Has desired size and athletic ability. Experienced at multiple receiver spots. More talented than production would dictate. Tracks the deep throws like an outfielder and can adjust catch positioning without taking his eye off the ball. Consistently solid catch rate throughout his career. Adjusts to low throws and balls behind him to make the catch. Looks to turn it up the field quickly after the catch. Dips low and drives through cornerbacks while stretching for additional yardage. Lacks upfield juice into his routes. Vertical push doesn’t appear to threaten cornerbacks. Needs to play faster off the snap. Slow to sink and open on curls. Needs a greater commitment to nuances of route-running in order to improve his separation. Tends to tip his hand early allowing cornerbacks to match his patterns. Stalk-blocker with marginal aggression and sustain after initial contact. Big target who has suffered from arrested development due, in part, to quarterback inconsistencies at LSU. Dupre is a developmental receiver with some upside but it could take some time before he’s ready to contribute. Could be a potential third or fourth wide receiver with time and coaching.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Beaux Bridge, LA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 202 lbs.


Good size with great play speed. Has wheels to challenge cornerbacks up and over the top if they start to sit on his routes. Has the feet to jab and juke into the clear against press with more coaching. Early accelerator into his routes with desired forward lean. Doesn’t need extended runway to hit top speed. Plus athlete with the wiggle and speed to turn crossing routes into chunk plays. Plays with some grit after the catch when challenging tacklers. Much more talented than his production would indicate. Possesses adequate toughness. Efficient hand fighter who is able to adjust routes against contact. Always plays up to his natural speed. Gives reliable effort as blocker and has the size to widen the contain of smaller corners. Suffers from occasional focus drops. Finished with just one catch of 20-plus yards. Lack of production could bother scouts despite poor quarterback play. Never reached the 40 catch mark in any of his seasons at LSU. Has long speed, but below-average ball skills to capitalize. Tracking and gauging the deep ball is a challenge. Allows defenders room to play the ball rather than stacking and controlling them on his hip. Routes powered by speed over precision. Inconsistent when asked to make combat catches. Dural has the size and athletic traits that could push his draft value well beyond his college production that was hindered by a flailing offense that never found a capable quarterback. While he has legitimate pro talent and deep speed, his average ball skills and body positioning make him a “high ceiling, low floor” option at wideout.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Nashville, TN
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 183 lbs.

Selected by: Carolina Panthers – No. 152

Doesn’t realize he’s undersized. Plays physically and with good confidence. Patient from press with footwork and body control for extended mirroring of release. Gets into receivers and can take their route off-schedule. Sinks into receivers on outside release constricting the vertical throwing window. Plays variety of coverages and squeezes routes in all. Former high school basketball star with point guard quickness and little hesitation in his transitions. Twitchy click-and-close to the ball. Plus instincts and ready to pounce on throws from zone. Aggressive in run support striking through his target and running his feet through completion. Doesn’t realize he’s undersized. Plays physically and with good confidence. Patient from press with footwork and body control for extended mirroring of release. Gets into receivers and can take their route off-schedule. Sinks into receivers on outside release constricting the vertical throwing window. Plays variety of coverages and squeezes routes in all. Aggressive in run support striking through his target and running his feet through completion. Will be too small to play outside in the pros. Lightweight and will get “big-boyed” by bigger slots who play with good route strength. Quicker than fast. Lacking a second gear and will give up some separation on intermediate and deep routes. Has issues defending the high throw. Tall receivers can go up and over him. Physical nature could create durability concerns if pressed into extensive run-support situations. Elder has the three Cs – composure, confidence and competitiveness. Elder has the instincts and reactive quickness to find his way to the football and his ability to mirror and match gives him a chance to handle slot duties in the NFL. Elder’s most challenging opponent this offseason will probably be the combine scale. Elder’s lack of size could hurt his draft stock, but his talent and toughness is NFL-worthy.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Medina, WA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 302 lbs.


Good athlete. Plays with good bend and has easy, smooth movement skills. Shows off good lateral agility and quickness off the snap. Built for zone scheme. Has the feet to get to difficult reach blocks and work hips into place to seal his block. Able to stick defensive tackles on his inside shoulder and run his feet to keep them there. Takes quality angles up to second level. Hands are big and strong helping him sustain his blocks. Capable long- or short-pull blocker. Plays with good balance in pass sets and stays mirrored to defender. Pass punch lands inside and once he gets extension he keeps arms locked out. Possesses relatively narrow frame and may have issues adding and maintaining desired mass for interior. Needs to play on the move. Struggles to generate quality push at the point of attack as base blocker. Hands can swing a little too wide in run game. Tends to lean and push rather than roll hips into his blocks. Will chase twisters too deep and run himself out of position to catch the looper. An athletic zone-scheme fit at guard or potentially center if he proves he can snap it. Eldrenkamp is technically sound in both the running and passing games and he’s got desired body control and balance that zone teams like. The biggest question for him will be whether or not he can carry more mass, but the tape looks like that of a backup or possibly eventual starter if he can find the right scheme fit.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 303 lbs.

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 70

Renown for his outrageous work ethic. Strong leadership characteristics both verbally and by example. Looks for work when uncovered. Smartly alters assignment based on flow of the defense. Always under control in his movements. Patient pull blocker who stalks his target rather than rushing the block. Plus play strength and wrestling background gives him a leg up in hand-to-hand combat against big dogs inside. Quick to roll hips into block after first contact. Drives feet through contact and uses strong hands to stick like glue to the block. Reliable and effective in down blocks. Finisher looking to make a statement at the end of the play. Has mental part down. Recognizes twisting defensive tackles and greets them with aggressiveness. Hand placement is excellent. Strikes with upward blows squarely into the strike zone as run blocker. Pass-pro punch is compact with some heat behind it. Can anchor against bull rush. Winning history on high-caliber team. Versatile; proficient and successful at both center and guard. Footwork can be a little labored at times for the center position. Marginal twitch with short-area reaction time that is just average. A bit of a straight-line player in space. Struggles to come off initial block and body up against delayed, A-gap blitzers. Understands leverage but hip stiffness causes pad level to rise as play rolls along. Anticipates early bull rush and will drop an early anchor. Not always first with his hands. Gives away his chest to interior defenders with good hand quickness. Elflein is a smart, tireless worker with a winning background and experience at all three interior offensive line spots. While his feet are just average, his core strength and wrestling background could make him a favorite of teams looking for more strength at the center position. Elflein will have occasional issues in pass protection, but his strength as a run blocker and ability to play with excellent hands and plus body control should make him one of the first interior linemen to come off the draft board.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Denville, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 332 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 159

Girthy, wide body with big bubble and exceptional weight room strength. Functional lateral quickness makes him scheme diverse. Has feet to mirror in pass pro. Has the active feet and movement ability in space to handle combo blocks. Well conditioned. Has limited football experience and should continue to grow in knowledge and technique. Shows potential to improve with unlocking hips. Hand strength allows him to punch and snatch inside the frame and lock into opponents. Powerful upper body and good core strength provide ammo for sustaining blocks. Experience at right tackle creates roster flexibility. Came from overseas and still inexperienced relative to most at his position. Football instincts and intelligence are a work in progress. Has relatively short arms and small hands. Too much wasted motion with feet. Hops and bounces as drive blocker rather than sitting down and driving with powerful, choppy steps. Darting three techniques could be an early issue. Has some forward lean into pass sets. Carries hands very low before punching. Will need to play with compact, quick punch as a guard. Inside hand flies too far outside the frame. Lack of experience creates confusion against twists. Got a late start in the sport and his football intelligence can suffer at times because of it. Eluemunor’s girthy frame and core strength are two big check marks for his move inside to guard. Despite his weight, he is light on his feet and can handle zone blocking responsibilities or can pull for teams looking to utilize him in power. Eluemunor is still considered a developmental prospect, but his size and strength could make him an eventual starter in time.

School: Ole Miss | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Powder Springs, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 234 lbs.

Selected by: New York Giants – No. 23

Good explosion over the first 5 yards of his route. Plus athletic ability with easy-opening hips. Nimble feet with quick, controlled strides into and out of his breaks. Accelerates out of his breaks to uncover from defenders for quarterback. Will have to be guarded by defensive backs. Opens quickly to find the ball. Successful working all three levels. Has true vertical speed to attack the seams. Competitive, athletic runner after the catch. Springy leaper. Jumped out of the gym to snare a touchdown over the head of a Georgia defender. Able to pluck balls low, high, and behind him. Needs to learn when and where to sit down in the middle of the field. Must learn to do a better job of working back to the ball. Doesn’t post up defenders effectively. Allows defender to work through him and disrupt the catch. Has had issues with drops and contested catches could be an issue. Allows throws to beat him up at times. Needs to do better job of selling a two-way go to the top of his routes rather than giving route direction away. Move tight end only who lacks dependability as a blocker. Makes up for his lack of size with athletic ability and plus speed for the position. Engram has experience as a safety blanket and can work all three levels of the field. He will appeal strictly to teams looking for a move tight end who can be deployed as a chess piece in a matchup-based passing attack. Engram’s ability to stress defenses could land him a potential starting role early in his career.

School: Oklahoma | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Norman, OK
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 232 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 193

Carries prototypical NFL frame for the position with low body fat and good length. Flexible and athletic. Productive tackler. Able to turn the corner sharply and track down running backs looking to burst between the tackles. Plus reactive quickness for sudden lateral explosion as a tackler. Has the twitch-trigger to fire downhilll and make plays. Carries outstanding play speed and has the potential to range around the field if kept clean. Fluid cover man in space in man or zone. Possesses ball skills and physical tools to play all three downs. Had twelve passes defensed this season including four interceptions. Finesse player. Scouts say he turns down too many opportunities to bang when it is in front of him. Often at the mercy of blockers. Needs to play stronger to maintain control of the rep in run support. Struggles to leverage his gap. Inconsistent angles to the football takes him out of some plays. Needs to be a more squared, physical finisher as a tackler. Allowed too many missed and broken tackles this season. Productive, three-year starter who will garner attention as a height, weight, speed prospect especially after his strong pro day workout. Evans may lack the physical nature to hold up inside so he may have to find his way as a backup outside linebacker. Evans has enough traits and talent to become an eventual starter if he can play with better toughness and consistency.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Wiggins, MS
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 199 lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 50

Plays with excellent passion for the game. Can snare at the highest point thanks to well-timed leaps, great arm extension and supple hands. Big accelerator to close out crossing routes and disrupt the passing lane. Very good plant-and-go twitch. Looks to make plays taking aggressive routes to the ball. Logged four interceptions and seven pass breakups as a senior. Fast with ability to range over the top from high safety. Seeks out collisions and doesn’t shrink from contact. Wrap-up tackler who explodes into target and runs his feet through the finish. Has issues splitting focus between ball and man. From second level, hyper-focuses on receiver keys and is late finding running back headed his way. Aggressive nature could make him a play-action target on pro level. Instincts dwindle the further away from line of scrimmage he goes. Inconsistent seeing and breaking on throws from high safety. Needs to come to balance in tackle-ready position more quickly on third-level stops. Gets stuck to blocking tight ends from slot and struggles to unglue. Plays the game with an elevated sense of urgency and excitement. He is a little undersized, but has plus speed, is an extremely physical hitter and can play deep or near the line of scrimmage. Athleticism and ball skills might lead a team to test him out as a slot corner. Regardless of where he plays, he has the talent to become a plus NFL starter.

School: South Alabama | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Lithonia, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 239 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 44

Slick athlete with leftover wide receiver traits. Easy acceleration into routes and can blow by safeties who sit down looking for a route break for too long. Good acceleration off of plant foot in route breaks. Can create immediate separation. Carries play speed throughout routes. Cover linebackers are usually in for a rough day vs. Everett, who eats in the middle of the field and shows no fear. Maximizes arm length for wide catch radius. Hands look fairly natural as pass catcher. Adds to totals with yards after catch. Runs physically and with excellent balance. Rips his legs through arm-tackle attempts. Instinctive runner who sets up blocks on bubble screens. Alters stride length to elude diving tackle attempts. Able to work all three levels of the field. Blocks with anger and is prone to longer engagements than most blockers on perimeter. Route running doesn’t appear to be high on his priority list. Routes are rounded, dull and lack urgency. Leans into most of his breaks. Talented cover safeties can jump his routes. Drifts on square-ins, allowing deep safeties a door into the play. Needs work on double moves. Could have issues playing through route redirection off line of scrimmage. Shows deceleration when locating ball on deep throws. Hands are small. Everett has size, speed and tremendous run-after-catch potential, but it is his willingness and ability to block that separates him from other “matchup” tight ends. Route running is below average, but he should improve with NFL coaching. Everett has the talent to become a very good NFL starter with Pro Bowl potential if he puts it all together.

School: Indiana | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Orland Park, IL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 305 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No.71

Tough guy with a banger mentality. Decent arm length for the position. Above-average pass protector on interior. Feet are light enough to slide quickly in either direction to protect the edge in pass-pro. Very aware of twists and blitzes. Shoots a strong punch that can jar gap shooters out of the gap and can put a sting into both twisters as he snaps and catches. Zone-blocking specialist with desired lateral quickness. Takes well-planned routes up to second-level targets on difficult backside cutoffs. Able to get around corner with pace when asked to long pull. Good patience. Finds his landmarks and strikes them. Rarely commits early to a block. Waits until he’s in proper position. Plays with redirect power in his upper body. Will take it to the whistle and looks to finish with some menace. Effective blocker in screen game. Poor pad level and a narrow base creates contact-balance issues. Shows a lack of knee bend that makes change of direction in space a task. Is a bit straight-linish in his approach. Unable to generate consistent push as a base blocker. Needs to improve hip sink for better leverage and to sustain his blocks. Hand speed is decent but punch is a little wide. Feeney is a quality zone blocker with an ability to pull and lead the charge, but he might lack the play strength to become a reliable base blocker. His intelligence and ability to operate in space and protect the quarterback could make him an early starter with a ceiling of above-average NFL guard or center.

School: Louisville | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 236 lbs.


Talented athlete with loose hips. Has foot quickness and agility to become more disruptive player if motor catches. Has an undeniable burst to the ball once he sees the opening. Able to close out quarterbacks and ball carriers quickly. Can twitch and make sudden change-of-direction leaps to secure running backs racing through the line of scrimmage. Able to mirror and sack scrambling quarterbacks. Subtle change of direction and shifting of gears creates openings for him as a rusher. Possesses quick, inside jump-cut as a counter rush move. Better pad level could elevate effectiveness of his counter. Short strider who doesn’t come up the field at full speed to threaten edge. Hands linger at the top of the pass rush. Needs to be more physical and explosive with hands for greasing the edge for decisive wins. Effort level needs an upgrade. Tends to loaf if play isn’t headed in his direction. Has issues holding ground against power. Catches blocks over punching and separating to control the point of attack. Character red flags are a concern. Kicked out of TCU as a sophomore following domestic-violence allegations. Undersized end who will have to play as an open-side rush linebacker on the next level. Fields flashes impressive athletic gifts and opens a window into his potential, but takes too many plays off and is lacking the play demeanor NFL teams desire. Fields’ off-field character will be vetted, but it is his football character that has scouts concerned about whether he can play to his potential.

School: Virginia Tech | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 194 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 237

Superb athlete with good height. Able to shake press coverage with quick jab step and sudden burst. Feet look spring-loaded underneath. Features big acceleration out of his breaks and is able to create easy throwing windows on slants and crossing routes. Varies route speed to disguise his intentions. Chomps up cushion with his speed and stems defenders into off-balance transitions and false steps. Sustains vertical danger throughout his routes. Can get up and over cornerbacks without appearance of much effort. Tracks the deep ball and has ball skills to finish. Works back to underthrown passes and is able to contort in mid-air to make the catch. Will sit and wait too long on throws. Needs to shield throws from defender. Can be late adjusting to off-target throws. Average hand strength as pass catcher. Has speed, but lacks elusiveness after the catch. Lacks instincts for the position. Gets open with speed and quickness rather than being route-savvy. Physicality and athleticism of NFL cornerbacks will take adjustment time. Ford uses his suddenness to uncover on all three levels and his speed to climb over the top and stress defenses vertically. His play strength is concerning as NFL cornerbacks will consistently challenge him off the line of scrimmage. He also has to prove he can be effective when facing zone coverage. He has the height and speed to be a deep-ball menace in the right scheme.

School: Auburn | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Big Cove, AL
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 205 lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 208

Compact frame carries some pop as a tackler. Comes downhill ready to put in work. Maintains run fits and leverages running backs to the sideline. Aggressive hitter who hits with his head up and looks to run through his target. Consistently productive tackler who is an efficient finisher. Has decent hands and can take the ball away if it is there for him. Plays safety and handled man coverage as a nickel this season. Has kick return and coverage experience on special teams. Plays with tightness in his hips. Is slow to open and transition in coverage. Gives up too much separation out of breaks to be counted on in full-time man cover situations. Straight-liner who can be slow to sink and change directions in space as a tackler. Lacks the length to slide around open field blockers quickly. Route anticipation and instincts are just average. Production on the ball is below average. Ford has been a solid starter and productive tackler as a three-year starter in the SEC, but his tight hips and lack of instant acceleration could limit what teams are able to ask from him in coverage. He will likely have to add some weight and try to prove himself as a backup box safety who can make plays on special teams.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Auburn, AL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 229 lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 31

Has a ferocious hitting style that puts offensive skill positions on alert. Outstanding athlete with springy, reactive feet. Loose hips and long stride allows him to open and chase immediately. Has elite sideline-to-sideline range. Tough as nails. Brings swagger to a linebacking corps. Never passive and always means it. Willing to take his shots downhill and into gaps. Lands strong warning blows on climbing guards early in the game. Coverage ability is an asset. Can carry long speed against running backs on wheel routes and nine routes. Has worked to improve tackling technique, which has yielded higher success rate of finishes. Instincts are just average. Overly reliant on speed and athleticism over instincts and feel. Can be a tick slow to respond to play-action. Inconsistent defeating blocks. Too eager to take on everyone at the point of attack. Gets shoulder covered up firing into incoming blockers. Needs to improve stack and shed technique to keep himself clean. Will drop his head at times as tackler. Foster is a vicious hitter with elite playmaking range and an ability to toggle between 225 and 240 pounds. Athleticism gives him cover ability. Has Pro Bowl potential as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a 4-3 weak-side linebacker.

School: Baylor | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Wylie, TX
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 307 lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 243

Excellent size and length for the position. Arms over 34 inches long. Has frame to counter big nose guards. Snaps and immediately broadens base in pass pro. Uses efficient path to punch with hands, shooting straight to target with desired placement. Can stalemate and neutralize interior rushers with combination of length and anchor. Has hips to create some initial pop at impact. Good strength in hands. Below-average athletic ability. Combination blocks are a struggle. Stays glued to secure block and allows linebacker to cross his face before making contact on the climb. Below-average movement skills hidden by Baylor offense. Takes poor angles on second level and has poor redirect skills in space. Needs guard help to generate push. Often strikes from unbalanced platform, causing contact imbalance. Hands and feet not synched. Below-average athleticism and body control hinder his effectiveness, but he has the physical traits that teams will likely look to mold. Has enough anchor that he can neutralize at the point of attack, but he probably won’t be much of a block winner in the future. He won’t fit in schemes that require plus athleticism from the center, but it’s conceivable he could become an eventual starter based on his attributes.

School: Troy | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 302 lbs.

Selected by: New England Patriots – No. 85

Outstanding athleticism. Very good lateral quickness coming out of stance. Former high school hooper who still has basketball feet. Able to mirror pass rushers before and after engagement. Rarely beaten cleanly around edge by speed. Continues to slide feet and maintain engagement up and around pass arc. Works to keep his blocks centered in his power zone. Easily redirects back inside to chase an inside challenge. Has loose hips and quick feet providing recovery ability. Plays with his length. Fluid in space and can get to challenging angles. Keeps battling to anchor if he gets bumped early. Finds ways to get his man blocked. Carries stringy frame with upper body that looks like a defensive end. Lack of lower body strength exacerbated by elevated pad level. Needs to bend hips to dip pad level below defender’s. In pass protection, opens outside hip up early rather than staying square in initial stages. Hands take outside path to target and punch can be ill-timed, allowing rusher first strike into his frame. Defaults to lunging at target when he panics. Lacks anticipation against twists. Grabs and holds to counter bull-rush. Narrow base carries no power as base blocker in run game. Footwork and angles inconsistent on reach blocks. Consistently playing below 300 pounds, his lanky frame is the first thing that gets noticed. But his positive attributes show up on tape more than his weaknesses. Mass and functional strength are concerns and he still needs plenty of technical work, but a team could look to draft and stash him based on his starter’s traits and ability.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Arlington, TX
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 272 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 1

Dominant pass-rush ability and production in college. Remarkable burst off the snap. His first three steps can throw an offense into disarray. When he times the snap, tackles have almost no chance of catching him at the edge. Wicked, whirling, dervish inside spin move that’s reminiscent of Dwight Freeney’s. Charges, coils, and springs up into tackles to help facilitate a quality bull rush. Game-wrecking potential. Can play with a hand in the ground or standing. Able to spin in either direction out of block engagement. Lightning-fast inside charge extremely disruptive against the run. Gobbles up grass with long strides in open-field pursuit. Plus acceleration to the runner. Quick twitch creates ability to bound suddenly into running backs looking to charge past line of scrimmage. Outstanding rate as a tackle finisher with running backs and quarterbacks rarely escaping his clutches. Looks to maintain run fits rather than play hero ball. Has ability to play on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Relies heavily on tremendous athleticism and explosion. At times, will take too long to activate counter moves when initial attack has stalled. Effort level appears closely tied to fatigue level at times. As pass rusher, uses hands reactively too often rather than proactively. Gets too cozy with blockers and will ride block for too long. Needs more urgency in disengagement. Would benefit with violent stick-and-move punch quickness into blockers. Has to work overtime to set a strong edge. Elite edge rusher who possesses rare explosiveness and the fluid-movement skills and agility of an NBA shooting guard. Good size, but he’s never likely going to be a hold-your-ground run defender, and might be best suited as an outside linebacker. However, his ability to explode into the backfield through a gap or around the edge gives him disruptive potential on every snap. Garrett still needs to fine-tune his pass-rush strategy and could stand to give more consistent effort from the start of the snap until the whistle. But his pass-rush production and athletic traits point toward an all-pro career.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Southaven, MS
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 318 lbs.


Has lateral agility and desire to get to difficult reach blocks in zone game. Rapid responder out of snap. Shoots out on top of defensive ends with quick sets and hustles to swing his hips into position to wall off three-techniques on gap plays. Able to torque his hips and widen defenders off the edge. Moves well in space with desired body control on all levels. Can pull effectively. Choppy, controlled kick slide. Able to gain enough ground against most edge speed. Feet and balance help mirror effectively and can redirect back inside. Latches onto defenders with strong hands. Has length and athletic ability for adequate recovery when beaten. Aware and alert. Senses twists coming and understands how to handle them. High-cut with long waist and stiffness in his hips. Not a natural bender. Too tall into pass sets, allowing bull-rushers a viable attack point under his pads. Fears speed-to-power rushers and leans into engagements in order to supplement his anchor. Rarely asked to generate push at point of attack as base blocker and might lack leverage to do it on pro level. Hands prefer to gather and grab rather than punch. Average block finisher. Wide hands might be muscle-memory issue that is difficult to correct. At the top of the rush arc, will push and muscle rushers rather than continuing to slide feet to cut off the angle. Edges a little soft and could struggle to find redirect strength. Foot quickness could make him a target of teams who ask more from their tackles in the run game, but his lack of bend could create consistent issues against bull-rushers. While teams could try him at guard, he will likely stay outside at tackle and compete as a swing tackle right away.

School: Nebraska | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 218 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 184

Controlled, downhill shuffle from the box to mirror running back. Plays with advanced instincts against both run and pass. Anticipates patterns and can play ahead of receiver’s breaks. Will not hesitate to fire into the passing lane. Has soft hands with plus ball skills leading to thirteen career interceptions. Races into his run support work. Can adjust his run fits according to flow of the play. Decisive when triggering downhill from high safety position. Takes smart angles to the ball with a good feel for speed vs. space. Looks to make tackles near line of scrimmage. Played combo safety role and has experience with slot coverage. Linear attacker with need for excessive gear-down to redirect his weight. Restricted strider with limited play range. Missed excessive amount of tackles over last two seasons. Lacks desired agility and change of direction in tight quarters to secure shifty runners. Slow to flip hips and accelerate down the field. Lacks speed, range and length to play single-high safety on pro level. Susceptible to separation when asked to work from backpedal. Rocked-up strong safety type who can play near the line of scrimmage and operate in zone coverage. Gerry’s lack of reactive agility will limit him in man coverage and create inconsistencies as a tackler, but he’s very instinctive and will get to more plays than he should. Gerry has the urgent play demeanor needed to become a consistent contributor on special teams and fit into a fourth or fifth safety spot.

School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 191 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 166

Has run-by speed on the go routes and can create immediate separation over the top against cornerbacks who overestimate their acceleration. Ball skills and hand-eye coordination are substantially better down the field than on the short routes. Finds the deep throw quickly and makes necessary adjustments to ball flight to put himself in the best position to make the catch. Fear of his speed creates open, unchallenged throws underneath against spacious cushions. Athletic and not just a tight-hipped, straight line runner. Explosive leaper who can climb the ladder and extend way up over his head to snare the errant passes and bring them home. Has immediate gunner potential and can return kickoffs. Displays focus issues with his hands when working underneath. Will need to learn to run more of the route tree and sharpen his skills as a route runner in general. Made a living on nine routes, posts, slants and curls. Gets to top gear quickly creating issues with excessive steps in his gear down into his breaks. Needs to do a better job of aggressively working back to the ball and scrambling with his quarterback into a catch-friendly area of the field. Gibson has good size and is an all-day field stretcher with blazing speed to climb over the top of cornerbacks quickly and the ball skills to finish the catch. While his hands can be a little inconsistent underneath and his routes are underdeveloped, his size-speed combination will offer a team a homerun hitter who forces defenses to keep a safety shaded his way. Gibson could be a low-volume, high-impact starter fairly early in his career.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: College Station, TX
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 231 lbs.


Athletic, long-levered rusher who understands how to administer his length. Often able to land first punch and keep himself clean against tackles when setting edge. Can range as tackler. Fluid when asked to drop into space. Fires into pass rush with rare stride length to challenge the edge. Uses effective arm over on inside moves. Has foot quickness to shoot gaps. Human slinky with exceptional flexibility in hips and upper body to flip around the edge of blockers. Big closing burst to quarterback. Keeps feet moving through a tackle’s initial punch. Strip-sack specialist looks to attack throwing arm when possible. Forced six fumbles this year alone. Poor play strength. Managed just 12 bench press reps at his pro day. Easily washed down in run game. It is imperative he keeps himself clean against tackles. A tackle with strong hands can own Gilbert if he gets into his frame. Lacks desired hand strength to clear a tackle’s punch and soften the edge as a rusher. Will not convert speed to power often. Needs more consistent pursuit motor from back-side. Not a physical tackler and will give up his fair share of broken and missed tackles as a pro. Gilbert is an intriguing prospect with outstanding length and athletic traits, but a lack of functional strength that could force teams to consider him as a situational rusher only. Gilbert is unlikely to have much of an impact against the run, but his long arms and upfield charge should have teams paying attention to him.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Aurora, IL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 302 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 138

Willing fighter in trenches and refuses to give blockers a snap off. From football family. Big brother, Graham, starred at Michigan and now plays for Lions. Muscular and rugged with no bad weight on his frame. Has power in his upper body and uses a powerful club move along with a pull-and-shuck technique to get rid of blockers. Technician as interior run defender. Plays with wide base and good balance. Shows feel for double teams and braces quickly against them. Powerful, heavy tackler. Has arm length and power to lock out blockers in a two-gap scheme. Has strength to force his way past redirect blocks. True NFL power across from him could limit his effectiveness. Not a natural knee bender, which limits his athletic movements in tight quarters and as a pass rusher. Square-shoulder playing style will limit his ability to disrupt at NFL level. Lacks pass-rush talent and skill set. Needs more violence and activity from his hands as a rusher. Unlikely to be on the field on third downs as a pro. Glasgow wants in on the action at all times and is at his best when he’s able to play the man in front of him rather than having to get involved with Michigan’s constantly twisting defensive front. Glasgow’s rock ’em, sock ’em approach should appeal to defensive line coaches looking for high effort depth along their defensive front, but his inability to rush at an NFL level means he’s unlikely to be more than a two-down player.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Plaquemine, LA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 310 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 178

Gets out of his stance and into the blocker with good hip explosion. Plays with proper pad level at point of attack to create desired leverage. Hands-first striker who gets early arm extension. Utilizes hands and leverage for quality read-react positioning in the trenches. Hard to turn out of hole by single blockers. Well-coached. Has feel for double teams and looks to take them on quickly and with proper technique. Shows some early gap quickness when allowed to play upfield. Creates his best pass-rush opening with arm-over move. Decent pursuit quickness and makes attempts to chase down screen passes from backside. Short-limbed pass rusher with squatty build of a bulldog. Undersized for interior work. Has issues fighting off double teams. Has difficult time reaching through the edge and pulling himself over the top. Might need more snaps off as motor seems to lose gas. Guards with a strong anchor put his pass rush in neutral. Often last defensive lineman out of his stance. Not very instinctive. Guards able to reach and hook his outside shoulder to seal him on play-side. Needs quicker disengage to tackle. Sack numbers came against lesser competition. Undersized three-technique who played with the punch and arm extension to set a strong edge even though he might be a better fit for a one-gap unit. Options could be limited as he lacks the mass to hold up against double teams, and he might be missing the traits to create quick wins as a pass rusher. He projects as a 4-3 rotational tackle with very little sub-package value.

School: Penn State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Middletown, DE
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 209 lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 84

Is a big-bodied wide receiver who knows how to use his size to his advantage. Excels at using his frame to box out the defender and put himself in position to haul in the pass. Leaping ability and strong hands also play a major role. Always looks to high-point the football. Has elite awareness that allows him to track the football. Great body control. Can make adjustments on poorly thrown balls. A big target who can win in contested situations. The type of down-field threat that can change the outcome of a game with one play. Isn’t afraid to work across the middle. Does a good job working the sidelines. Isn’t a burner but does show enough speed to create some separation. Needs to be a little more consistent with catching the easy passes. There are times where the ball hits his hands but are dropped. Needs to focus a little more on the easier routes. Needs to show more aggressiveness as a run blocker. Doesn’t attack his blocking assignment with a ton of effort which resulted in the safety making the tackle. Godwin has the talent to be a highly effective NFL receiver. His ability to fight through contact and high point the football is what NFL teams are looking for in a receiver.

School: Northern Illinois | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 218 lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 96

Tall with arm length to match. Has room to add more muscle and strength. Was the quarterback’s pet with his long, available frame. Steps into his routes with push and purpose. Long-strider who, if unaccosted, can eat up cushion and work over top of cornerbacks. Good hand fighter who can create additional vertical separation. Catches it away from his body and with desired extension. Long arms offer a wide net for a catch radius. Can go way up or dig out the low ball. Shows good instincts in space and will work back to the ball if he senses the window closing down. Can be knocked off course and off schedule in timing routes. Has build-up speed but needs a clean runway. Could struggle to uncover against bump-and-run corners. Below average sideline awareness. Made too many catches against the sideline that didn’t end up counting. Needs to leverage more throwing room for his quarterbacks on vertical boundary throws. Route work failed to create tilt from defenders. Routes need to be better disguised. Passive, positional run blocker who waits to block until he has to. Golladay could be targeted by teams looking for a field-stretcher with size who has the potential to become a matchup problem in the redzone. Golladay has the talent to become an eventual starter in the league.

School: Central Florida | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 194 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 90

Has good size and strength. Has a disruptive punch and feet to impede in press coverage. Loose and athletic in his movement. Able to flip hips and match receivers without giving up much early separation in his transition. Allowed just 32.9 percent of throws his way to be completed. Possesses plus ball skills. Uses well-timed leaps and strong hands to challenge at the catch point. Is a rake it or take it cornerback with 34 passes defensed over the last two seasons, including six interceptions. Runs through targets looking to jar the catch loose. Aggressive in run support. Looks to play through receivers on the way to the ball. Can wrap up or chop down running backs. Long speed is very average and will allow some vertical separation against speedsters. His instincts and anticipation are just average. Can be slow with pattern recognition on combo routes. Has issues maintaining his coverage distance from man-off. Plays tall in space limiting his transition quickness when attempting to mirror receivers out of their route breaks. Has to be careful not to lunge when trying to reroute receivers after their release. Griffin plays the game with an aggressive tilt both in coverage and in his run support. Griffin has good ball skills with a closing burst to challenge throws, but his anticipation is just average and he may not be able to play off of receivers and still be as effective with his ball production. Because he lacks long speed but is an effective tackler, he could be targeted by a defense favoring Cover-2 coverage.

School: Temple | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Frederick, MD
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 196 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 158

Built like a more physical player and lives up to it. Competes hard when the ball heads his way. Will knife in at full-speed when he reads hitch or wide receiver screen. Quick to shuck and attack in run support. Loose hips allow for smooth transitions in matching patterns and longer strides in space. Has adequate foot quickness and twitch. Plays with a good feel for coverage responsibilities. Diligent to protect against speed and is rarely beaten over the top. Only one season as a full-time starter. Targeted just 36 times in college with only six passes defensed. Man cover skills are work in progress. Footwork can be a little uneven in his backpedal and transitions. Will panic and face guard rather than finding the ball when he gets beat over the top. Protected somewhat by cover-2 and cover-3 looks. Needs more man experience. Scouts question his long speed. Leaves an excessive buffer in his bail technique leading to easy completions underneath. Raw but very moldable prospect. Hairston shows good awareness from zone and his physical style and willingness to come tackle make him an immediate fit for primarily zone cover teams. However he may have the tools to eventually become a solid bump-and-run cornerback as he becomes more experienced at the position. Hairston is a projection-based talent who should become a much better player in two years than he is today.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Seattle, WA
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 266 lbs.

Selected by: Carolina Panthers – No. 77

Has experience at wide-9, 5-technique and as an outside linebacker. Has length and average quickness to dart into gaps and breach the flow of the play. Has tools to become better edge setter with more strength. One year of defensive line play makes him moldable for NFL coaches. Has decent bend-and-rip rush move. Has shown ability to get skinny and wedge between double-team blocks. Flexible upper body along with coordinated work between hands and feet suggest future improvements as interior rusher. Effort player who hustles his way into tackles. Still learning to play lower and drop anchor at the point of attack. Will get bounced around and widened out of the gap by size. Needs weight work to supplement average contact balance. Washed down by redirect blocks too easily. Needs to become more commanding and authoritative with his hands. Pad level too high and too welcoming for opposing blockers. Appears to have lost a little foot quickness with addition of weight over final two college seasons. Needs to prove he has toughness to play as a 3-4 defensive end. Possesses the physical traits, versatility and effort, but teams might have to wait on Hall as he is still learning to play with a hand on the ground and needs to continue adding mass to his frame. Hall is nothing special as an edge rusher but has the talent to become an interesting interior rusher as a 3-4 defensive end. If he has enough ruggedness to handle full-time work in the trenches, he could become an eventual starter.

School: California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Fillmore, CA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 202 lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 141

Maneuvers around route redirection in space and keeps his route on time. Works back to the throw. Has some talent after catch on wide receiver screens. Drive off the line and into his routes is consistent no matter which level he is going to work. Good awareness near sidelines. Able to drop his feet in-bounds when crowded against the boundary. Plays with good strength and physicality when mugged in his routes. Has fluid, powerful strides to burst past cornerbacks on vertical routes. Natural ball-tracker. Plus body control for ball adjustments in any direction. Hands are strong and can secure in traffic. Didn’t have to run much of the route tree, but showed willingness to work the middle. Gives physical, extended effort as run-blocker punching into cornerbacks frame and locking out. Able to make first tackler miss and accelerate into open field. Upright off the snap and into his routes. Is eventual into breaks and allows cornerback time to gear down and transition back to the ball. Can be jammed up by strong press corners. Doesn’t create enough consistent separation with his intermediate routes. Will face his share of contested catches on the pro level. Allows throws to crowd his frame. Needs to get better at using body to shield throws from defenders. Hansen has good combination of size and speed for the perimeter with an ability to climb over the top of cornerbacks and win the deep ball. He has average separation quickness when asked to work the first two levels, but he has the hands and strength to handle contested catch situations. An ascending prospect with a chance to become a WR2.

School: Oregon State | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: San Clemente, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 303 lbs.

Selected by: Atlanta Falcons – No. 136

Grinder who gives good effort in double teams and down blocks. Sinks hips into initial contact at point of attack. Plays with decent hand strength. Has some natural upper-body power. Able to lock-out and stalemate against power as base blocker. Keeps feet driving once he locks onto second-level foes. Looks to finish his blocks. Has taken multiple practice reps at center. Has experience at both tackle spots. Has short arms and operates with low hands pre-punch. Sluggish with eyes and feet. Gets behind in his blocks too often. Plodding feet create inefficient routes to his block. Legs straighten out after contact as run blocker. Struggles to control run blocks with hands due to lack of length. Bull-rushed the entire game by much smaller edge rushers. Struggles to drop anchor and fight back; could see the same results with move inside. Lacks the length and athletic ability to play tackle at the next level and will have to kick inside. Shows some power at the point of attack, but needs to play with better bend after initial contact. Will be a little limited in space and his anchor problems as a left tackle will have to be vetted in pre-draft workouts after he kicks inside. Could be a serviceable backup with swing ability between center and guard.

School: Missouri | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 253 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 22

Explodes out of his stance in search of gap work vs. run game. Lateral quickness makes it a challenge to reach him or cross his face for offensive linemen. Good first step quickness. Plays with energy and keeps it cranked up until the whistle blows. Runs with high knees and athletic, long strides in the open field. Basketball standout in high school who uses nimble feet for an effective spin move. Can unleash spin counter in either direction. Plays on either side of the line and can play with a hand down or standing up. Uses early speed-to-power to create movement before attacking the tackle’s inside shoulder. Showed some ability to drop in space when called upon. Gives ground on the edge and can be widened out of his run fit. Hands must get better at point of attack. Needs to punch and own the point. Rides on blocks rather than shucks them. Lacks desired glass-chewing mentality against the run. Plays with slow reaction time to counters and misdirection and can lose track of the ball. Needs earlier shoulder turn as rusher to prevent early pass sets from punching him as squared-up rusher. Slow to activate his counter spin back inside. High-cut pass rusher with good athleticism but concerns regarding his ability to drop anchor against the run. His hands can be improved as pass rush weapons, but he has agility and footwork that can’t be taught. Harris can play on the edge in a 4-3 or 3-4 front and should be the next in a line of early contributing defensive ends coming out of Missouri.

School: Lindenwood | Conference: Heart of America
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 242 lbs.


Elite tackle production. Tremendous leadership traits. Instinctive with immediate response to keys. Can race ahead of linemen. Has instant stop/start quickness and change of direction ability. Always attacking downhill. Looks to attack blockers early to disrupt the timing of the run play. Has the quickness in space to cover running backs out of backfield. Gym rat with good power throughout his tightly muscled frame. Burst to the ball puts him in position to make plays. Body-up tackler who finishes what he starts. Can play all three downs. Somewhat stubby frame with a lack of length. Unable to keep linemen off of him with punch and shed. Will get engulfed if he sits and waits. Straight-line attacker missing some fluidity of motion to consistently match the flow of a play. Square shouldered and unable to work body around blocks and through some crevices. Scouts question whether his production can hold up against elevated level of competition. Quicker than fast. Rock ’em, sock ’em linebacker with an inextinguishable motor and the instant quickness and burst to thrust himself into tackle after tackle. Harris is a willing chance-taker who fires downhill and into creases looking to make the impact play, but his lack of length and straight-line style of play could limit his effectiveness on the next level. With his instincts, quickness and nose for the ball as a tackler, Harris should find a spot on the linebacker depth chart and has a chance to be a kick-coverage winner.

School: Louisville | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 217 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 230

Plays the game with edge and embraces physical requirement of the position. First responder who races downhill into the action. Rarely taps the brakes into his tackles. Square-up, wrap-up finisher. Took on blocks with aggressiveness and leverage when asked to play inside linebacker. His long arms help cast wide net as tackler. Rare athleticism for his size. Flips hips for instant change of direction as tackler or in coverage. Excellent range as a tackler. Plays faster than his timed speed. Communicative on the field. Balances attention between quarterback’s eyes and assignments around him as two-deep safety. Quick to find coverage work after diagnosing play-action from the box. Adjusts coverage responsibilities based on scrambling direction of quarterback. Needs more discipline in playing with inside-out leverage in run support. Downhill GPS to running backs needs fine tuning. Tends to attack at angles under running back, forcing too many diving attempts on perimeter. Can be a little slow hustling back to high safety spot from disguised coverages. From single-high position, needs anticipation and earlier response to throws. Will lose sight of deep responsibilities as high safety at times. Panics and grabs when he fears he’s beaten. Needs to trust his length and recover speed more often. Dismissed from Georgia after three strikes, including failed marijuana tests. Former five-star recruit with an alpha mentality who roams the field with swagger and undeniable intent as a tackler. Has elite size, length and athletic traits, and is a rangy tackler with the ability to cover and blitz. He could be considered by teams as a box safety or hybrid linebacker.

School: Arkansas | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Owasso, OK
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 212 lbs.


Tough player who doesn’t back down from physical corners. Plus foot quickness off the line of scrimmage. Swipes and slaps away jams and redirect attempts throughout his route. Natural, fluid athlete in space. Hands were reliable this season. Can make quick, stabbing grab of the football when he finds it late. Effective working down the field with 80 percent of his catches going for first downs. Has field awareness to gear down route and wait for the throw when working near boundary. Has history of fighting through adversity. Needs to show better improvisation in adjusting routes. Goes where route takes him and will just bang into defenders. Plays tall through his patterns. Route work lacks crisp breaks and overall focus. HIs route fakes are unconvincing and won’t get cornerbacks tilted in the wrong direction very often. Telegraphs double moves badly. Seem to be on different pages with his quarterback too often. Long speed is average and has trouble shaking cornerbacks on vertical routes. Will need to learn how to set up cornerbacks to create workable separation in NFL. Despite his size, wasn’t asked to block very often for Hogs. He has good size, but not great. He’s not the fastest receiver and his routes don’t do their job often enough. He plays with good balance and strength in his routes and flashes elevated focus when finishing catches in traffic. Hatcher has the athleticism to work intermediate and deep and could become a factor after a couple seasons of seasoning.

School: Louisiana Tech | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 199 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 82

Drops hips into breaks for sharp stop-and-open. Maintains play speed through directional route changes. Can elevate catch focus when he knows safety is coming to deliver a blow. Flashes get-away gear used to climb over top of cornerbacks on vertical routes. Sells double moves and leaves defenders trailing. Decent job of shielding throws from traffic when working inside the numbers. Hands catcher and can dip to adjust to low throws. Extremely competitive runner after the catch. Plays bigger than his listed size. Can slip first tackle and power through the second. Downhill kick returner with ability to find lanes for himself when necessary. Competition across from him was below average. Rarely challenged by competitive press. Play speed is inconsistent. Has quality top gear but doesn’t always use it in his routes. Needs to do better job of tilting defenders with quality route work on next level. Too reliant upon speed and talent over fundamentals at this point. Ran simple routes and drew quarterback’s ire when he made wrong reads on choices. Tight hipped and average at changing direction. Below average ball tracking on deep throws. Occasionally mistimes leaps. Waits on throws rather than working back to them. Focus drop come primarily on slants. Plays outside for the Bulldogs, but a little smaller than most teams will like. Henderson excels on catch-and-go throws and nine routes. He lacks the route running to come in and be an effective threat right away, but his kick return ability could get him early work.

School: Florida Atlantic | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Apopka, FL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 266 lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 103

Good upper-body turn that presents a difficult target for tackles to punch. Rushes with good lean and has a strong club hand to soften the edge. Uses arm extension and acceleration to generate some speed-to-power push. Impressive, fluid footwork with spin move counter. Hands are effective at warding off cut blocks. Good lateral quickness to squeeze running lane. Rakes at the ball as tackler, forcing six fumbles over final two seasons at FAU. Special teams demon; blocked a punt, two field goals and an extra point in 2016. Not an “other side of the line” run defender. A tick slow to diagnose and respond off snap. Allows blockers to cross his face and beat him to the block. Needs to do better job of thumping and setting a strong edge. Plays too tall in his tackle-end twist transitions, allowing blockers under his pads. More of a second-effort sack man than a quick-win specialist. His lack of length on the edge will be a turnoff for some, but he flashes enough to warrant a third-day draft selection as a backup 4-3 defensive end who could continue to develop as a rusher with additional work.

School: Louisville | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 247 lbs.


Above average size for a move tight end. Moves well in space. Able to bend linebackers and safeties out of position with certain routes. Good acceleration out of his turns to separate and present quarterback with easier throws. Good in short zones. Seam-buster with speed to attack over the top of linebackers and run under the deep ball. Plus ball skills. Can track it and adjust in space. Natural hands pluck it away from his frame. Has speed and athleticism to extend plays after the catch. Dangerous mismatch option near goal line. Wins the 50/50 throws. Positional blocker who gives just enough effort to occupy defender in space. Needs to get tougher as a blocker. Not physical enough for that in-line life. Ducks head and grabs at the point of attack. Needs to be more aware of potential reroutes by linebackers and adjust his routes accordingly. Top of his routes lack sink and suddenness. Has to play strong after the catch to avoid being stripped on next level. Has just one year of production to his name. Athletic move tight end prospect with natural hands and the quickness to create separation along his routes. He has NFL ball skills to win in competitive catch situations and he will be a challenge for linebackers to cover in space. Hikutini lacks NFL toughness as a blocker which could put a ceiling on his draft value. He will have to prove he can play special teams as he waits for his turn as a pass-catching option.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 216 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 95

Compact build that is able to accept and deal out physical play. Aggressive in run support. Likes the life near the line of scrimmage. Plays downhill and will meet the ball in the backfield when he gets a chance. Steps downhill from high safety and takes good angles to the ball. Plays both high and low and has matched up on the slot. Has zone-cover potential. Chest-up tackler with a good finishing rate. Hips lock up on him when trying to flip and chase the post route. Has no room for false steps in his game. Lacks athleticism to match up on space down the field. Below average play speed and range from high safety. Instincts are average. Can be slow to recognize and respond to intended misdirection. Transitions forward from his pedal will stall at the top and slow his break on the throw. Hill has the size and physical demeanor to get a quality look from a team as a box safety, but his lack of coverage quickness and ball production won’t help his chances. Hill will have to open eyes on special teams and as a lights out, downhill tackler to become an NFL factor.

School: Virginia Tech | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 257 lbs.


Outstanding combination of size and athleticism for the position. Smooth glider around the field. Runs fast and plays fast. Long target with extended catch radius. Can get up and over the top of most defenders at the high point. Willing to work over the middle and has the frame for it. Spent time at all receiver spots and could be an option from the slot as well as outside as a pro. Seam-beater who can get over top of linebackers and work all three levels of the field. Can access a second gear out of route stems. Once he stacks defender on his hip, he wins. Excellent ball tracker with second gear and hand usage for late separation down the field. Former quarterback with valuable knowledge of coverages. Will demand additional attention if covered by a cornerback near goal line. Shows strength to overwhelm defensive backs as a blocker. Has played the position just three seasons and still has much to learn. Long strider who can be put into neutral by a physical jam from press. Too nonchalant along his routes. Needs to hit route landmarks more quickly to give quarterback a timely, presentable target. Defaults into running through defender rather than effectively adjusting routes. Throws beat him up at times this season. Struggled to finish challenging catches. Lower percentage of clean catches trapping throws against his body and double catching it. Athletic but takes a while to access acceleration after catch and may not be the “YAC” people expect. May lack power and toughness to be a reliable in-line option as a blocker. Hodges still has work to do as a route-runner and his inconsistent hands could be a concern. He can line up inside or outside while his size and ability to work all three levels of the field should be appealing to teams looking for pass catching options. The competitive nature of the NFL could bring out more consistent toughness in him as a blocker. He has the tools to be a long-time starter and touchdown-maker in the league.

School: Vanderbilt | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Green Cove Springs, FL
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 311 lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 157

Operates with adequate body control at the point of attack and in space. Efficient in his movement. Climbs to the second level and is patient before engaging. Has power in his push and can be an effective drive blocker in the running game. Technician who plays with good fundamentals to counter his athletic limitations. Very good core strength with an ability to anchor after an early bull rush. Can lock down pass rushers with his grip strength. Has some quickness limitations that will likely necessitate a move to the right side. Has short arms which affects his ability to re-direct pass rushers around the pocket once they get to his edge. Plays with relatively heavy feet and will struggle to mirror in space. Reach blocks and shutting down stunts will be challenging. Simply doesn’t have enough gain in his kick slide to handle edge speed. Had trouble shutting down tackle/end twists. Three-year starter with experience at both tackle positions, Holden’s lack of speed to the edge in his kick slides makes a career at the left tackle spot unlikely. He has good power as a drive blocker and should be a natural fit on the right side. Offensive line coaches will fret over his short arms, but he’s a tough guy, with core strength and plus technique who can win a spot on a roster.

School: North Carolina | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rockville, MD
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 221 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 118

Will have a team drooling over his size and speed. Propels himself down the field with smooth, long strides. Chomps up cushion and glides past corners and safeties before they know what hit them. Legitimate vertical threat who finished with 20 touchdowns on just 71 catches. Dangerous run-after-catch ability in on deep crossing routes and slants. Former walk-on who still has a desire to do whatever it takes. Special teams captain all four years at school. Had 20 special teams tackles over his first three seasons and offers punt and kick cover value on special teams. Played less than 50 percent of the offensive snaps in every season. Primarily used to stretch the field and doesn’t have experience with a variety of routes. Still very raw. One speed route-runner who wins with just speed. Routes need more purpose. Not a natural hands catcher. Never produced more than 35 catches in a single season. Play strength through his patterns is below average and he can be re-routed. Leggy in underneath work and can be slow in and out of his breaks. Stalk-blocker who needs to give much better effort in run game. Hollins has four things that teams will look for — height, weight, speed and special teams ability. Taller receivers usually need a longer runway for their build-up speed, but Hollins appears to be able to access his top gear relatively early which makes him such a dangerous deep threat considering his above average height. Hollins’ ability to cover both punts and kicks should give him early work as he continues to learn the receiver position. Hollins has WR3 potential.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: New Castle, PA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 206 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 15

Outstanding instincts help him work ahead of the play despite average speed. Always probing quarterback’s eyes for clues. Quick to process and is decisive in action. Flows hard to where his instincts lead him. Has fluid movement of a basketball player in space. Leans and bends into his turns for greater body control. Always active and in constant on-field search for optimal positioning. Hyper-aware of incoming targets to his area. Just as comfortable from “robber” spot as high safety. Mirrors quarterback’s eyes to challenge the passing lane. Very rarely takes a false step. Has loose hips for sudden stop-start to cover in space. Can range over the top to challenge the deep ball. Chooses path to the football over path to the man. Strong hands at the catch point lead to takeaways. Can disguise coverage and hustle back into position. Will strike receivers with some force to jar throws loose. Just one year of experience. Raw and still learning nuances of the position. More instinctive against the pass than run. At times can be a step slow to trigger downhill to take on the run. Will take some questionable downhill angles to the ball. Not overly physical against the run. Will duck head and go way low as a tackler. Below-average finisher. Comes in hot rather than coming to balance as a striker. Arm-tackler who needs to tighten up his mechanics. Will get caught guessing rather than reading. Squats on tight ends and slot receivers from man and gets grabby at the top of the route. His instincts are always bringing him to the football and when he gets there he has the ball skills to take it away. His lack of game experience and issues with tackle consistency will likely show themselves early in his career, but his ability to flip the field is worthy of an aggressive projection. He has the talent to be a high-impact starter for years in the NFL.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Prattville, AL
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 251 lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 19

Has long arms and massive hands for his position. Tremendous acceleration into his routes. Has tools to torment defenses on second and third level. Play speed resembles a wide receiver’s when the ball is in the air. Linebackers have no shot against him in space. Can turn a short throw into a long gain. Light on his feet and smooth out of his breaks. Easy separator who creates instant throwing windows when he hits the gas. Natural pass catcher who plucks it away from his body. Can adjust to poorly thrown balls and secure contested catches. Shows no lack of toughness over the middle. Can be lined up all over the field. Has elite ceiling as playmaker. Lands his hands inside the frame as a blocker. Operates with wide base and attempts to snap hips into his block. Will need more muscle and mass to be an in-line blocker as a pro. Appears passive at times. Needs better hand strength to sustain his blocks. Can do better job of working feet into position after contact. Needs urgency in his routes to tilt defenders and get them guessing. Needs to show more elusiveness after the catch. Explosive talent who doesn’t make enough explosive plays. Howard has struggled to live up to hype that has come with his play-making ability while at Alabama, but some scouts put the blame on the staff and scheme. He has elite athletic traits and raw talent, but must add polish to go along with those attributes. Should become substantially more productive as a pro, but the difference between “potential weapon” and “elite tight end” will likely be tied to his desire and overall football character.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Hoover, AL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 197 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 16

Well-versed in a variety of coverages. Plays with disciplined eyes and good balance between high-low responsibilities in zone. Good short-area acceleration to close out receivers and attack throwing lanes. Reactive athleticism helps erase coverage mistakes. Extremely competitive with an edge that spikes after he’s beaten. Timid receivers should take the day off. Aggressive from press with a powerful punch. Looks to intimidate when the opportunity arises. Drives receivers out of bounds and out of the play if their vertical release takes them too close to the boundary. Will not let a blocking receiver punk him. Tears through blocker and attacks downhill. Searches for opportunities to strip the ball. Impatient from press coverage. Opens inside or outside too early rather than waiting for a clear declare from receiver. Struggles to stay in phase throughout the route and allows separation opportunities. Feet are fast but sloppy. Footwork becomes bulky and balance diminishes when matched against quality route workers. Plays a scrambling style of coverage that is too reliant upon his athletic gifts. Issues playing the deep ball are a concern. From off coverage, overreacts to route fakes and opens the door to a big play. Can be slow to locate the ball and finds himself out of optimal position to play the ball. Talented height-weight-speed prospect who comes from NFL bloodlines. Might need time for his technique to catch up with his traits. Coverage inconsistencies could cause him to struggle against quality competition early on, but his mental makeup and recovery talent should help him pull through. Has the instincts and run-support skills to become an early starter for a zone-cover defense, but it will be hard for teams looking for a lockdown, man corner to pass on all of his physical gifts.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Weston, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 306 lbs.

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 180

Has size of an NFL guard with thick bubble and good arm length for interior. Big man with light feet and plus agility. Can lead the charge as pulling guard and has reactive quickness for sudden adjustments in space. Never loses sight of his second level target on work-up blocks. Strong hands can snatch and sustain his blocks. Won’t linger on secure block long and climbs quickly up to linebackers. Instinctive. Recognizes when tackles are setting up twists and immediately searches for the second block. Will find additional work in pass protection. Patient and quiet with his hands and uses well-timed, stiff punch with inside hand. Feet can mirror throughout the rep. Plays with an excessively wide base causing him to get jostled off-balance by power. Had to fight overtime to maintain his positioning. More stalemater than block winner. Has some wasted motion in his movements in space. Needs to work feet into position for better block security. Can be frenetic up to second level. Allows momentum to carry him beyond his target at times. Isidora is an athletic guard with good size and above-average hands who plays with a base that can get too wide. He has the lateral quickness to be a fit for teams looking to get their guards out in space, but his issues anchoring against bull-rushes at Senior Bowl were a concern. Isidora has enough talent to become a starter, but his issues holding up against power could derail those plans if he doesn’t address them.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Belleville, IL
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 186 lbs.

Selected by: Tennessee Titans – No. 18

Has necessary hip flip and foot quickness to recover from mistakes in press and lapses in coverage in space. Plays in a variety of coverage techniques. Able to mirror and match from press. Features closing burst and takes playmaking angles to the throw. Excellent ball skills with well-timed leaps and aggressive tactics at the catch point. Good feel for when to defend a throw and when to take it away. Consistent tackler. When he gets there, he usually finishes his task. High-end return talent who can swing games in an instant. His eight career return touchdowns make him an immediate return man for any team that takes him. Smallish for an outside cornerback. Might be limited to just work in the slot. Can be a little over-aggressive with pace of bail coverage when fearing speed. Has a very slight hitch in transition forward from his pedal. Allowed routes to leverage him too far out of the middle of the field when he had no safety help. Could have issues with big slots posting him up in space. Lack of size and run-support strength could make him an early target for teams who like to run out of 11 personnel (three wide receivers). There are two things teams love — ball production from cornerbacks and return men who can play meaningful snaps on every down. Jackson fits those criteria. His lack of size and length are concerns, but he has the athleticism to step right in as a slot corner on the next level. His combination of coverage and return talent could make him an early impact player.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 201 lbs.

Selected by: Chicago Bears – No. 112

Has solid athleticism for the safety spot. Not a speed merchant but has the instincts and range to play over the top. Gets secondary lined up. Can cover tight ends and the occasional slot receiver. Has the tracking, timing and hands to take the ball away when he gets his shot. Offers roster versatility. Returned two punts for touchdowns this season and has three career defensive touchdowns. Background as a returner makes him more dangerous than your average safety after an interception. Long, but lanky and not built for a physical pounding. Grab and drag tackler. Will do what he has to against the run, but he’s not going to be a tone-setter with his hitting. Dominant defensive front made his job in coverage much easier. Had some easy, no-brainer interceptions float his way on overthrows. Can get too cute trying to stay glued to the quarterback’s eyes rather than triggering towards his boundary help over the top. Will occasionally lose track of his deep ball responsibility. Has had two major injuries in his career that will draw plenty of attention at the combine. Former cornerback-turned-safety with decent instincts and good ball skills but a finesse mentality as a tackler relative to those around him. Jackson’s background in man coverage and his ability to return punts should create some additional value for him, but he’ll be pressed into much more difficult situations in the league. Jackson is an average NFL backup with immediate punt return possibilities.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 214 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 113

Looks to punish pass catchers over the middle and running backs looking to finish their runs against him. Has size and physicality to handle run support in the box. Gets wide as a tackler and fires from his hips. Does a nice job of reading keys when stepping downhill to fill his run fits. Might be able to handle coverage against matchup tight ends. Play speed is adequate for what he will be asked to do. Can chase and challenge the deep throws. Has soft hands to take it away when he’s in position. Doesn’t make enough plays on the ball. Instincts are average and route anticipation needs work. Likes to see ball released before making commitment to close. Inefficient movement from high safety. Plays it too safe and needs to squeeze routes and take more chances. Average athlete. Opens hips from his backpedal before he needs to declare. NFL post routes could be a lot for him to handle. Can be sluggish in man coverage transitions, giving up too much separation. Comes downhill hot and will fly into tackle attempts at poor angles that result in misses. Needs to run into and through ball carrier rather than leaping from distance. A commanding, aggressive presence on the back-end, Jenkins loves being part of “The U” and attempts to honor the history of the safety position at that school every time he steps on the field. His instincts and closing burst to the ball are just average and he will have to earn his way up the depth chart to get a shot as a two-deep safety with some box ability.

School: St. Francis (PA) | Conference: NEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sunrise, FL
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 204 lbs.


Has outstanding instincts and ball skills. Has the strong hands and catch radius of a wide receiver. Takes direct paths to the ball and operates with optimal timing in attacks on the football. Ball production was through the roof during his entire career. Has experience playing over the slot and will overlap his coverage if he smells the football headed near him. Seems to find access to a second gear with the ball is in the air. Aggressive in run support. Races downhill and attacks the legs each and every time. Flashed dangerous potential as a kick and punt returner in all four years in college. Lacks desired NFL size. Teams will want him to add weight to hold up to his physical style if his frame allows it. Is a little bit tight hipped and he barely lifts his feet off of the ground when he runs. Benefitted from playing in slot, but may not be able to do that in NFL. Will grab receivers around the waist and hang on when beaten in a route. At times, gets so wrapped up in taking the ball away that he will get lax with his technique. While he’s not the biggest or fastest safety, he does not back down from the physicality of the position and he has a second gear when he’s chasing after the ball. NFL teams love instinctive safeties who take the ball away and Jerome is working on a Master’s Degree in both categories. Teams will have to decide how he best fits inside their defense, but Jerome’s ability to return kicks and his ability to take the ball away should help him find the field fairly quickly.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Belle Vernon, PA
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 300 lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 115

Solid athlete when asked to play in space. Plays with leg drive as run blocker. Uses choppy, accelerated feet into contact and keeps chopping them through contact to secure the block. Operates with quality balance and limited waist-bending. Has the arm length of a tackle. Understands his job on each play. Has an accurate radar in seeking out second-level targets and connecting at a high percentage. Excels on short pulls with smooth lateral footwork and solid, squared contact. Keeps hands inside and will punch and re-set hands when necessary. Sets up with good base and anchor in pass pro. Is a little inconsistent with smoothness coming out of his stance. At times too aggressive when he moves up to second level and will climb beyond his target. Needs to improve patience on his climb to create more consistency with his angles. Needs to let hands go more quickly in run game. Punches and pushes target with authority but doesn’t snatch the framework and lock in, allowing active defenders to spin and squirm out of his blocks. Johnson was a full-time starter for three years at Pitt and was known for his consistency and well-rounded game. He has functional power to turn defenders out of the hole and enough athleticism to match any run-game scheme. Johnson doesn’t carry bad weight and should be able to add more bulk with no problem. While he has some weaknesses, nothing appears to be glaring and he should set into a starter’s role right away and become a solid NFL guard.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Orangeburg, SC
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 206 lbs.


Looks like an NFL safety in the uniform. Well defined upper body with broad shoulder and athletic trunk. Explosive athlete with very good ball skills. Good closing burst on the throw. Instinctive in coverage. Long strider with range to play in the deep middle and the hand-eye coordination to consistently challenge the long throw. Uses a smart approach to challenge catch point ripping at receiver’s arms. Should be an immediate special teams contributor in coverage. Has just one season of experience as a starter. Still needs plenty of work with his run support. Could use more urgency in his pursuit. Makes too many assumptions that teammates will finish the tackle. Needs to use hands aggressively to punch and shuck blocking receivers. Takes poor downhill angles to the football losing his leverage to the sideline. Too many arm tackles lead to high missed tackle count. Explosive height, weight, speed prospect with terrific ball skills but an inconsistent approach in run support. Johnson’s ball production, despite just one season as a starter, will likely give a team confidence that he will continue to shine in that area on the next level. Johnson has starting NFL potential and a strong workout could push him up the draft board. However, he must improve his run support to be a long-time starter in the league.

School: Iowa | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Lombard, IL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 316 lbs.

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 70

Has good foot quickness and a plus motor. Early bird into the neutral zone off the snap. Accelerates into blockers with forceful punch at point of attack. Maximizes his length. Uses one-arm jab and long-arm push to disengage from blockers and generate a bull rush. Loose hips and flexible upper body are play-making tools. Plays with good energy and gives you what he’s got. Won’t catch him leaning on blocks for a rest. Hands and feet are in constant concert to improve positioning and defeat run or pass blocks. Rushes with both effort and skill. Always working to the edge of a blocker with quick feet and violent hands. Change-of-direction talent creates difficulties for plodding guards. Too upright at point of attack. Narrow base and elevated pad level create issues for him against double teams. Might not have the anchor necessary to operate inside a two-gap scheme. Contact balance is below average. Unable to consistently fight back against a quality down block. Is a little soft around the middle and lacking thickness through arms. Limited number of tackles for loss. Can be a little slow to recognize screen passes. Active defensive tackle with the motor and athleticism to find production in the NFL. Johnson doesn’t have the functional anchor that teams looking for a run-stuffer will be after. However, his effort, foot quickness and hand usage should create opportunities for him as a pass rusher. Johnson has the talent to become an eventual starter as a three-technique in a penetrating defensive front and could fight for rotational reps early on as a rookie.

School: Boston College | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: West Hyattsville, MD
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 205 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 91

Has starting experience as cornerback and safety. Can play high safety or cover the slot. Plays with smooth hips and above average mirror and match footwork for the safety spot. At ease with directional changes in space. Adequate instincts in coverage. Will shade his coverage from high safety based on play development and quarterback’s glances. Winning ball skills with very good ball tracking and soft hands. Interceptions don’t just come his way, he goes and gets them. Has agility to take zig-zag downhill track to running backs. Bounces into run fits with lively feet and a tackle-ready base. Special teams monster with 30 tackles over the last three seasons on cover teams. Tends to take passive routes to the ball when he’s the last line of defense. Leverages to the sideline while drifting backwards rather than closing downhill. Features a small delay at top of his transition when triggering. Needs to improve physicality as a tackler. Feet deaden near point of impact. Needs to drive through his target and finish with his feet. Ascending defender with the experience, athleticism and ball skills to play as a high safety or in man coverage. Johnson is well above average as a ball-tracker and has the soft hands to finish at the catch-point against receivers. He has decent size but won’t be a banger as a tackler, however, his ability in coverage has NFL personnel men buzzing as a potential early starter in the league.

School: Florida State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Florissant, MO
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 298 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 160

Exceptionally long with well-proportioned frame. Looks the part. Has telephone poles for arms. Unfurls his length and consistently jabs into defenders with maximum arm extension. Punch can be very disruptive for edge rushers who have to alter their rush plans. Plus power as a run blocker. Can finish with authority once he latches into the defender’s frame and gets momentum churned up. Shows ability to make late adjustments in space. Gathers weight and focuses power into opponent at point of attack. Massive wingspan can buy him time to recover against sudden changes of direction. Plays with good awareness. Sees blitzers lurking and is ready to respond. Good transition speed to slide from his stance. Plays with a very stiff outside hand in pass protection. High-cut waist bender and leaner who is constantly playing with his weight way out in front of his feet. Plays with an alarming lack of body control and balance. Big feet get tripped up too often. Pass slides lack proper base width and control. Allows his feet to cross over causing regrettable change of direction attempts against inside counters. Hands and feet are in disharmony and need to get synced. Straight-legged into contact. Always in a race to get to the edge in pass pro causing him to panic and lunge. Takes questionable angles when attempting to seal. Power seems to be an issue with redirect blocks. Has athletic traits but doesn’t always manifest itself in play. Sluggish with lateral movement. Long-limbed left tackle who has the physical traits that teams want from their blind-side protector, but who is missing some of the body control and balance that is needed to succeed at his position. Despite his balance inconsistencies, Johnson can be a powerful run blocker when he gets defenders framed up. Teams will have to decide if they want to play him on the left or right side, but an offensive line coach will need to try and correct issues with his pass sets and his footwork before he gets his shot.

School: Ole Miss | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Greenville, SC
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 319 lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 198

Plays low and fires upward strikes to elevate the blocker’s center of gravity. Has the play strength to rip through an edge once he gets to it. Has quick hands and is nice with the swim move. Has necessary play traits to be an effective rusher in the twist game. Rare reactive athleticism and short-area lateral quickness for an interior player. Extended tackle radius allows him to close out running lanes away from his gap. Keeps hounding runners down the field for the tackle. Instinctive and quickly sniffs out screen passes. Very rarely on ground. Has a stocky frame with short arms and lacks the length teams like. Lack of size could be an issue against NFL double teams. Motor gets him too juiced at times. Needs to gather himself to prevent running past his target. Was unable to overpower strong guards in man-to-man contest. Despite his impressive athleticism, lacked impact tackle production. Jones has a freaky combination of power and athleticism that isn’t seen all that often. Despite his impressive play attributes, Jones failed to generate the production that his flashes on tape would indicate he’s capable of. If a coach can unlock more consistency, Jones has a chance to flourish as a one-gapping nose with three-down ability.

School: Richmond | Conference: CAA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 205 lbs.


Intelligent player. Made play after play on the ball his junior season. Has quality ball tracking skills. Able to make early adjustments to put himself in position to make the interception. Possesses soft hands and plus body control and does a good job of challenging at the high-point. Long strides can eat up turf when make-up speed is needed. Has combination of range and instincts to handle single-high safety duties. Allows quarterback’s eyes to help him shade his coverage. Does his part in run support when it’s time to step in and strike. More wrap-up tackler than shoulder striker. Durability is a serious concern for scouts. Has had multiple injuries to the same left forearm that has caused him to miss time. Angular frame needs more muscle to improve play strength. Needs to improve at taking on or slipping blocks. Will hit and slide off of tackles at times. Comes downhill at inconsistent angles and can run himself out of position. Long strider in controlled spaces. More fast than quick and can be a little slow to flip hips and accelerate. Too much gliding in space rather than hitting the jets in pursuit or in coverage. Play-action can draw him out of position. Jones plays with decent instincts and plus ball skills but he needs to improve his overall aggressiveness and physicality as a run supporter. Concerns over his durability could hurt his draft stock, but his size, speed and ball production are worthy of NFL consideration.

School: Notre Dame | Conference: FBS Independents
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rochester, NY
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 316 lbs.


Able to pursue with quickness in space. Has foot quickness to change direction and extend his tackle radius. Arms are like tentacles that go on and on. Length advantage can be a nightmare for centers who line up against him. Lateral quickness opens doors into backfield as a penetrator. Can be a disruptive force on the other side of the line. Has explosiveness out of stance and up the field as a pass rusher. Combines early explosiveness with rare length to generate pocket push. Frequently a nose, but has the tool box and traits to play three- or five-technique as a pro. Has dominant potential if hand usage and pad level can be coached out of him. Gets battered by down blocks and can be rooted out of gap due to lack of anchor in lower half. Comes off the ball too tall. Needs to play with more consistent bend to alleviate pad level issues. High center of gravity produces issues with balance when thumped with a redirect block. Needs to recognize cut blocks and stuff them more consistently. Scouts consider him unmotivated and question his football character. Sources say Irish coaches had to work overtime to keep him interested and working to get better. Elite size, length and athleticism make Jones an intriguing prospect, but history of injuries and concerns over his football character could cause him to fall somewhat. Might have been miscast along the Irish defensive front as his playing style and body type appear to be much more suited further away from the nose spot. If he can find consistent motivation, Jones could become a very good NFL starter in any defensive scheme. A true boom-or-bust prospect.

School: NC State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Walled Lake, MI
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 220 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 61

Possesses prototypical combination of size and speed. Has acceleration and top-end speed to range all over the field. Plus athletic ability and reactive quickness. Has ability to disguise his coverage before sprinting back to centerfield. Has experience with both safety spots. Fluid in his movement and is an explosive leaper when challenging at the high-point. Has the ball skills to rake it or take it. Plays with eager eyes that stay glued to quarterback’s intentions. Has the closing burst to challenge throws. Extremely aggressive. Bouncy feet can’t wait to fire downhill and hit something. Accelerates through the collision. Does a good job of punching and playing off of blockers. His aggression is a double-edged sword. Will come in too hot looking to lay the lumber and end up missing his mark as a tackler. Needs to do better job of coming to balance as a tackler. From zone coverage, can be a little slow to anticipate routes and squeeze the throwing windows. Gets hyper-focused on quarterback and will lose track of his assignments. Will bite on play-action bait and get drawn out of position. Jones is a height-weight-speed prospect to be sure, but he’s not just a traits-based safety. Jones has the appetite for hitting that teams will want around the box and he has the speed and ball skills to range and help against vertical threats from a deep safety spot. The big area of concern will be Jones’ ability to play with better discipline in coverage and as a tackler. He has the ability to become a good, long-time starter in the league.

School: North Carolina | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Roanoke Rapids, NC
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 304 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 102

Has good size with long arms and thick lower half. Play strength is above average. Likes to initiate the contact at point of attack. Initial punch has some shock behind it and he has the power to press defenders off of his chest and keep them at the end of his length. Hand placement generally sound. Can beat one-on-one blocks. Has ability to set the edge and man both gaps. Good twitch in his shed to disengage and make the tackle. Above average tackle production for interior. Rarely beaten soundly by a base block. Shows some control at point of attack. Instincts and awareness are below average. Can be slow to find the football. Fooled by misdirection, play-action and screen passes. Lacks feel for flow of the play causing him to play behind the blocks rather than racing in front of them. Lacks feet to recover past a reach block. Needs to operate with more width in his base for balance consistency. Below average change of direction. Plows head-first into pass protection. Doesn’t have much of a rush plan and is still looking for a competent counter move. Plays with some stiffness in lower half which affects pad level. Phone booth defender who has good length and the power to fight for control at the point of attack. Jones’ strength is his ability to play the run and he could be a physical fit for 3-4 teams looking to add a run defender to their linemen corps. His inability to get the quarterback will cap his draft slotting but he does have pro potential.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 186 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 43

Competes all over the field. Doesn’t play pitty-pat with his jam from press. Throws stiff lead right into the shoulder of receivers like a boxer. Maximizes contact with receivers within first five yards. Eyes are top notch. Balances between quarterback’s eyes and his man from all off coverages. Ready to close on throws anywhere near his area. Route magnet. Pattern anticipation allows him to map receivers path and undercut route. Prioritizes ball over man and attacks catch point with slaps and rips. Early ball tracker with length and leaping to attack the high point. Mirrors receiver acceleration out of their breaks. Twitchy feet for click-and-close transitions and instant change of direction from shuffle technique. Solid recovery quickness. Tore his Achilles tendon at his pro day which will require an extensive rehab process. Carries slender frame. Needs to add upper body strength in preparation for NFL size. Gets impatient from press. Loses positioning by reaching and lunging to get hands on receiver rather than letting the release come to him. Can still improve his transition footwork. Fights his hips a little when flipping to change direction in open field. Physical receivers can wall him out of tackle action in run support. Jones is a “casino cornerback” who has the ball skills and instincts to tilt the odds in his favor when quarterbacks look his way. His toughness and desire to make plays on the ball are remarkable. Jones has lockdown corner talent but unfortunately, teams will have to wrestle with his draft positioning as there is no guarantee that Jones can come back with the same quickness and speed as before.

School: East Carolina | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Austin, TX
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 201 lbs.

Selected by: Buffalo Bills – No. 37

All-time FBS receptions leader. Hands catcher outside the hashes and snatches it away from his frame. Swallows ball into his frame to protect it when working over the middle. Tape shows a willingness to run head-first into traffic and make the tough catch when hit is imminent. Can win all day when it comes to finishing catches at the high point. Extremely driven to succeed. Plays with good focus and footwork on catches near the sideline. Has experience working from outside and the slot. Returned kicks as a junior. Play speed is very average. Lacks vertical push to force cornerbacks to open and run early and doesn’t have second gear to separate from coverage down the field. Thin frame. Struggles to find clean releases against press coverage due to play strength and foot quickness. High-volume production helped by high percentage of short throws and wide receiver screens. Sticky out of breaks and unable to shake tight coverage. Limited amount of burst and wiggle after the catch and won’t create much more than is there. Not overly-committed as a run blocker. Possesses high football character and a desire to push himself forward. Record-breaking receptions totals in 2016 were due more to scheme and excessive targets than separation ability or top-end speed. As a one-on-one receiver on the pro level, he will have to prove he has the speed and quickness to uncover against man coverage if he is to become more than just wide receiver depth.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 216lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 215

Three-year starter and pro-style pocket passer. Experienced and comfortable under center and in play-action offense. Has shown an ability to read the entire field when asked. Gets through progressions fairly quickly. Expedites release and throws to an area in front of the route when blitz is closing in. Always looking to throw past sticks on third down. Understands his arm limitations and rarely takes unnecessary chances throwing into space. Rhythm passer comfortable working in timing-based passing attack. Schooled on mechanics of the position since he was eight years old. Uses well-timed climbs and slides to maneuver away from pressure. Footwork is consistent and well-rehearsed. Ball stays tucked under his ear until he cuts it loose with relatively quick wrist flick. Will rush throws and “work early” rather than throw with velocity into tight windows. Front side opens early, causing passes to sail. Consistently poor accuracy on intermediate work. Completed just 38 percent of his passes between 11-20 yards in 2016. Underthrows deep balls and fails to consistently hit crossers and slants in stride. Arm strength lags behind NFL norm. Throws hang in air or nose-dive prematurely when throwing field side. Rigid, mechanical approach as passer. Lacks arm talent and improvisational skills to create magic with off-balance throws on the move. Groomed to be a quarterback from an early age, Kaaya flashes the mechanics and intelligence of a player who has spent hours in quarterback camps. However, he can be too mechanical and thinks too much rather than just flowing and responding to what the field offers him. Kaaya could have used another year of college, but he has the tools and intangibles to become an NFL starter.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Norcross, GA
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 215lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 67

Spirited runner with NFL size and speed. Will open creases by varying pace of his runs. Burst to top speed is available at flip of a switch. Creates yardage with speed, wiggle and power. Twitchy and decisive. Strong lower body provides superior balance. Flexible and agile with ability to twist, spin and ricochet off of bodies and continue to gain yards after contact. Can play on all three downs. Improved in pass protection and squares up blitzers. Has lined up at slot receiver at times. Sure-handed pass catcher with excellent burst out of breaks to consistently uncover. Has talent as punt returner. Vision can be hit or miss. Not an instinctive runner. Needs to see running lane develop and is missing a feel for reading progressions of his blocks. Makes inconsistent decisions on stretch plays. Can be his own worst enemy on third level. Will run himself into a tackler rather than setting him up for a downfield blocker. Consistently cuts left when given an open-field choice against tackler. Needs to tuck ball high and tight to prevent fumbles. Ascending, competitive runner who has flashed explosive NFL talent at various times over the last two seasons. A committed runner with excellent balance who finds yardage that isn’t blocked for him. While he has never logged 20 carries in a single game, he has the talent to play on all three downs if he can prove his durability.

School: San Diego State | Conference: Mountain West
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: San Bernardino, CA
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 184 lbs.

Selected by: Atlanta Falcons – No. 149

Good bounce in his feet for short area movement. Plays with a quick transition forward from his pedal when reacting to the route. Looks for most efficient route to the ball to disrupt the catch. Very good route awareness from zone. Can split the high-low combinations and anticipates the chosen route early. Highly instinctive with a taste for turnovers. Wants to make a play on every ball thrown his way. Posted 43 passes defensed over the last three years including 16 interceptions during that time. Active and downhill in his run support. Tall and a little tight in his backpedal. Unable to carry deep speed down the field. Can be beaten over the top if he’s not diligent with his positioning. Can be run out of position by play-action and jet sweeps that are directed his way. Has recovery quickness underneath, but is missing recovery speed. Takes unsound angles in run support and will lose contain. Lacks size for outside and could be mismatched against size. Limited by his size and his long speed, Kazee has all the instincts and ball skills that a team could want. If he fails to run well, he could drop a round or even two, but he’s a good fit for teams who run zone and off man. His willingness in run support and his penchant for taking the ball away should follow him into the pros and make for an early transition into a third or fourth cornerback role.

School: Ole Miss | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 224lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 253

Good arm talent. Will make “wow” throws, especially early in games. Has shown an ability to make bold, anticipatory throws over the deep middle. Can alter release to account for sudden shifts and movements by defense or his own receivers. Poise is good enough. Will pump, slide, and re-set his feet to make accurate throws. Can set up and fire quickly from the pocket. When he sits down on throws, will use lower body to drive the ball through his targets. Gamer with a competitive streak that runs deep. Touch throws are in his repertoire when attacking area between linebackers and safeties. Looks comfortable in rollouts and boot-action throws. Shuffles to safe spots inside the pocket and is able to scramble out of pressure and find targets. Willing runner with runs of 43 and 41 yards over last two seasons. Attacks the middle of the field with accuracy and throws consistent strikes to stationary targets. Lacks desired size and willing to take way too many hits outside the pocket. Has worked almost exclusively from shotgun and pistol. Struggles to maintain early success after halftime defensive adjustments. Under-throws some deep balls when trying to pass with touch. Inconsistent air under the ball. Saw interception percentage skyrocket when throwing to left side of the field. Woeful on back-shoulder fades. Has random bouts of inaccuracy on wide receiver screens and outs. Throws nose-dive on move throws. Inconsistent working through progressions. Needs to manipulate safeties with lingering glares. Considered a character concern by some scouts; kicked off Clemson team for “detrimental conduct.” He’s hardly a scouting favorite based on reputation and inconsistency, but Kelly has attributes that could make him an eventual starter in the league if his personal and football character are kept in check.

School: Cincinnati | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Columbus, IN
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 225lbs.


Looks like an NFL quarterback with broad shoulders and a well-proportioned build. Able to get the ball out quickly when he sees a receiver break open suddenly. Throws with adequate timing and his confidence grows when he finds his rhythm. Has NFL arm strength. Can work through progressions. Adequate pocket mobility to elude pressure. Throws with adequate touch on deep shots. Has suffered from a number of injuries that have hindered his career. Career has regressed badly since his sophomore season. Inaccurate passer. Struggled badly on intermediate throws. Loses confidence and sprays the ball around. Needs to lead receivers with deep balls. Makes too many poor decisions too often. Stares down slot receivers and can be an easy read for linebackers. Feet are heavy in his setup and footwork is inconsistent in delivery. Inconsistent delivery balance. Kiel lacks the consistency, accuracy and mental makeup expected from NFL quarterbacks. His traits are worthy of consideration, but the tape is likely way too uneven to warrant a draft pick. If Kiel can’t stay healthy, he won’t last long in a camp.

School: Iowa | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 201 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 151

Football instincts are off the charts. Focused quarterback reader who overlaps into other coverage areas to go make a play on the ball. Pattern reader with anticipation to keep him ahead of the route. Creates unique angles to throws, allowing for top-ball production. Has ball-tracking, hands and high-point talent of a wideout. Stocky frame with physical play demeanor. Good press strength. Rough on slot receivers who can’t make a quick get-away off the line. Viable option as both punt and kick returner. Not overly physical as tackler but tends to finish. Lacks long speed and height associated with bump and run cornerbacks. Struggles to carry receivers down the field. Can be mismatched by legitimate speed merchants. Grinder who lacks mirror-and-match fluidity and foot quickness. Relies on hands usage and grabbing over footwork to transition and match on intermediate routes. In press, can get behind when facing off against slick releases from slot weapons. Lacks recovery speed to consistently close open throwing windows on NFL level. Needs to show more explosion into tackles and improve wrap-up technique. Lack of size and speed combined with his ball skills, instincts, and competitiveness all point to a transition to safety. While he can improve as a tackler, he’s got the toughness and mentality to take on run-support duties. Can cover in man when asked and has the ball-tracking skills and anticipation that should allow him to thrive in two-deep and single-high situations. Could be targeted as a zone corner or a safety with early starting potential.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Oakland, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 200 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 33

Rare height for the position. Solid job of restricting catch window on routes outside the numbers. Shoves receivers toward boundary and drifts into their running lane to decrease catch opportunity. Length creates challenge for receivers used to winning at the high point. Instinctive with good feel for finding football. Allowed just one touchdown over last 101 targets. Six career interceptions with hands to make the circus pick. Patient from press coverage. Quick to turn and locate once his back is to the quarterback. Saw increase in pass breakups in senior season. Willing to get physical with blocking receivers when it comes time to disengage and make a tackle. Has played all four spots in secondary and slot corner as well. Timed speed and play speed are both concerns. Sluggish feet in press allow quick-releasers to shoot past him. Unable to find necessary acceleration for functional makeup speed. Hands are flimsy in his jams. High center of gravity makes sudden change of direction a challenge. NFL ball production could be a concern. Takes path to his man over paths to the ball. Lacks desired twitch for NFL transitioning to the throws. Takes too long from bail technique and backpedal to plant and burst on the ball. Ankle biter willing to engage in too many arm tackles and blind shoulder rolls. Unusually tall cornerback with experience playing in the slot and as a starting safety. Showed improved instincts and ball production in 2016, but there are still concerns about whether he has the athleticism and recovery speed to utilize his length to play the football. Might be best suited to more zone coverage or off-man based on his speed limitations, but in either scheme he’ll need to improve his aggressiveness as a tackler.

School: Iowa | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Norman, OK
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 247 lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 146

Has broad shoulders and waist with a durable frame. Plays in pro-style attack and approaches blocking like an offensive lineman. Comes off the ball with good pad level and strikes with leverage and hands inside opponent’s frame. Blocks with good technique and has footwork to get to reach blocks and combos. Hands are confident and sure with just one drop against 48 catches. Able to make sudden body adjustments to poorly thrown balls. Flashes vertical speed to become a seam worker. Physical runner after the catch with more wiggle than you would expect. Patterns are inconsistent and he rarely tilts defenders at the top of his routes. Could generate better separation with improved route leverage. Route breaks can be too easy to decipher. Plays fast but seems to be missing separation burst coming out of his breaks. Needs to work back to the ball harder in space. Allows defenders a pathway to the throw rather than sealing them out of the passing lane. Has tendency to keep weight too far forward as run blocker creating opportunity for defender to pull him off-balance. H-back type who lacks the desired size for in-line blocking but certainly has the technique and willingness to do it. He has good hands and flashes an ability to challenge as a pass catcher on all three levels. Kittle has the athleticism and blocking ability to become an effective move tight end if paired in the right system.

School: Notre Dame | Conference: FBS Independents
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Toledo, OH
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 230lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 52

Big quarterback with a big arm. Can make all of the throws. Has step and crank power to drive throws into the seams. Has the arm talent and willingness to challenge safeties on both intermediate and deep throws. Looks the part with thick frame to withstand NFL punishment. Over the top delivery creates tight spirals. Has powerful grip allowing for aggressive pump fakes to move defense around. When he’s comfortable, will tie feet with his eyes as he scans the field. Adequate drive accuracy. If he feels a completion is imminent, he’ll stand in and take a punishing shot. Strong, authoritative runner with the speed to hit a big play with his feet. Two-way threat in the red zone. Posted 18 rushing touchdowns over last two seasons. Gets stuck on primary read missing out on early openers around field. May not have eyes or compact release to spot and hit flashing targets. Can be too reliant upon arm strength over mechanics. Wants open throwing window rather than operating with early anticipation. Can improve in leading receivers and throwing stationary targets open. Inconsistent decision-maker. Showed dreadful lapses in judgement that lead to interceptions. Too willing to make off-balanced heaves. Benched against Stanford. Had at least one interception in 15 of his 23 starts. Will take a sack despite having ample time to read and throw. The comparison to Steve McNair could raise eyebrows, but that is based primarily on size, mobility and arm strength. Kizer’s second-half drop in production combined with inconsistent decision-making and accuracy should be a speed bump for teams ready to jump in head-first on the traits. Kizer has the ability to become a quality starter, but has to improve his ball placement and field vision first.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 215lbs.


Looks the part with a muscular, athletic build. Has the ability to hurt teams with his legs or extend plays outside of the pocket before striking downfield. May possess packaged play potential with zone-read capabilities on short yardage. Able to generate velocity on intermediate throws. Kept a clean sheet on his short passing attempts with 10 touchdowns and no interceptions. One of the least accurate starting quarterbacks in college last season. Operates in the pocket with an excessively wide base as a passer. Has an elongated pitcher’s windup and his arm slot drops down slightly below a three-quarter release. Location of his throws is a coin-flipper from snap to snap. Struggles mightily to attack outside the hashes. Lacks anticipation as a passer and allows defensive backs to close out throwing windows. Knight is a tough guy and a very capable runner, but he’s never thrown with any functional accuracy and he doesn’t have the anticipation and delivery quickness necessary. Knight is a longshot to make an NFL roster.

School: Villanova | Conference: CAA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Ambler, PA
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 289 lbs.

Selected by: Kansas City Chiefs – No. 59

Big body and long frame. Flashes some upper body power with an ability to fight through move blocks. Has plus athleticism with explosive hip thrust that can jolt blockers at point of attack. Has lateral quickness to beat reach blocks and slice into the backfield. Has the tools to be a one- or two-gap player. Raw in his pass rush, but shows occasional glimpses into his potential. Athletic with range and above average tackle radius. Highly intelligent and very mature. History of blocking kicks will catch the eye of a special team’s coach. Average explosiveness up the field. Doesn’t find ways to the edge as a pass rusher often enough. Too content to just ride on a stale bull rush. Plays with excessively narrow base and anchor. Functional contact balance seems to be a coin-flip from snap to snap. Legs don’t always look steady under him. Tussles with blocker in front of him and loses track of the ball. Plays upright and gets pads turned too easily by blockers widening him out of the hole. Need to learn to use his length to punch and control at the point. While he has the length, size and athleticism that is the foundation of what teams look for along their defensive front, his issues with contact balance and body control might not be easily remedied. Kpassagnon lacks natural pass rush talent and may need to strengthen his lower body so he can lock in as a two-gapping, edge-setting base end who can reduce inside on rush downs.

School: Eastern Washington | Conference: Big Sky
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Yakima, WA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 204 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 69

Elite level of production for any level of football. Finished career as Division I career leader in receptions, yards and touchdowns. Hands are natural and strong. Plucks it away from his body and immediately tucks it away. Utilizes route speed variances to create deep-ball opportunities. Extremely confident and competitive. Bodies up cornerbacks to win contested catches. Believes he can catch every throw and is able to make the circus grab look easy at times. Excellent ball-tracker. Uses force and leverage at break points to help create room out of his cuts. Manipulates coverage with head fakes and stutter-steps. A little upright though his routes. Lateral quickness out of breaks underneath provide no early separation. Operated as big slot but could lack separation quickness to open clean throwing windows underneath for NFL quarterbacks. Build-up runner who doesn’t seem to eat up the early cushion. Some scouts question ability to be a productive starter as outside receiver. Excessive fakes and jukes into breaks at times; will need to win with more efficient routes. Protracted gear-down getting into breaks for deep comebacks. Utilized as a slot receiver in college but could transition outside. Kup is as natural a pass catcher as you will find with desired competitive drive on each snap. His transition to NFL-level cornerbacks will take time, but he has the ability to become an early No. 3 receiver and eventual starter.

School: Western Kentucky | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Venice, FL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 309 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 38

Compact build but not lacking athleticism. Able to redirect weight back inside. Showed nimble feet when handling spin moves and inside shots. Patient. Works feet and hips into position before engaging. Secures block with chopping feet and quality positioning. Bends and looks for low-man leverage with hip thrust under him. Uses short, controlled punch in run game. Clever with hands in pass protection. Throws short, teaser jab with outside hand to entice rushers into premature hand fighting. Effective counter-puncher defending edge and clears his chest and re-sets hands if defender gets into him first. Rarely bull-rushed. Processes quickly when defense runs games up front. Average frame and might not be able to add much more bulk to it. Lack of height and arm length will likely drive him inside. Expedited engagement on interior could prevent counter-punching style with hands. Will have to learn to keep hands in ready position and shoot them with tighter track into the frame. Positional blocker lacking NFL power as a drive-blocking guard. Lack of girth will require consistent pad level and a little wider base. Four-year starter at left tackle whose lack of length will likely force him inside on the next level. He has the athleticism to handle athletic interior rushers while being able to fit into diverse rushing attacks that ask more from the guards and centers. His ability to potentially line up at tackle, guard or center will only increase his value.

School: Lamar (TX) | Conference: Southland
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Marietta, GA
Height/Weight: 6- / 20 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 101

Still raw, but very moldable for defensive backs coach who loves to teach. Has a stiff, disruptive punch from press coverage and can uncork it from his backpedal. Former wide receiver with excellent ball skills. Uses well-timed leaps to high-point the football like a basketball rebounder. Comfortable from bail coverage and shows the eye discipline to manage his man and the quarterback’s eyes at the same time. Has desired length for the position with blazing speed to carry vertical routes down the field. Technique from press coverage is all over the place. Narrow base causes poor balance in his transitions against an inside release. Ragged backpedal needs work. Doesn’t have clean “stick and drive” footwork when triggering forward from his pedal. Struggles to stay in phase with receiver throughout the route. Had some really disappointing reps in one-on-one drills at the Senior Bowl allowing excessive route separation. Not an aggressive run supporter and will wait on running backs to take it to him. Langley displays issues with his mirror and match footwork from press coverage and might be better suited in off-man or zone coverage where he can read quarterbacks and utilize his ball skills with the play in front of him. Langley has NFL backup potential.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 193 lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 11

Parks under receiver’s chin at line of scrimmage. Uses disruptive inside hand to slow the release and can punch out of his pedal. Patient from his press, utilizing well-timed opening to match the receiver. Plays with explosive hip flip that jump-starts him into top speed when forced to turn and run. Has balance and footwork to remain in phase with target throughout the route. Has electric, flat-footed closing burst. Can shadow a nine route from release to completion. Has twitch to drive hard toward the throw from his lateral shuffle. Plays with plus instincts. Has burst and instincts to make plays from any coverage asked of him. Forceful open-field tackler. Works through blockers to get to both wide receiver screens and running plays. Wrap-up hitter who sees what he hits. Only one year of starting experience. Wasn’t tested by high-end receiving talent very often. Will be much tougher to consistently slow NFL receivers with jam and might have to learn to play some off coverage. Showed slight transition hitch when matched up against in inside release. Will read receiver’s eyes to assess ball-timing down the field rather than getting his head around early. Average-sized, one-year starter with explosive athleticism and a loaded tool box. He has the feet, hips and agility to be a lockdown cornerback and the ball skills to make teams pay for looking in his direction. His lack of experience could show up early, but he has the confidence and competitive nature that should help him overcome those issues. He has the ability to become a Pro Bowl cornerback early in his career.

School: Auburn | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 261 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 116

Well-built with good muscular definition. Strong upper body. Has crisp, sharp hands. Able to strike and release to shed tight ends quickly. Aggressive setting edge and works with maxed-out arm extension after punch. Fights through down blocks from tight ends and receivers to string outside runs to the sideline. Could play standing up or with a hand on the ground. Has NFL power and aggressiveness. Explosive get-off with some heat in his feet over first two steps upfield. Good forward lean into his rush. Slaps and chops at tackle’s punch to soften the edge. Takes tight, linear track to quarterback with big close-out burst once he turns the corner. Experience rushing from interior-line spot and stand-up inside backer. Finesse tackles will struggle to handle his speed-to-power bursts. Injuries have side-tracked playing time and production over the years. Face-up rusher who struggles to get hip flip or shoulder turn at the top of his rush. Takes predictable tracks in his pass rushes and gets stuck on blocks. Needs creative rush attack with legitimate counters. Hips are tight and restrictive in lower half. Needs better knee bend throughout the rep. His momentum is sometimes too much to overcome. Washed up and around the arc and unable to drop anchor and take a stand. Poor tackle production. Pursuit is too measured and uneven. Below-average lateral agility limits tackle radius. Too content to ride out the edges he sets rather than looking to eat as tackler. Linear player with natural power and aggressiveness, but a lack of flexibility could hamper his potential as an NFL rusher. Lawson’s twitch shows up in short, controlled bursts, but he struggles to finish if the play isn’t right in front of him. Lawson’s ruff-neck demeanor will appeal to teams looking for an aggressive edge-setter along a physical front.

School: Illinois State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Oakwood, IL
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 312 lbs.


Has long arms at the end of a well-proportioned, NFL-caliber frame. Always looking to finish his blocks when he’s able to sustain. Will flash some edge to his play. Attempts to unlock hips and roll them into his run blocks. Plays with some upper body “wrestling strength” when it’s time to maul. Pass sets with a wide base. Possesses natural anchor strength to battle back against bull-rush attempts. Sees and responds to twists. Keeps hands hanging in punch-ready position. Hands generally stay inside the frame of opponent. Pops up too tall after the snap. Poor pad level robs him of low-man status and ability to generate drive-blocking power. Has heavy feet and is slow into second-level blocks. Unable to mirror athletic interior rushers smoothly. Straight-legged pass setter with poor change of direction quickness. Waist-bending and leaning into blocks is a common theme throughout the tape. Has problems with body control and balance. Over-sets on the edges and allows his weight to drift outside of his frame. Tends to lead with his upper body in all aspects of his game. Needs to play with faster hands. Lack of natural bend limits his power and he has below average athleticism, but Lee’s size and physical traits are certain to appeal to teams who covet those strengths along the interior. He could become a career backup who could step into some snaps in the right situation.

School: Kansas State | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Blue Springs, MO
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 229 lbs.

Selected by: Minnesota Vikings – No. 232

Possesses angular build with long arms. Won’t just give in to size. Works hard to constrict running lanes and will fire downhill into the gaps when they present themselves. Squares up in the hole and meets running backs heads up. Productive and disruptive behind the line of scrimmage. Rangy. Shows ability to navigate both high and low in weaving through the bodies in his pursuit to the ball. Adequate awareness in space in man coverage. Has athleticism and ball skills to stay on the field for all three downs. Lacks instincts and feel for cutback lanes and counters. Can be goaded into false steps. Below average hand usage. Will need to learn to punch and separate or he could be overwhelmed by linemen. Plays too tall when sifting through the flow of traffic and will miss too many tackles. Needs to do better job of finding the ball in coverage. Too many ankle tackles rather than running through the target with a clean finish. Lee’s playing style is more subtle than it is urgent and his upright playing style limits his tackling efficiency and suddenness in his change of direction. Lee has the speed to range all over the field and has the ball skills to warrant consideration on passing downs. If a linebacker coach can get him to play with better bend and get the play speed to match the timed speed, Lee could become an eventual starter in the league.

School: Wake Forest | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Waldorf, MD
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 240 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 168

Good build with long arms. Shows some instincts in run game and reacts quickly to flow of the play. Races ahead of running back when he has play-side contain and spills it back inside. Team leader. Disciplined approach when plays flow to outside. Leads with his hands and has some pop in his punch. Scrapes downhill to secure backside when he recognizes his run fit. Adequate depth in his coverage drops. Has a tendency to run himself into traffic. Bites on misdirection and inside zone plays. Drifts too close to line of scrimmage and becomes easy pickings for climbing linemen sealing off a cutback lane. Lacks athletic ability to spin out of trouble or climb over top of blocks. Lateral scrapes lose ground due to lack of quickness. At times, rides blocks rather than shucking and looking for work. Slow in change-of-direction transitions. Play speed is below average as are his man-cover skills. Could play middle linebacker, but might lack the athletic traits to function in coverage or on the chase as an outside linebacker in a 4-3. Has good size and could benefit from NFL coaching, but the further he gets away from the line of scrimmage, the tougher the position becomes for him. Backup potential if he can prove himself on special teams.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Navarre, FL
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 258 lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 150

Outstanding size for the position. Has experience playing in-line, from slot, and as a wingback. Former high school receiver with natural, confident hands to snatch throws out in front of him. Just two drops over final two college seasons. Desired foot quickness in tight quarters. Has feel for finding the throw when working over top of linebackers between the hashes. Able to drop and dig out the low throws. Shows some ability to turn out edge linebackers when he puts his mind to it. Saw his yards-per-touch increase to 17.1 in 2016. Lacks natural flexibility as an athlete. Shows stiffness in his routes. Leans into his breaks rather than sink hips and has no explosion out of his cuts. Struggles to get route back on track quickly once redirected with force. Catch radius is marginal. Fights his body to adjust to throws behind him and high. Loose with football after the catch. Aggressiveness and desire to block are questioned by scouts. Lacks instincts and block-sustaining as a move blocker. Accepts the brunt of the force at the point of attack. Is a little plodding coming off line of scrimmage and into his routes. Has elite size for the position, but his motor and effort leave a lot to be desired. Despite his size, might not have the attitude necessary to be an in-line blocker on the NFL level. Tape shows a route-runner who could struggle to uncover against quality man coverage. Leggett has traits and talent, but his production was helped along by Clemson’s system. Will need a more ramped-up motor to reach his potential.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 188 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 92

Ultra-competitive with an overwhelming drive to succeed. Allowed just seven catches in 2016 for completion percentage against of 23.3. An annoyance from press coverage. Squats on top of his target waiting to punch and impede. Twitchy feet can stick and close to ball instantly when he reads pass. Able to flip hips and accelerate quickly. Has lateral quickness and agility to flourish from the slot. Has adequate recovery speed to make up for an early mistake. Finds ball with back to quarterback as well as anyone in college. Maintains tight coverage downfield and waits for receiver’s eyes to cue him in on when to turn and find it. In three years as a starter, credited with 42 passes defensed, including six interceptions. Allowed just two touchdowns during same time frame. Has special teams experience as a gunner and in return game. Limited in coverage options due to matchup concerns against elite NFL size. Has to work overtime to disengage from physical wideouts in run support. Tape shows small delay in reaction when attempting to mirror an inside release. Tendency to grab if beaten early off the line. Will allow his man a head start past him when he starts reckless eyeballing the quarterback from off coverage. Might lack necessary spring to win 50-50 balls at the high point. Technician with the foot quickness and overall athleticism to handle himself from the slot. Shouldn’t be much of a detriment against the run for teams who want to attack on the ground from 11 personnel. Excels from press and plays with confidence and edge. Lack of size will scare some teams and could cause him to fall out of the first round, but he has the ability to become a very good slot corner for a man-cover team.

School: Maryland | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Belle Glade, FL
Height/Weight: 5-7 / 180 lbs.


Quick-twitch athlete with springy feet. Has feet and balance to transition his movement in any direction without losing his quickness. Elite lateral quickness should allow him to soak up shifty slot receivers out of their release. Able to mirror and match complex routes. Has instant burst to restrict throwing windows. Plays with plus instincts and anticipation and rarely takes false steps. Always looking to take a path to throw rather than defaulting to the receiver. Has feisty play demeanor. Extremely competitive and plays with a great deal of confidence. Will chop, scrape and dig at the ball to disrupt the catch. Will circumvent perimeter blockers and get after running backs and wide receiver screens as close to the backfield as possible. Outstanding talent as both a punt and kick returner. Extremely short for the position. Will get big-boyed in space when posted up. Teams will likely look for ways to match him up against size on the next level. Will take the worst of it when trying to tackle big running backs headed downhill towards him. Has had injuries to his ankle, shoulder and now his knee (ACL tear). His size raises obvious durability concerns. His aggressiveness will make him a target for out-and-ups and Sluggo (slant-and-go) routes. Will lose sight of running plays, at times, when he hyper-focuses on his slot coverage. It is impossible to ignore Likely’s diminutive stature and it’s impossible to ignore the fact that he’s having to come back from an ACL tear. It’s equally impossible to ignore his elite quickness and hyper-competitive nature. His lack of size will put a ceiling on his draft stock, but Likely is talented enough to become a slot corner in the NFL. His ability to take over return duties should add value for a player who can make a team better regardless of what the tape measure says.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 240lbs.


Four-year starter and three-year team captain who is beloved by his teammates and coaches for toughness and leadership qualities. Run-pass quarterback who can bang out yardage on the ground when necessary. Throws deep ball with touch and is comfortable working outside the numbers on intermediate and deep throws. Good pocket mobility. Paces just ahead of league average for accuracy on all three levels of the field. Mechanics are sloppy. Front side is wide open in many deliveries. Doesn’t drive through the throw with his lower body and short arms his release. Delivery is stacked in two passing windows. Ball should come out quicker on timing routes. A little delayed in working eyes from safety to first read. Liufau’s toughness, leadership and competitive spirit is exactly what teams want and it happens to come in an NFL-ready frame. Unfortunately, his lack of timing and anticipation as a passer is one of the reasons his touchdown numbers are so low per attempt. While he showed an ability to run Colorado’s offense with relative effectiveness, his game doesn’t appear to translate to the NFL level.

School: North Carolina | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Height/Weight: 5-9 / 195lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 179

Contain-buster who has a nitrous gear that rockets him to and around the corner on sweeps. Accesses top gear quickly when bursting downhill and can make defenses feel it if he’s untouched into second level. Has rhythmic feet to make directional changes without much change in his pace. Decent lateral quickness in his cuts. Has some toughness in him. Willing to drop his shoulder and challenge cornerbacks and safeties when finishing his run. Offers third down value. Can sort through defensive fronts and find his protection responsibility. Able to split out or can match-up linebackers with wheel routes. Exciting kick return talent who can change the momentum of a game. Hits his top speed early and looks to get it downhill quickly. Change-of-pace running back who lacks desired size to play through contact. Won’t be able to create additional yardage with lower body power. Vision and feel is just average as an interior runner. Tends to keep runs play-side and needs to play with better vision for cutback lanes. Could be typecast as a scat-back who needs to work from gun formation packages. Fumble rate is a concern. Can be too loose with the ball carrying it away from his body. Sleek athlete with excellent short area burst and the finishing speed to hit home runs in all three phases if the opportunity is right. Logan will likely be considered flex player on the roster who can compete for duties as a kick returner and third down back. While he lacks size to handle the heavy lifting as a running back, his play speed should not be discounted.

School: Illinois | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Rochester, IL
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 225lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 179

Has NFL size to stand tall in the pocket and scan the entire field. Pocket passer who plays in pro-style attack. Good ball handler in play-action and has experience in rolling out in both directions. Possesses an NFL arm that can make all the throws. Able to generate ample velocity with flick of a wrist when rushed. Able to get rid of throw quickly when he sees a target break open. Defaults to throwing ball away before forcing a dangerous throw. Statue in the pocket. Very slow in his five-step drops and in play-action. Has minimal escapability and has never been a threat with his legs. Rarely slides to safety or climbs the pocket when the edges of protection soften. Lacks poise in the face of pressure. Turtles rather than fighting through pressure to find a receiver. Ball placement inconsistent on crossing routes and field-side comebacks. Struggles to find a rhythm due to a lack of functional accuracy. Averaged less than six yards per attempt over two seasons at Illinois. Has NFL size and an NFL arm and he has the experience with NFL footwork that many quarterbacks lack coming out. However, Lunt’s lack of mobility and his rampant inaccuracy make his NFL future a long-shot.

School: South Florida | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 205lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 143

Can tilt and slalom around defenders on the second and third level and is able to string moves together. Has slippery feet and is hard to pin down when bouncing laterally. Runs with knee bend and his pad level is low at contact. Explosive burst carries him into his getaway gear. Able to run away from tacklers. Always plays fast. Contain buster to the outside. Finds ways to slither out of tackles. Hands showed improvement as pass catcher. Runs with inconsistent power through contact. Will need to accelerate through contact on next level. Serial run bouncer. Too willing to make wild bounces to the furthest reaches of the perimeter if interior lanes are gummed up. Lacks a committed approach between the tackles. Feet start dancing if he doesn’t see an early point of entry. On jet sweeps, he rarely looked to cut it downhill in space and defaulted to the wide track. Has a very poor fumble rate over this three years and has put the ball on the ground twelve times. Ducks head into traffic to finish rather than keeping eyes scanning. Scat back with decent size and blazing getaway speed. Mack has plenty of wiggle to bounce from run lane to run lane and make tacklers miss, but he has a penchant for looking to break runs way outside when the interior becomes too trafficked and he won’t be able to get away with that against NFL speed. Mack is a complementary runner who can hit big runs against defenses who have been worn down, but he needs to be matched with the right scheme in order to unlock his big-play potential.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: San Diego, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 303 lbs.


Has starting experience at both guard and tackle. Solid athlete with loose hips and good lateral movement. Average feet but a clean, smooth kick slide. Understands his angles as a zone blocker and will give ground to gain ground on his cut-blocks. Patient on reach blocks and waits until feet are in position before locking up. Can adjust in space to connect with moving targets. Dependable in space. Decent block engagement. Operates with capable mirroring ability in pass protection. Has the balance and footwork necessary to redirect his weight back inside against stunts and counter moves. Might not have the length to play tackle or the strength to play guard. Play strength is below average. Power plays shake free of him too quickly. Could struggle to seal and maintain his blocks on the next level. Needs to find more strength in his hands. His pass-punch is slow and tentative, operating as a catch mechanism more than a warning shot. Bends at the waist in some pass sets. Gets behind in his pass sets and struggles to find the redirect power around the rush arc for a clean recovery. A tackle at Michigan his last two seasons there, but lack of length and power could necessitate a move into center or back at guard for a zone-scheme team. Movement skills make him a fit for teams looking to operate in space, but he will have to prove he has the functional strength necessary to hold up inside in the NFL.

School: Texas Tech | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Whitehouse, TX
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 215lbs.

Selected by: Kansas City Chiefs – No. 10

Possesses NFL body type for work inside and out of the pocket. Has an undeniable swagger and confidence to his game. Accuracy has improved in each season since his freshman year. Naturally accurate in his every day throws. Comfortable challenging defenders in space. Has arm strength and fearlessness to attack the cover-2 voids down the sideline. Can make deep, field side throws. Cranks up velocity to fit passes into tight windows. Former pitcher who propels hips through his release with aggressive torque and never gets cheated on his follow-through. Can deliver strikes from a variety of arm angles. Relaxed and effective when throwing on the move. Can be a legitimate dual-threat in a boot-action offense. Has pocket mobility to escape pressure and the poise to extend plays and find alternate targets. Hands are very strong. Can be inconsistent in his approach. Needs to play inside the offense and show more discipline. Too eager to go big game hunting. Ravenous appetite for the explosive play can also bring unwanted trouble. Willingness to default to playground style appears to limit his ability to get into a consistent rhythm. Needs to improve anticipatory reads and learn to take what the defense gives him. Decision making can go from good to bad in a moment’s notice. Operates from a narrow base and allows his upper body and arm to race ahead of his feet. Mahomes is a big, confident quarterback who brings a variety of physical tools to the party, but he’s developed some bad habits and doesn’t have a very repeatable process as a passer. Mahomes’ ability to improvise and extend plays can lead to big plays for his offense, but he will have to prove he can operate with better anticipation and be willing to take what the defense gives him in order to win from the pocket. Mahomes will be a work in progress, but he’s a high ceiling, low floor prospect.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 334 lbs.


Big boy with NFL frame. Good posture in his pass sets with hands in punch-ready position in front of his chest, knees bent and back flat. Punch is as stiff as a boxing jab. Uncorks hands early and lands with force behind maximum arm extension. Anchors against bull rushers with adequate knee-bend and can slow their charge. Has dropped about 75 pounds since coming to USC. With less weight has come more lateral quickness to reach and sustain in space. Skip-pull steps are clean and is able to work long and short pulls. Adequate radar in space to find and make second-level blocks. Was stuck in a battle for starting position to open season due to lack of accountability and consistency. Formerly 400 pounds so weight will have to be monitored carefully. Narrow base causes limited power zone and marginal contact balance. Allows angle blocks to slide out the side door too easily. When block gets off track, body control diminishes greatly. Below average redirect inside and recovery balance. Right-hand punch becomes predictable and can be countered for quick wins. Power-based guard who can generate movement off the ball, but lacks the balance and bend to be a consistent block sustainer. Smart defenders started to time up Mama’s punch in pass protection, so he will need to vary his approach, but he does have the heavy hands and sturdy base to combat bull-rushers and set a shallow anchor. Could start his career as a backup, but has the size and ability to become eventual starter.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 210 lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 39i

Ready-made safety frame with muscular build and long arms. Really instinctive with above-average field vision and feel for the game. Eyes dart back and forth from quarterback to receiver. Correlates quarterback’s eyes and actions to a corresponding route and gets the early jump. Plays with good pattern recognition from both man and zone. Credited with a pass breakup or interception on more than 21 percent of his targets as a starter. Has speed to burst from sideline to sideline. Rangy tackler with in-play endurance for extended chases across field. Welcomes physical aspects of position. Sheds blockers quickly. Showed improved patience and diligence as tackler. Trustworthy as last line of defense. Inconsistent ball tracker. Has issues playing both ball and man down the field, and can lose feel with receiver. Tape shows some issues with hip tightness. Balance can be a little spotty and he’ll fight his hips when forced to transition suddenly on combination routes. Better coming downhill than playing on his heels. Interchangeable safety with the instincts of a free safety and the physicality of a box player. Thrives as a downhill player and has the instincts and speed to operate effectively from both single-high and two-deep looks. Has the physical attributes and intelligence to step into a starter’s role early on and will be a strong contributor on special teams.

School: Stanford | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 199lbs.

Selected by: Carolina Panthers – No. 8

Smooth, controlled stride length with choppy feet for instant cuts and change of direction. Plus vision with above average anticipatory feel for opening creases. Hugs contours of the running lane and staggers and stutters his feet to maneuver in tight quarters. Protect football while running through traffic. Reads keys quickly on stretch plays. Sinks hips into sharp cuts. Equally adept darting inside or outside and is able to string moves together. Won’t dance on short runs — gets it downhill. Feet constantly in motion. Able to make defenders miss on all three levels. Willing to keep runs playside and alters his track seamlessly. Runs with multiple gears and is able to gear up or down instantly. Has experience in one-back, two-back and offset formations. Excellent hands out of backfield and can be used from slot. Devastating quickness out of breaks can mismatch linebackers. Experienced, capable punt and kick returner. Lacks desired size of an every-down back. Has some tread worn off his tires. Logged 300-plus touches (including returns) in each of the last two seasons and was asked to grind the gears for short yardage carries. Benefitted from physical, downhill offensive line. Takes foot off gas into contact. Doesn’t have NFL-caliber power to break tackles and create yardage for himself through power. Can shake tacklers, but lacks a twitchy burst to accelerate away after the cut. Average burst may not be enough to race past NFL speed on second level. Inconsistent squaring up blitzers in pass pro and ducks his head into contact. Multidimensional runner with flex appeal for teams looking for a player who can carry the ball 20 times or catch it 10 depending on the game plan. McCaffrey’s size, power and speed are just average, but he is able to create yardage for himself with his vision and elusiveness. McCaffrey’s ability to return punts and kicks could be the value sweetener that pushes his name into the first round.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Nashville, TN
Height/Weight: 6-8 / 307 lbs.

Selected by: New England Patriots – No. 211

Towering left tackle. Has experience in a pro-style attack. Gets into kick-slide without much laboring. Decent pass-slide quickness. Decent hand readiness. In run game, comes off ball with flat back and uncorks his hips into target. Generates some pop with his initial contact as run blocker. Has some redirect power to stuff stunts inside. Solid cut-blocker. Athletic feet with rare background. Very little bubble with below-average leg thickness. Plays too upright and with some stiff-leggedness. Lack of bend affects his ability to change direction. Hit-or-miss connection percentage on second level. Core strength is well-below desired NFL level. Bull-rushers can put him on skates and roll him back into the quarterback. Operates with weak punch in pass sets. Over-sets in race to the edge, allowing defenders to beat him inside or knock him off-balance with an inside club move. McDermott’s lack of functional core strength is a debilitating weakness that could make it tough for him to maintain an NFL career. McDermott’s size will likely get him drafted, but there are quite a few holes in his game that are in desperate need of work.

School: Michigan State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 295 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 35

Combination of arm length and flexible torso allow him to slither into gaps and create disruptions for blockers. Freaky combination of size and athleticism. Can overwhelm blockers with pure strength and explosiveness when his feet are right. Strong enough in lower half to play through contact and cause stress in the pocket. Has tremendous amount of untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. Quick, strong hands in pass rush. Able to attack the edge with club-and-swim pet move. Can crank up a pocket-caving bull rush. Can redirect his weight and maintain pursuit of scrambling mobile quarterbacks. Long frame and play speed can close out perimeter runs and foil them before corner is turned. Elite playmaking radius. Explosive lateral movement and quickness. Will be extremely difficult to cross face as he learns the position. Has experience up and down the defensive line. Plays with inconsistent base width and overall balance. Struggles to keep feet clean and ends up on the ground. Lines up in narrow, three-point stance from interior and struggles to fight back against down blocks and double teams. Can be washed out of his gap too often. High center of gravity made interior work a challenge at times. Can bend, but lets high pad level get the best of him. Doesn’t consistently utilize his length with first hands. Has to become better at controlling the point of attack with his natural attributes. Needs to punch and control rather than leaning on blockers. Has similar physical traits and abilities of Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, but may not share their football character. Lacked production along the interior and could benefit from a move to a defensive end spot in a 4-3 or 3-4 front. McDowell is raw, but when he flashes, it can be blinding. McDowell is an explosive, ascending prospect with All-Pro potential if he grows into his body and takes the necessary coaching.

School: UL Lafayette | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Houma, LA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 209lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 188

Compact frame with good thickness in legs. Runs with good ball security. Very athletic with plus acceleration. Runs with forward lean and has strong burst through the hole when he sees it. Plant-and-go runner. Able to cut it back two gaps away. Build-up speed to the corner seems to fool linebackers who think they have the angle. Has some subtle wiggle approaching line of scrimmage. Excellent hand-eye coordination as pass catcher. Effective from the slot and into routes. Drops head, causing him to lose sight heading into the hole. Poor feel for spacing of the running lane. Runs too close to defensive linemen when open area is available. Lacks desired downhill toughness. Has no jump cut for optimal elusiveness. Lateral cuts driven by outside foot and lacks width. Will run up blocker’s back when there is still yardage to be had. Gives into tackles. Never finished with more than five broken tackles in a single season. Arm tackles throw him off his path. Pass protection needs work. Has decent size, speed and athleticism, but is a better athlete than running back. His vision is okay, but he is simply too quick to give up on runs rather than competing at a high level. He has developmental traits that could land him at the back end of a roster or on a practice squad.

School: Georgia | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Miami, FL
Height/Weight: 5-7 / 173 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 172

Specialized in hitting big plays. Scored a touchdown every seventh time he touched the football on offense this season and averaged 11.9 yards per offensive touch over three years at Georgia. Angular, downhill running still bolsters his home run kick return ability. Able to get instant acceleration off the line as a receiver or with the ball in his hands. Slippery in tight quarters, but will elude and go rather than trying to get miss after miss. Has vertical speed to win over the top of nickel cornerbacks on deep routes. Offers gadget touch option for creative offensive minds. Diminutive frame. Arm tackles can end his run immediately. Has small hands and a minimal catch radius. Body catcher allows the ball to bang against his frame. Shows below average hand-eye coordination and overall concentration on deep throws. Contested catches are an issue for him. Routes lack sharpness expected from smaller, quicker wideout. Takes time to gather into his breaks and is slow to accelerate out of them. Able to uncover vertically much better than horizontally and struggles to uncover in short area. Production bolstered by jet sweeps and swing screens. McKenzie’s big play production is impressive on paper, but once you get into the tape, it becomes apparent that much of what he is able to accomplish is due to mismatched speed in space and packaged plays tailored towards his strengths. As a receiver, he is below the mark of what teams will expect from their slots in terms of route-running, but his explosive return ability could land him work right away.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Richmond, CA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 250 lbs.

Selected by: Atlanta Falcons – No. 26

Relentless worker bee on the field. Refuses to give offensive tackles a snap to catch their breath. Not a content player and is always charging towards the ball. Plus closing burst to sideline enables contain. Unusually adept at bouncing off of blocks and maintaining play focus. Good stop/start change of direction talent. Long strides eat up ground in space. Combines speed with long arms for increased tackle radius. Became a playmaker. Saw 36 percent of his tackles come within two yards or less of line of scrimmage while sack total spiked considerably. Spins out of wash down blocks to work back towards the play. Consistently stuffs cut attempts. Raw, but pass rush flashes some speed to power. Pass rush counters fueled by lateral agility and effort. Hand skill and overall usage is completely uncultivated and impedes pass rush potential. Lacks slaps, swipes and a serviceable rip move to grease the edge as a rusher. Punch has very little force. Needs to get hands and feet need in unison. Long arms are irrelevant at times due to slow punch. Lacks bend around the edge. Upright pass rush allows tackles to flatten him up and over the rush arc with just an average punch. Redirected too easily. Needs to continue to add play strength. Success predicated on effort over rush talent and functional power. Needs to combine all three elements to his game. Ascending edge prospect who racked up impressive TFL and sack numbers despite a relatively raw approach and skill set. He’s a little stiff in his lower body, but flashes good athleticism once the ball is snapped. McKinley’s motor is a translatable characteristic, but improved hand usage and pass rush mechanics are what could elevate his game to another level as a starting, 3-4 outside linebacker.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Hinesville, GA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 240 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 54

Downhill movement after the snap is his norm. Understands angles. Can outpace pulling guards to the spot with his play quickness. Reads his keys and responds. Plays with good anticipation of lane choice by the runner. Attacks hands-first into blockers with good arm extension to keep his frame clean. Good zone-cover ability. Reads quarterback’s eyes and slides into passing lanes. Has added additional thickness during his tenure. Struggles to leverage his gap as a take-on linebacker. Gets widened out of his gap by size. Gets trapped on the wrong side of the block. Tends to play over the top of a block rather than under it. Slow to disengage and tackle. Tight in his lower half. Missing the quick, reactive change of direction to consistently secure shifty runners. Delayed in stop-start pursuit to the sideline. Has some limitations in man coverage. McMillan has too many issues standing his ground and leveraging his gap as an interior run defender and could end up outside in the pros. He might have benefited from playing alongside a slew of NFL talent, but he’s active and plays the game with good instincts. He has the potential to become an average starter in the league.

School: Boise State | Conference: Mountain West
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Height/Weight: 5-9 / 212lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 162

Able to elude sudden traffic in backfield. Not much dancing. Can shift rush tracks without tapping brakes. Fluid, flexible hips allow for multiple jump cuts and direction changes up to second level. Great vision and quick to process field in front of him. Trusts his offensive line and doesn’t need point of entry for committed, downhill approach. Anticipates flow of second level defenders and responds accordingly. Good feel for interior running. Doesn’t mind challenging tacklers. Stays low and finds crevices. Plus lateral agility and acceleration. Adequate speed to perimeter. Runs with body control and adjusts balance points to careen off tackle attempts. Legit pass catching option. Can be split out and work down the field. May not have lower body power to be NFL tackle-breaker. Can be felled by first level arm tackles and averaged just 2.1 yards after initial contact this season. One-speed runner without the big burst to rocket through line of scrimmage and onto the safeties. Quicker than fast. Elusiveness will wane as run moves up to second and third levels. Will get caught between finishing and eluding at times. Needs to do better job of protecting ball at impact. Fumbled eight times over last two seasons. Can be spotty in his protection. Looks to chop rushers down low and will whiff at times. McNichols runs with vision and tempo and has experience in a variety of formations, personnel groupings and schemes. McNichols needs work in pass protection and will likely create yardage with wiggle more than power, but he has the ability to contribute on all three downs and could find early work in a committee before challenging for starter’s reps.

School: Connecticut | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: South Grafton, MA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 224 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 56

Elite size with premium athletic traits that should show up at combine testing. Four-year starter. Sharp focus when ball is in the air. Takes path to the ball with undercut of the route at the last second. Plus hand-eye coordination to flip the field with interceptions. Former cornerback who has the athleticism to cover matchup tight ends and some big slots. Posted six interceptions over last two seasons. Uses big frame to body-up seam-runners and constrict their windows. Downhill tackling machine. Plus range with a wide net to bring runners down once he gets his arms into them. Body-up hitter. Lacks desired instincts and will play with slow eyes at times. Has to see ball in the air before charging over to help on deep throws. Inconsistent with coverage responsibilities from high safety. Takes time to diagnose play-action. Rub routes found him near goal line. Can take inefficient paths to the ball that get him there a step too late. Would benefit from high-pointing rather than waiting on throws. Big and athletic, he may lack the coverage qualities and instincts needed to work as a “last line of defense” player in a pass-happy division. Melifonwu is an effective downhill tackler who has the ability to match up against tight ends and make a living near the line of scrimmage. His football instincts aren’t up to par, but the size and traits will be extremely enticing for teams who covet traits first.

School: Boston College | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Orlando, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 223 lbs.

Selected by: Buffalo Bills – No. 163

Wonderfully aggressive. Heat-seeking missile who looks for contact. Form tackler looking to strike, lift, and bury. Former safety with disciplined vision and above-average instincts. Can get home as blitzer. Reacts quickly to play-action screen passes and reverses. Good straight-line speed and revved motor for extended tackle range. Has some coverage ability in space. Accelerates through contact. Speed and toughness creates potential opportunities at multiple linebacker spots. Special teams demon with three blocked punts and 24 coverage tackles. Can be outmuscled by size. Hand usage is inconsistent. Needs to improve in art of discarding blockers. Just average at punching and shedding to keep himself clean in take-on situations. Bad habit of ducking head into crunching tackles rather than seeing what he hits. Tightly wound with average change-of-direction talent. Can improve his path to perimeter to avoid traffic around him. Undersized for the linebacker spot, but extremely tough and aggressive. A little tight-hipped and might struggle to finish tackles that aren’t right in front of him, but he brings as much pound-for-pound force behind his tackles as anyone in the draft. Productive player with good instincts and a nose for the ball. He has value as a 4-3 OLB and a 3-4 WILB, and should become a top contributor in coverage on special teams.

School: Oklahoma | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Oakley, CA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 226lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 48

Outstanding burst to go from first level to third level. Goes from glide to burst quickly and can hit chunk plays between tackles and around corners. Can go from elusive to banger when he needs to. Will drop the pads and drive through tacklers in short yardage spots. Flashy feet for his size. Can jump-cut around defenders in tight quarters. Able to show and go leaving linebackers diving as he escapes out of the side door. Strong stiff-arm helps would-be tacklers catch grass stains. Can turn the corner and create a straightaway to the end zone. True three-down back. Devastating pass catching option. Excellent route runner creating immediate separation. Soft hands to make the easy catch and the one-hander. Will step in and square up his blocking responsibilities in pass game. Some concerned with character beyond his domestic violence incident. Inconsistent as inside runner. Can be too patient at times. Looks for wide-open points of entry before he hits the gas. Can be nonchalant approaching line of scrimmage. Dances downhill allowing running lanes to become creases. Fails to see backside cuts developing on stretch plays. Hops into his downhill cuts rather than a crisp plant-and-go. His draft slot will likely be impacted by his 2014 domestic violence issue. Mixon has the talent to be an every-down, all-day running back with the potential to take over a game on the ground or through the air. Life against weaker Big 12 defenses has created a more relaxed rushing approach for Mixon who will have to play at a faster pace as an NFL back. Mixon’s vision is just average and he could struggle to create for himself in front of a subpar offensive line; however, he can play in any rushing scheme and can be moved all over the field as a matchup option.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sunrise, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 206 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 81

Former running back with a thick frame and great speed. Patient from press. Fluid athlete with good lateral quickness and agility to press and match against plus athletes. Maintains good feel for the route as it progresses. Early accelerator with recovery quickness and “makeup” long speed. Good physicality inside the route. Shows enough reactive twitch to challenge slants. Uses size and speed to crowd vertical routes and fight off receivers’ attempts to stack him on their hips. Has upper body strength to stack and shuck most receivers. Break-down, wrap-up tackler with the build to challenge NFL runners with size. Fairly limited in his coverages with focus on Cover-3 and press man. Lower body hits pause button giving up some separation when biting into head fake at top of the route. Takes time to gather and redirect when transitioning forward from bail coverage. Instincts and ball production have been marginal. Slow to recognize clearing routes and rarely ejects to overlap back into the play area. Slow to find and track the deep throw. Has been tagged with an excessive amount of pass interferences and defensive holding penalties in college. Loses track of his man during scrambles. Moreau is an explosive athlete who had to transition from running back over to cornerback. While the transition has taken some time thanks to inexperience and his 2015 injury, Moreau’s tape shows a more confident and consistent cover man than before. He’s very strong and tested well at the combine, but some teams could be turned off by his lack of ball production. He could become an eventual starter for a press-man team.

School: Kutztown (PA) | Conference: PSAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 309 lbs.

Selected by: Chicago Bears – No. 147

Has desired NFL mass with adequate arm length and big hands. Plays with light feet when coming out of his stance and into his work. Always working feet into position to secure his block. Drive blocker who grinds from his in-steps. Composed in his movements in space. Operates with adequate bend in knees and ankles. Possesses aggressive field demeanor and is always looking to finish. Hand placement is generally inside the frame and offers up decent leverage points. Maxes out his arm length with stiff, potent punch that lands at full extension. Ducks head as a run blocker at times. Needs to bring feet with him and up under his hips to increase potential to sustain blocks. Could struggle with balance early in his career. Needs to keep weight centered at his punch rather than lunging forward. May take time to get punch timed up with move from tackle to guard. Dominated smaller, less talented players across from him. Four-year starter at left tackle who was able to physically overwhelm much smaller opponents across from him. Morgan is a good athlete with the nastiness as a run blocker that is necessary to transition inside to guard, but he could be headed for early struggles mirroring NFL rushers in pass protection. Morgan could become a solid NFL backup with eventual starter potential if he improves his balance and stops lunging.

School: Youngstown State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 264 lbs.

Selected by: New York Giants – No. 167

Long-limbed and does something with it. Can be slippery with ability to slide off a centered block and work towards the edge. Pulls himself around a block. Very good athlete with loose, explosive hips. Twitch to disengage quickly and lay into a ball-carrier. Can unlock and chase to the perimeter or from the backside with plus acceleration. Combines upper body flexibility, foot quickness and length for fast wins in pass rush. Shoulder dip around edge is his go-to move. Burst to the quarterback will catch your eye. Too reliant upon athleticism at point of attack. Needs to learn to set and control the edge with greater force. Underdeveloped instincts against the run. Plus arm length is somewhat negated by basic hand skills as pass rusher. Hands work a little wide and go dormant at the top of the rush. Hasn’t learned to clear his frame when blockers land first. Character must be vetted. Banned from Nebraska’s campus in 2014 following 2012 incident where he exposed himself to female student. Moss is an ascending prospect who possesses the length and juice off the edge expected of open-side rusher. His big closing burst can be felt against both the run and pass and he translates to either 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 rush linebacker. Moss was productive at both Nebraska and Youngstown and his traits could lead to continued success as an eventual NFL starter.

School: Western Michigan | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Okemos, MI
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 319 lbs.

Selected by: Carolina Panthers – No. 64

Massive frame with good arm thickness and proportional build in his legs. Plus arm length with big hands. Starting experience at right guard and tackle. Comes off the ball with pad level. Makes concerted effort to drop hips and roll under his target at contact. Has dominant drive-blocking potential. His down blocks turn into steam-rollings. Coordinates hips and hands for maximum pop through point of contact as run blocker. A bear with strong paws. Plays tend to end for defender once he latches on. Functional climbing to second-level target. Bull rushers won’t bully him very often. Will need to play with quicker hands into punch as guard. Looping, wide approach with hands toward target could open his chest to defenders. Footwork needs plenty of work. Needs choppier feet. Waist bending in run game needs correction. Content to make blocks at angles that need to be squared up. Lateral and move blocks feature inconsistent base width. Issues coming to balance before contact if block isn’t right in front of him. Average body control and athleticism. Will be limited to primarily power-based schemes. Has issues with oversetting in pass pro. Can be fooled by twists. Size and potential to dominate at the point of attack with pure power should make him a coveted right guard prospect. He can be a little stiff in his movements and his footwork needs plenty of work, but he’s functional in both areas. Might need additional work before he is ready to take on the wily, athletic defensive tackles in the NFL, but his physical traits and power give him a chance to become a reliable NFL starter.

School: Southern Mississippi | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Hoover, AL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 207lbs.


Good foot quickness in the pocket. Can go from play-action to pass-ready quickly. Able to bounce around and find slivers of space to cut it loose when pressure descends. Can make expedited throws from off-balance angles and hit his targets. Capable in controlled passing attack with tight release. Throws with quality touch. Exceptional toughness. Well below NFL norm for size. Small frame unlikely to ever carry desired mass. Lacks NFL-caliber arm to push the ball down the field and drive it between the hashes without defensive backs making plays on the ball. Will opt out of throwing from balanced platform and into back foot tosses. Doesn’t bring his lower body through his throws to maximize velocity. Floats throws to field side and in the deep middle. Needs to get ball out earlier to compensate for a lack of arm. Mullens is a productive college quarterback with good competitiveness and toughness, but lacking the minimum standards of size and arm strength. Mullens could make it into camp, but will have to fight tooth and nail to earn a roster spot.

School: Northern Illinois | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Franklin, WI
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 309 lbs.


Light on his feet. Has movement skills and foot quickness that translate to the tackle position if a team desires to keep him there. Arm length above average. Keeps feet driving after contact and runs them under his hips to improve contact balance. Has agility to make blocks in space when asked to pull or to work up to linebackers. Uses feet to slide over and catch inside moves rather than relying on bending and lunging. Adequate pass pro posture and could have swing tackle value. Looks to finish his blocks. Plays too tall in general. Has some natural flexibility, but doesn’t always play with bend. Down blocks tend to come from his upper body over leg drive. Will slide up and off of power blocks at times. Catches rather than punches which limits effectiveness of his reach. Shoots his hands from balls of his feet rather than flat-footed opening himself to bull-rush attempts. Loses his cool and has a hard time settling back in. Inconsistent footwork in redirects inside. Plays with a narrow base as drive blocker. Needs to open it up a bit. Athletic prospect with potential roster flexibility that could push him up some draft boards. While Myers has the movement ability to play guard in a zone scheme, some teams may also view him as a legitimate swing tackle with the athleticism and length to play either tackle spot. Myers moves well, but he’s not a finesse player. In the right fit, he could be an eventual starter and is no worse that a scheme-flexible backup.

School: Minnesota | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Bloomingdale, GA
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 200 lbs.

Selected by: Jacksonville Jaguars – No. 222

Allowed a completion rate of just 39 percent over the last two seasons. Compact frame with quick hands. Able to mirror and punch out of press coverage to slow receivers from press release. Can run. Has the ability to carry long speed down the field or close out against receivers who get an early jump on him. Plays with good foot quickness for sudden stops from bump-and-run. Plays with plus balance in his coverage. Shows no hesitation when it is time to come up in run support. Has returned kicks for three seasons. Unable to maintain cushion from off-coverage due to tight backpedal. Needs to get better at balancing eyes between receiver and quarterback. Lacks pattern recognition and anticipation. Displays some stutter in his transition to close. Will opt to play the receiver at times rather than attacking the path to the ball. Below average hands gave away sure-fire interceptions this season. Ball skills down the field are below average. Allows receivers to generate too much separation through hand fighting and he can be late to turn and find the ball. He’s undersized to play outside and will likely move inside to the slot. Myrick has enough foot quickness and athleticism to handle himself as a slot corner, but he’s very average as a tackler and his ball skills and pattern recognition aren’t where they need to be. He has enough ability to stick around as a backup for a little bit, but he will need to improve his anticipation to make a mark in the league.

School: Miami (Fla.) | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Cedar Grove, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 246 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 29

Elite athlete and seam buster deluxe. Can stick a foot in the ground and break in either direction at a 90-degree angle in shorter routes. Tremendous acceleration out of breaks to separate and widen the window for quarterbacks. Opens the throttle in open field. When he catches it on the move, the YAC yards can become an avalanche. Can go up and over most everyone he faces. Hand quickness to get a last second push-off and still get hands up to secure catch. Finds soft spots against zones. Plays outside, from the slot and in-line. Willing to compete as a blocker. Can push defensive backs around from slot. Gets early arm extension into defender and looks to create some turn. Shows lateral blocking ability for zone scheme. Inexperienced at the position and still a work in progress. Needs to add to his play strength to handle in-line blocking as a pro. Hands too high and wide at point of attack. Focus drops were a problem. Speed allows him to uncover on downfield routes and hasn’t had to learn nuances of setting up defenders with route work. Needs to get head around and find ball quicker when working over top of linebacker. Ascending pass catching talent with elite athleticism and enough fight in his run blocking to believe that he can be lined up anywhere on the field at any time. Njoku is still growing into his body and has to add to his play strength, but his playmaking potential and elite traits should make him a future Pro Bowler.

School: Toledo | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Toledo, OH
Height/Weight: 6-8 / 308 lbs.


Tall tackle with extremely long legs and arms are well above average for the position at over 35 inches long. Adequate foot quickness in his pass slides. Blocks with good arm extension and utilizes length as a recovery tool when beaten. Better lateral movement than expected. Able to pull and lead block in power. Combo blocks feature strong secure and fluid climb to second level target. Needs more knee bend, but lands at a high rate in space. Mirrors in pass sets with good balance and good posture. Will have to learn to play from three-point stance and fire out of his stance with better bend. Steps are slow and stiff into his first contact. Hands are strong but placement is too wide. Opponents will land first and jolt him due to natural leverage deficiency because of his height. High-cut frame creates anchor imbalance. Below average redirect against inside counters. Towering tackle who operates with adequate body control and balance in both run and pass blocking. Norton gets the most out of his length, but also has the same leverage and anchor issues that almost all tall tackles have. He hasn’t faced premier pass rushers or power ends in his conference so projecting him on the next level could be a challenge. If he has enough anchor, he could make an NFL roster.

School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Wylie, TX
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 268 lbs.


Agile and explosive. Bursts out of stance and plays with urgency. Rushes with early shoulder turn and generates some speed-to-power. Has quick inside move. Plays with knee bend and excellent pad level. Makes a point of exploding into blocker at first contact. Has cross-face quickness for disruption into gaps against run. Adequate contact balance and edge strength. Has power to battle through down blocks from tight ends. Plays off blocks and finds ball carrier. Heavy tackler who drives through targets. Has twitch to shift suddenly and spring into runners looking to elude his grasp. Experience standing and dropping into space. Stoic, strong and serious. Keeps motor revved to continue pursuit all over the field. Short and lacks desired length for NFL defensive end spot. Tackles with arm length can get into his frame and re-route his rush attack. Can get stuck at top of his rush. Needs to learn how to clear his frame more effectively when blockers latch on. Early arm extension into bull-rush hinders full power potential. Needs to add creativity to his pass-rush repertoire. Delayed acceleration in his change of direction. Takes him time to ramp up and chase quarterbacks when sucked up by early play-fake. Might be considered a “tweener” in some circles and certainly lacks the length teams look for along the edge, but his quickness off the snap and plus motor could allow him to play despite size limitations. He’s athletic enough to play a stand-up role on base packages and then rush with his hand down in sub-packages. Can compete for a backup role early and has the talent to become an eventual starter.

School: North Carolina-Charlotte | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 305 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 65

Wins race against blockers for first hands on opponent. Fires out of his stance and into blockers with coiled hips and a wallop in his punch. Strikes with leverage. Able to dislodge blockers with anchor issues. Plus athletic ability to mirror ball carrier once he locks in on target. Has speed to chase runners in space. Can set a strong edge or penetrate upfield. Makes impact tackles on the other side of the line. Hands are fast and powerful. Has strength and balance to fight through redirect blocks and maintain his journey to the quarterback. Uses powerful right-hand club to bat away blocker’s punch and slide over the top and into the backfield. Constantly improving position as a pass rusher and can be a handful for a less-skilled pass protector. Pushes the pocket with his bull rush. Very average build for an interior player. Has continued to add weight but likely needs a few more pounds. Below-average arm length makes it essential for him to get into blocker first. Will get big-boyed occasionally. Big guards with length able to disrupt his rhythm and alter his plans. Gets in a hurry when he smells a sack and will overrun target at times. Would benefit with more disciplined pursuit angles in space. Ogunjabi uses leverage, quickness, and strong hands to counter his average size. Size and below-average length will work against him for some teams, but others who covet disruptive defensive tackles who can play in the backfield and generate some pressure will be studying him closely. Has starting NFL potential.

School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 298 lbs.


Has mentality teams look for. Weight-room strong with good thickness through chest and arms. Field demeanor fueled by mean streak. Plays with desired body control and very little wasted motion. Works to maintain balance through contact. Compact, snap-to-punch motion. Great hands. Consistent hand placement as run blocker looking to carry defender out of the gap with low, cradling motion. Hands like powerful clamps that latch and allow for longer sustainment of blocks. Has redirect power to push pass rushers off their track to the quarterback. Quick punch allows for control in pass pro. Can drop a shallow anchor if pad level is right. Cumbersome lateral movement and labors to get hips into position. Unable to cut off stunts with footwork. Might not possess enough sink in hips to operate in leveraged position as drive blocker. Inconsistent at running feet through second-level contact. Needs to show more consistent finishes as run blocker. Susceptible to stab moves due to shorter arms. Needs to play with better anticipation in pass protection. Lacks reactive quickness to consistently recover against twists and delayed blitzes. Has the natural power to face off and compete against NFL nose guards, but lack of length and leverage could put a cap on where teams are willing to draft him. Functional in space. Lack of lateral quickness isn’t a big enough weakness to prevent him from making a living as an NFL starter. Though limited, he has average starter’s potential.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: East Orange, NJ
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 213 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 25

Athletic and fluid in space with desired change of direction talent. Moves with the changing flow of a play. Willing to sacrifice body to honor contain against run. Jack of all trades. Can play slot, safety or linebacker in sub-packages in any given game. Won’t hesitate to race downhill once he diagnoses run. Hits with as much force as he can muster. Has big closing burst. Runs plays down from sideline to sideline. Able to knife into gaps and make tackles for losses or disrupt runs. Has man cover talent and is physical enough to handle most tight ends. Has enough quickness to match receivers. Aggressively re-routes receivers. Capable blitzer who buzzes in from all angles. Electric return man with ability to charge up crowd and his own sideline with big kick or punt return. Has experience carrying and catching the ball and as wildcat quarterback. Could offer red-zone flexibility on offense. Slow to recognize construct of play and can be found playing through a straw at times. Needs better recognition and anticipation to become an improvising play-maker. Doesn’t always trust his feet in coverage and will maul at the top of the route. Just a guy when asked to play deep safety. Slow to read and range until ball is in the air. Can be overzealous against play-action and drawn below his deep ball responsibilities. Too small for take-on duties at linebacker. Leads into tackles with ducked head. Opts to hit rather than wrap-up. The ultimate Swiss Army Knife on the collegiate level, and will likely play a hybrid role on the next level that allows him to blitz, cover and chase, Peppers’ draft value will be helped by his return ability and that is a role he should maintain throughout the earlier stages of his career. While Peppers doesn’t have the production teams expect from first-round defenders, he should benefit from a role that is more clearly defined on the next level.

School: Oklahoma | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Pflugerville, TX
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 235lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 114

Has build and toughness to handle a heavy workload if called on. Gets a deep press off line of scrimmage before making his cut. Able to fit into the crevices between the tackles and come out the other side. Very powerful through his hips and thighs. Creates for himself with power. Arm tacklers won’t like the results. Drives through initial contact and continues to churn out additional yardage. Pad level is always where it is supposed to be. Delivers a message when he finishes runs. Short yardage winner and doesn’t have much wasted motion as a runner. Decisive in his downhill charge but does so with quality vision. Not a typical third down option, but has the soft hands out of backfield to be a solid screen and check-down option. All bully with very little ballerina as a runner. Doesn’t have the big burst to jet from first to third level. Low-knee action keeps his lower body covered with hands and tackle attempts. Has prolonged gear-down to make open field cuts. Needs a clear path early in the rep. Missing restart quickness when slowed by initial defender. Play speed is very average. Could have troubles getting to the edge against NFL speed. Doesn’t have the big burst to jet from first to third level. Could have troubles getting to the edge against NFL speed. Perine is a physical runner who can create additional yardage through power and can be a complimentary “banger” for a team who already has a slasher. Perine doesn’t have the burst or play speed to be a dynamic lead back, but he can handle a heavy workload if needed and he should become an immediate short-yardage and goal-line option.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 225lbs.

Selected by: Buffalo Bills – No. 171

Smooth, quick set-up in pocket. Grips the ball with big, 10-inch hands. Poised in pocket and takes the hit to deliver a completion. Will set-up, slide and then re-set before making his throw. Can cut it loose from off-balance angles from bootleg or play-action if he sees a winning option break open early. Full field reader. Works all the way through his progressions. Strong natural accuracy. Able to throw receivers open and lead them away from danger. Can pinpoint passes to moving targets in his intermediate work. Has enough arm to work field side, intermediate throws. Great vision. Sees passing windows before they develop. Throws with outstanding timing and anticipation. Can put the ball on receivers’ hands as soon as they come out of a break if coverage dictates it. Utilizes accuracy and anticipation to challenge windows on all three levels. Inconsistent delivery base causes some throws to sail. Has instances where he short strides and is forced to muscle it to his target. Will float some throws on seams and dig routes. Will have to be mindful to drive the ball on pro level to avoid the ballhawks who are lurking at safety. Has to prove he has enough arm to challenge the same tight windows he did in college. Peterman’s experience in a pro-style passing attack gives him a head start headed into the league. His physical attributes are just average, but his accuracy, composure and anticipation are what sets him apart from some of the more physically gifted quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

School: Illinois | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Miami, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 242 lbs.


Flashed disruptive quickness against the run this season. Effective in stunt game with sudden inside charge off snap. Pursuit motor and effort are above average. Chases beyond line of scrimmage for the stop. Rarely misses the mark as a tackler. Closes out the ball as much as possible before chesting up the tackle. Good agility and lateral slide quickness to track down ball carriers. Closing burst has necessary acceleration. Has balance and redirection to play in space. Adequate burst into his rush. Should benefit from wider rush angle as an outside linebacker in the pros. Just one year as a full-time starter. Thin lower body possesses no emergency brake when blockers start driving him off the edge. Hand usage at point of attack is poor. Needs to keep punch inside the frame to maximize his length. Needs to learn hand skills to counter early punches and reset into an advantageous position. Surprising lack of edge-bending in his rush. Face-up rusher who is often punched with shoulders still parallel to line of scrimmage. Tracks to quarterback are too linear and lack improvisation. He’s not very big, long or strong and his current pass rush approach won’t cut it on the NFL level. However, his flexibility and agility could be viewed as moldable rush traits with the right position coach working the clay. Phillips will need to beef up some, but he didn’t look out of place when asked to play in space at the Senior Bowl. Phillips has NFL backup talent but could work his way into playing time if he makes the necessary improvements as a rusher.

School: Tiffin | Conference: D2 Independents
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Gary, IN
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 225lbs.


Primary bread-winner for his offense over last two seasons. Has been able to produce with his arm and his legs. Quick ball-handler with an even quicker release on inside play-action from the gun. Can send the fades and seam throws on their way with a flick of the wrist when he’s working quickly. Has legs to keep defenses honest on backside in zone-read. Has a great feel for exit routes from the pocket and can make defenses pay. Takes care of the ball. Unwilling to take unnecessary chances with the throws in traffic. Feet bouncy and become antsy once he’s unable to deliver to his second read. Pocket poise needs work. Looks for a quick exit rather than continuing to scan the field and deliver to receivers coming open. Drops eyes when pocket gets a little noisy around him. Anticipation is below average. Will hesitate to cut it loose when he has a safety on the ropes. Field side accuracy and short throw touch need work. Will need to clean up a myriad of footwork issues. Pipkin’s level of competition will clearly be a strike against him. He’s undersized with an average arm and needs to improve his accuracy and pocket poise. While he has proven to be dangerous with the feet, he doesn’t have the physical traits that teams are usually willing to take shots on late in the draft. He may find himself fighting to catch a team’s eye from the undrafted free agent list.

School: Texas-El Paso | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Hollsboro, OR
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 264 lbs.


Able to work in-line, from the slot and as a move tight end. Has some straight-line speed when he has a long runway to work with. Able to outrun some linebackers on drag routes. The more space he has to operate with, the more separation he can create. Plays big over the middle and can handle punishing hits and can dish them out after the catch. Has some spunk as a blocker. Willing to mix it up all the way through the whistle. Works hard to try and sustain blocks and has potential to get better. Hand-eye coordination is below average. Allows the ball to beat him up as a pass catcher and had seven drops over last two seasons. Uncovered thanks to drag routes, misdirection and shallow crossing routes. A little slow getting into his routes and out of his breaks. Doesn’t have the twitch to accelerate out of his breaks for early separation. Catch radius is below average and he needs balls thrown to his frame. Hand placement and punch is below average as a blocker. Plinke has good meat on his bones, but he’s not as tall and long as teams would typically like out of their Y-tight end. He’s a competitive enough blocker in the run game that he could become a player who helps in that area in time. His hands are below average and he will need to improve as a route-runner, but he has enough athleticism and straight line speed to go along with his blocking to make him a shot to make a roster.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Lemont, IL
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 310 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 58

Five-for-one lineman offering roster flexibility; has played tackle, guard and center. Determined player. Shoots hands inside defenders frame and keeps them there. Shows the hand strength and body control to “ride the bull” against stronger players while remaining engaged. Rapid lateral movement allows him to slide along his gap to pick up blitzers. Pass sets feature adequate base width and solid hand quickness. Fluid combo-blocker who glides easily to his second-level targets with good angles. Patient blocker on second level. Able to wait as long as possible for committing to his block in space. Features good body control and high connection rate on blocks in space. Athletic on pull blocks and screens and able to make blocks well down the field. Smart and makes the offensive calls. Tall for a center, losing some leverage battles because of it. Athletic ability offset by below-average core strength. Doesn’t play with the pad level or leg drive to uproot defenders without help. Gets jarred by power across from him. Anchor will always be an issue against zero-technique nose guards. Gives into pocket pushers, creating traffic in the backfield. Defenders able to drive through his edge and redirect attempts. Can be quicker into proper positioning for reach blocks. Has difficulty securing zone blocks at times. Flexible, natural athlete with starting experience all along the LSU offensive line. Pocic has the intelligence teams look for from a center and is highly regarded by LSU coaches and teammates in the locker room. Pocic is an excellent “work-up” blocker with the ability to thrive in a running game that operates in space, but his lack of power will produce some extremely challenging matchups for him at times.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rankin, PA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 241 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 234

Quick-twitch athlete with elite playmaking production over last two seasons. Stutter steps and head fakes in rush approach causes uncertainty for tackles. Able to juke inside and bounce back out to create an edge opening as rusher. Built low to ground and plays strong through redirect blocks to trim the edge. Flashes explosive spin counter that can create wins. Absolute bulldog when he smells a sack opportunity. Stout and strong. Big burst to close out quarterbacks. Disruptive in gaps against the run. Sudden stunts inside are often too quick for tackles to counter. Willing to take chances to make plays in backfield. Missed more than two seasons with injuries. Burst-based athlete missing long speed. Slow to transition when forced to make sharp directional changes. Unable to run down running backs headed for corner. Needs to finish plays. Can be quick to shut motor down if he doesn’t think a tackle is within range. Appeared gassed at times. Struggles to counter long-limbed tackles with a quick punch. Face-up rusher missing upper body flexibility and hip flip. Needs soft edge to turn the corner. Stiff-hipped, straight-line rusher who is limited in his rush approach, but has the burst and twitch to finish what he starts. While he might be limited, he has the ability to be a sub-package rusher who could flash on the next level.

School: San Diego State | Conference: Mountain West
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Height/Weight: 5-8 / 169lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 132

Produced at high levels. Patient but decisive when he sees it. Accesses instant turbo burst. Rarely loses races to and around the edge. Plus vision creates ability to navigate shifting run creases like a seasoned veteran. Slaloms through traffic from side to side with seamless, tight jump cuts. Keeps tight track through the gaps, maintaining distance from defensive linemen. Able to string moves together. Razor-sharp cutbacks at challenging angles are his thing. Excels in outside zone but has courage to stick it between tackles. Extremely elusive in open field after catch. Used as matchup weapon out of backfield. Good route runner who creates necessary separation. Undersized. Lacks the leg thickness and overall physical strength desired out of an NFL running back. Arm tackles are able to end his journey. Willing to accelerate into defender, but doesn’t have the pop to break tackles or fall forward after contact. Quicker than fast. Will get caught from behind. Body catcher with average hands that lead to double catches. Too small to protect against NFL blitzers as third-down back. Pumphrey is an efficient, natural back who runs with outstanding tempo and vision. Has outstanding agility and ability to disappear and leave tacklers grasping at air in open field. While he has good burst and quickness, he does lack the home-run speed expected from such small running backs. there is a place on the roster for his talent provided he can become a return man or viable receiving option as well.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Petaluma, CA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 313 lbs.

Selected by: Philadelphia Eagles – No. 214

Possesses low center of gravity and plays with natural leverage. Has ability to control point of attack. Powerful upper body and can land a strong punch that sets a winning leverage point. Former high school fullback with nimble feet and surprising athleticism for his size. Has feet to overcome early reach block and work back into pursuit. Looks to pursue and run through the rib cage of a running back at impact. Two-gap reader with ability to eat space and brace up to double teams. Has ability to stuff wash-down blocks and cuts. Plays with good body control. Body consists of stubby legs, short arms and a very soft middle with excess weight. Can be a little sluggish off the snap against lateral movement. Will get behind early in the rep. More adept at holding ground than making plays. Feet are nimble but hips are stiff. Unable to flip around the edge as pass rusher. Need to see more plays being made against run and pass. Stays glued to blockers for too long. Game lacks consistency of effort and production. Scouts say he has put on bad weight and needs to improve his work ethic. Athletic interior defender with the play traits and ability to play three-technique or nose tackle in the right scheme. Qualls’ draft stock could be a hurt by a lack of desired length and a growing concern in scouting circles that he is a boom-or-bust prospect with concerns over his future weight and work ethic. He has the talent to become a solid, early-down run defender but is unlikely to ever factor as a pass rusher.

School: Wisconsin | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Stevens Point, WI
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 310 lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 32

Fires out of stance with pads tucked under bent knees. Accelerates into target. Punch and extend drive blocker with hip flip to lock in leverage. Pushes with flat back and duck-footed follow through to sustain and walk defender off his mark. Technician who has been taught the fundamentals. Good tape in both power and zone plays. Athletic, easy mover. Balance and body control are building blocks of his play. Initial footwork in run game is impressive. Urgent quickness in reach blocks and can get there most of the time. Smooth pass slides with hands that are always punch ready. Hands land with flat feet, great accuracy, force and timing. Keeps his chin tucked and back flat. Utilizes stiff inside hand to protect against spin moves. Excellent awareness against twists and blitzes. Has linear frame with narrow shoulders and short arms for the position. Lack of a broad frame makes protecting his edge more challenging. Edge players with length land jabs to his frame to create separation. Will play too upright and straight-legged at times. Can’t afford to be late out of stance as his first two kick slides don’t gain much ground. Could have issues on redirect blocks against inside shots. Extremely confident tackle with the athleticism to stay on the left side and the technique to make an early impact as a starter. Ramczyk has the core strength and body control that should keep him connected to blocks in both the run and pass and he’s proven to be scheme versatile with his playing style. Ramczyk is an early starter with the potential to become a good starting left tackle.

School: Temple | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Camden, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 237 lbs.

Selected by: Arizona Cardinals – No. 13

Explosive, quick-twitch athlete. Great flexibility with loose hips to turn, twist, and chase. Excellent reactive quickness and change-of-direction agility. Dynamic playmaker in space. Locks onto targets and instantly accelerates to the ball. Fluid mover around field. Has chase range over extended territory. Eyes work past blockers and into backfield. Slips and slides around the edge and through small creases. Always working feet into improved positioning after contact. Came in as a defensive back and has experience on all three levels. Has athleticism in space and necessary instincts to be legit cover talent as linebacker. Rushes with good bend and forward lean. Difficult to handle on tackle/end twists back inside. Turns corner with tight track to quarterback once he pries the edge open. Undersized by NFL standards for position he’s currently playing. Labors to disengage once size is on top of him. Will need more play strength to ward off NFL blockers. Improving with hands, but needs to continue technique work to control blockers. Lacks necessary bulk, length, and play strength to set a strong edge as an NFL 3-4 outside linebacker. Marginal speed-to-power ability. Connects and sticks to tackles when trying to bull-rush under their pads. Pass rush reliant upon athletic talent and cursory hand play. Needs more diversified rush plans. Slides off of too many tackles. Reddick’s speed and athleticism might give him a greater shot at impacting the game as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a 4-3 WILL rather than trying to bulk up and play the edge. An ascending prospect with a high-end potential if he can continue to hone his craft.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 230 lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 124

Early responder after the snap. Loves to play downhill and is always headed in that direction when necessary. Will not hesitate to take a chance and shoot a gap. Uniquely instinctive. Will rarely get trapped too far downhill that he can’t bounce out of the side door to chase when needed. Plays square and shifts and shuffles to his run fits. Easy, fluid chaser with desired flexibility in lower body for sudden change of direction. Runs well and can chase in coverage. Has burst to ball carrier as tackler. Can spring quickly into action with bounce and explosion as lateral tackler from one gap to the next. Has coverage talent. Outstanding eyes. Somehow manages to find ball carrier through all the visual trash. Stalks with patience and calm. Productive special-teams tackler. Lacks size and pop to stop runners in their tracks and often takes brunt of initial impact. Needs to run feet through impact to prevent sliding off his tackles. Forced to give away gap leverage to avoid being devoured by big, climbing linemen in run game. Scouts say he appears to have lost functional weight while injured. Was lost for season after first four games due to injury and subsequent surgery to shoulder. Injury history with shoulder is a substantial concern. In a vacuum, he has the instincts, athletic ability and cover talent of a starting, three-down linebacker. If he regains full health he could be a steal, but he might need another year of rehab work and working with strength coaches to bulk up to NFL standards.

School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 194 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 117

Vertical threat who can open his hips and out-stride a cornerback down the field. As good as it gets as a ball tracker with a center fielder’s ability to judge trajectory and distance. Stacks cornerbacks on his hip and keeps them there. Has access to a second gear when the ball is in the air. Routes feature little wasted motion. Possesses superior ball skills. Plus hand-eye coordination and holds his ground in contested catches. Can climbs way up the ladder and use his length to turn 50/50 balls into 80/20 his way. Consistent red-zone threat. Wins up-and-over, with back shoulder fades and with inside release to slant. Thin but ultra-competitive and extremely tough. Will work the middle and does not fear incoming traffic. Gets after his blocks on the perimeter and meets aggression with aggression as blocker. Can be temporarily grounded in press coverage. Lack of play strength makes fighting past disruptive jams a challenge. Needs to improve initial footwork and vary his releases. Just average underneath. Long-strider with limitations in short-area quickness. Nothing special in hitch-and-run or wide receiver screens. Has some trouble dropping down and digging out the low throw. Long and tall, Reynolds is a dangerous vertical threat thanks to his ball tracking and ball skills over eye-popping deep speed. Reynolds is a menace in the red-zone and can mismatch smaller cornerbacks in the air. He lacks play strength which could cause problems for him early in his career against physical corners, but his toughness, work ethic and football intelligence should overcome those concerns and help him carve out a career as a second or third receiver in the league.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Buras, LA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 232 lbs.

Selected by: Atlanta Falcons – No. 75

Instincts and angles improved with more game experience. Shows willingness to dart downhill and into the gaps to try and make a play in the backfield. Squares ball carrier in center of his strike zone and fires from hips into the tackle with good wrap up. Shows decent acceleration in his pursuit after diagnosing. Able to open hips and run with long, loose strides in open field. Has clear eyes and processes mesh-point quickly against zone-read and play-action. Gives early response to crossing routes in his area. Undersized and could have limited position flexibility. Questionable play strength to take on blockers and constrict his gap. Only one season as a starter. Gets in trouble when he sits and waits in the hole. Has to trigger downhill early to overcome limited size and athleticism. Gets caught in the second-level trash in his pursuit. Needs to take better paths to the ball. Not a quick-twitch linebacker. Has build-up speed but lacks short-area quickness to finish from challenging tackle angles. Foot quickness isn’t good enough to match up against running backs coming out of backfield. One-year wonder who produced at a consistent level despite his average athleticism and lack of starting experience. While he’s mindful of his responsibilities, he’s not overly physical and his limitations could tie him to roles as either a WILB in a 3-4 or WILL in a 4-3.

School: Youngstown State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Kinston, NC
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 248 lbs.

Selected by: New England Patriots – No. 83

Consistent, high-level production as a starter. Plays the same way from snap to snap and plays with high football character. Strikes with quick upward punch under tackle’s shoulders to stake a leverage claim on the edge. Good burst out of stance as pass rusher. Rushes with lean and dips low to propel himself around the edge at his fourth step. Creates speed-to-power push with a second gear into contract. Works to uncover outside shoulder and spill play-side runs to the boundary. Adequate power for stand-up linebacker on next level. Flashes disruptive qualities in gaps. Adequate pursuit speed. Needs to play with better gap awareness after setting edge. Plays with head down after contact and loses sight of the running backs. Slow to disengage and make plays on running backs darting into the B-gap. Has problems when matched up against length. Long arms can grind his pass rush into neutral and engulf him in run game. Will need to improve at the point of attack to play on the next level. Tight-hipped in his rush. Lacks fluidity to string moves together. Motor-based edge rusher with some tightness in his hips who used efficient hands and consistent effort to whip the competition in front of him. Rivers may lack the length and agility to be a consistent, stand-up rusher on the next level, but he has the talent to find a spot as a backup who could work his way into a more prominent role with time.

School: Toledo | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 270 lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 127

When he catches the ball, it matters. Has had over 80 percent of his career catches go for first downs and this season saw 35.5 percent of his catches go for touchdowns (16). Big target with gigantic hands. Quick to open and find the ball on stop routes. Plus body control to adjust and clamp down on throws outside his frame. Will continue to probe and adjust for openings against zone coverage. Very capable run blocker. Operates from strong base and utilizes lengths well. Sinks hips to brace up and neutralize defensive ends with leverage and uses hips and shoulder turn to steer out of the play. Has experience blocking from in-line and from wing spot. Comes out of a knock-kneed stance from line of scrimmage. Upright short strider into routes. Gradual gear down into his breaks. Tight at the top of his route. Rolls through his cuts to create momentum for his separation. Angles up to linebackers as blocker will need work. Overshoots targets and allows them to make plays underneath his block. Needs blocks to be right in front of him. Too many misses in space. One season of “wow” production, but has NFL size and length. Roberts’ tape shows inconsistent effort from a blocking standpoint, but it also shows the strength and ability to handle those chores on the next level. He should be a functional receiver target as well and could come in as a third tight end with the ability to work his way up the ladder.

School: Air Force | Conference: Mountain West
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Bexley, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 220 lbs.


Outstanding NFL size with long arms and monster hands. Plays grown man football down the field. Able to leap and rise above the masses to pull down the deep ball. Physical and unfazed by contact. Plays with plus balance and body control when attacking the football. Has a knack for late separation down the field and plays with sharpened focus when ball is in the air. Has the raw size and tools that teams will covet. Missed out on catches outside his frame. Yards per catch totals bolstered by open opportunities in Air Force play-action game. Too tall into his routes robbing him of early acceleration. Overly-exaggerated head fakes into his brakes and stems don’t fool anyone. Route-running is very raw and will need time to be developed. Needs to play faster when setting up routes underneath. Pattern matchers could eat him up early on. Can be slow to get head around and find the football. Doesn’t go looking for contact as run blocker. Robinette has impressive size and vertical ball skills, but his route-running is extremely raw due to the limitations of Air Force’s option-based attack. Like others before him from similar offenses, Robinette is a traits-based prospect with a high ceiling, but he could need a redshirt year to become comfortable with the route requirements of a pro-style attack.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Monroe, LA
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 322 lbs.

Selected by: Jacksonville Jaguars – No. 34

Outstanding, proportional frame with combination of thickness and athleticism. Fires into his target with a forceful pop generating early power and push. Can uproot defender and turn him out of hole as a drive blocker. Able to respond to power with power. Can work seamlessly from block to block in combos. Works and climbs to second level with controlled, stalking footwork. Has initial quickness to pull and land on defenders in space. Athletic enough to slide over and catch inside challenges. Usually works feet into position pre-contact in run game. Good length and gets adequate extension in his punch. Kick slide generally balanced and gains necessary ground to the edge. Has feet necessary to mirror edge speed and flatten them over rush arc. Glass-eater who fights hard to the whistle. Balance issues a concern. Struggles with active, high-motor defenders. At times he ducks head into his run blocks, losing sight of a moving target. Narrow in-line power base due to lack of bend and excessive leaning. Weight creeps too far past his feet in both run and pass blocks. Inconsistent sustaining his block. On the ground substantially more than a tackle should be. Has to learn to run his feet under him at contact. Can improve as move blocker with better angles. Questionable instincts. On twists, dives down with defensive ends and will miss loopers around edge. Three-year starter at left tackle who is a road grader with impressive power at the point of attack and enough athleticism to function in diverse run schemes. Robinson has tape galore against SEC edge talent either playing in the NFL or who soon will be. The tape shows a player with the traits and physical ability to be a good NFL tackle, but his balance issues and inconsistencies as a pass protector are a concern.

School: Notre Dame | Conference: FBS Independents
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: McDonough, GA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 280 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 225

Dependable and durable. Experienced pass rusher in T/E and E/T twist games up front. Has some bull-rush capability if his pad level is right. Gets good arm extension after contact. Has upper body strength to jolt blocker with his violent hands. Comes off ball with good bend and aggressiveness. Not easily out-leveraged against run blockers. Has enough natural power and anchor to play 5-technique in the pros. Length and upper body strength help his ground at point of attack. Shows ability to restrict his gap against the run. Tackle finisher when he gets to it. One-speed pass rusher with very limited juice upfield. Despite high snap counts over final three seasons, produced minimal sack totals. Effort rusher with dull, predictable approach at times. Too content after initial rush thwarted. Fails to activate skilled counter rushes. Will present “tweener” concerns between defensive end and defensive tackle positions. Might be 2-gap only. Fails to see blockers in front of him. Gets too bogged down with oncoming collisions rather than stacking, shedding and making the tackles. Heavy punch needs to be followed with quicker disengagement. Low number of early wins at point of attack. Lunch-pail player from a blue-collar background whose effort and motor will make him a favorite of coaches he plays for. What Rochell offers in effort, he lacks as a skilled pass rusher, and his inability to get after the quarterback will create a difficult challenge for him. While his best fit might be a 3-4 defensive end, he could be viewed as rotational defensive lineman with little to no third-down value. Rochell has starter potential if he can sharpen his pass-rush tools.

School: Washington | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 188 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 9

Vertical speed demands respect and creates open throws underneath. Corners open hips early to turn and sprint, leaving his curl and dig routes unchallenged. Feet are fire. On verticals from the slot, sells the corner route and stems to the post with a burst for easy separation and a comfortable throwing window for the quarterback. Hands are generally solid. Plus hand-eye coordination. Natural ball-tracker who locates the deep ball early and watches it. Dangerous show-and-go open-field ability after the catch. Able to win with slants or fades near the goal line. Eludes the first tackler and can turn a short one into a long one in a heartbeat. Has enough size to work from outside or from the slot. Saw four of his eight carries go for 15-plus yards. Has returned at least one kickoff for a touchdown in each of his three years at Washington. Undersized with below-average play strength. Needs to do better job of working back to the throw. Has to learn to make contested catches. Will need to sharpen his short and intermediate routes to become a true three-level target. Has had a major injury to both knees. The long-term health of both knees will be a concern that has to be answered at the combine. He should be able to step right in as a kick returner and a slot receiver, but teams with speed at tight end might utilize him outside to create extreme vertical stress on opposing safeties.

School: Wyoming | Conference: MWC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Savage, MN
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 312 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 199

Thick lower body with big calves and thighs. Body is built to anchor. Well-schooled and technically sound. Dips and strikes opponent with upward blow from his hips at point of attack. Bends better than expected and unlocks his leverage potential. Gritty worker who uses body control and hand strength to sustain blocks. Generates momentum into down blocks and fork-lifts defensive tackles off their spots. Good power as drive blocker, but functional in space as well. Has starting experience at both guard and center. Plays to and after whistle. Physical and tough. Short arms will force him to work overtime for his NFL blocks. Wasn’t challenged enough by NFL-caliber power in conference. Below average snap-to-step initial movement. May lack foot quickness to handle penetrating 1-techniques as center. Can improve balance in pass protection. Has to play with better awareness and instincts against twists. Gets caught up on first twister and can be slow to pick up the looper into his gap. Lack of length will hurt his cause for some teams, but his ability to handle both guard and center duties should add to his overall draft standing. Roullier is a power-based run-blocker who plays with good leg drive and leverage to open running lanes. He could struggle to handle athletic interior linemen, but should still appeal to teams looking for a scheme flexible, power player in the later rounds.

School: Florida State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 189 lbs.


Solid route runner. Sinks his hips into breaks and rarely gives his route intentions away with early head turn. Routes are run with good tempo and consistency. Glides into his routes with smooth acceleration. Disguises comeback routes effectively against man coverage. Opens quickly to the ball and plucks it away from his body. Has very natural hands with desired catch radius. Silky worker near the sidelines. Ball skills are good. Makes adjustments back to the ball on underthrown balls and picks up the ball quickly. His footwork is controlled and his body control and balance are on point. More than willing to do his part as a run blocker and won’t just try and shield cornerbacks away from the play. May not have enough early juice out of his release to get a clean outside release against press corners. His stop-start acceleration is nothing special. Missing the short-area quickness to accelerate out of his breaks to uncover in tight spaces underneath. Works up to top speed quickly, but lacks a straight gas gear. Unable to access a big burst to run under the deep ball once he’s open. Lacks a quality sales job on his double moves. Needs to improve play strength to help with contested catches on the next level. Average run-after-catch talent. Rudolph may not be a burner, but he consistently plays at his top speed and displays some polish in his route work. He doesn’t have the explosive feet to uncover on shorter routes, but is more than capable of handling intermediate and some deep work. Rudolph will need to get stronger, but he’s already a willing blocker in the run game which helps his cause. Could be an early backup who works himself into snaps fairly quickly.

School: Central Michigan | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Charlotte, MI
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 229lbs.


Started all but three games during career and was team captain his junior and senior seasons. Defined by cerebral approach. Has bachelor of science degree in actuarial science off-the-field and masters in full-field reads on the field. Juggernaut in film room. Hits the field with well-conceived plans of attack based on his studies. Makes all the pre-snap decisions rather than looking to sideline. Quick processor able to scan and decide rapidly. Interceptions rarely the result of poor decisions. Overcomes arm deficiencies with outstanding timing and accuracy. Able to lead receivers on crossing routes and long balls and can throw receivers open underneath. Completion percentage penalized by excessive drop totals. Good pocket poise. Climbs pocket with eyes downfield when heat comes around the corners and can slide left or right before delivering accurate strikes. Slow, plodding setup in the pocket. Throws from narrow platform and generates very little drive on his throws from lower half. Lollipop arm strength allows ball to hang in air too long. Defensive backs with twitch have time to dart into passing lane and make interceptions despite a good read by quarterback. Struggles to challenge tight windows in middle of the field. Could be limited to timing-based passing attacks. Unable to make sudden getaways from pocket due to lack of athleticism. Strong pocket push from interior short circuits his plans. His body type and lack of functional arm strength will immediately make him a draft reject on some team’s boards, but that could be a mistake. Processes quickly as any quarterback studied over the last five years and has the anticipation and accuracy to counter his lack of velocity. Mental makeup and consistency of production make him a legitimate NFL roster candidate.

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 196 lbs.

Selected by: Carolina Panthers – No. 40

Has crisp feet for sudden change of direction. Long-strider with deep speed to challenge press coverage over the top. Shows defender an exaggerated jab fake at top of his routes to generate lean from cornerback and create separation out of his break. On comeback routes, can stutter feet into his break for a sudden stop-and-open timing throws. Has explosiveness both vertically and out of his breaks to uncover on all three levels. Can ramp it back up to top gear quickly after tapping his brakes in space. At his best when matched up in open space. Gets faster and more dangerous as the play unfolds. Has two years of kick-return experience. Moveable matchup piece. Plays with some hip tightness that make his play more linear than fluid. Needs to work on release against press. Could get hung up off the line and into his routes by athletic, press-cover slot men. Has unnatural hands that fight the throw. Will default to body catches. Didn’t have as many “pro-style” touches as teams would like. Averaged just 5.5 yards at the catch point, and several carries came on jet sweeps and stretch plays from shotgun. Average ball-tracking and adjustments to poor throws. Wasn’t asked to handle blocking responsibilities very often. Jack-of-all trades but master of none, Samuel showed an ability to gain yardage and create scoring opportunities in a variety of ways on a talented Buckeyes offense. However, NFL teams will want to slot him into a more defined role, which is most likely at receiver. He is still learning the position and has separation quickness to create open throwing lanes, but while he’s sharpening his route work, he could find early reps as a kick returner.

School: Drake | Conference: Pioneer
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 253 lbs.

Selected by: Atlanta Falcons – No. 174

Good combination of size and speed. Gets into routes with good quickness from the slot. Adjusts route to defender and does a good job of setting up his pattern breaks. Good separation acceleration. Man amongst boys in red zone where he dominated lesser competition. Posted 17 touchdowns over last two seasons. Gets maximum extension out of long arms to attacks downfield throws at their highest points. Has ability to make acrobatic catches when he’s focused. Used in wide receiver screens. Athletic runner after the catch. Lines up all over the field. Flashes ability to become a blocker in future. Routes could use better knee bend to fight off redirections by linebackers. Short routes need attention to detail. Slow getting hands catch-ready on short, possession throws. Tape is littered with drops for days. Open catches became drops and contested catches became drops. Hand-eye coordination simply isn’t where it needs to be. Doesn’t always play to his size. Allows smaller defenders to crowd him in space. Inconsistent finishing routes. Run blocking isn’t important enough to him. Gives half-efforts on secure blocks and doesn’t look for work when uncovered. Tape study is absolutely maddening on Saubert as it roller coasters from eye-popping potential to lapses in concentration and effort as a blocker. Saubert’s speed and athleticism will get him open. Teams will have to balance the flashes with the drops and decide how early they want to pull the trigger on a tight end with starter’s potential but a low floor.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 193 lbs.


Able to wall off defenders to protect the throw and make contested catches. Will cut slant short and sink into space if he sees linebacker ready to blow up the catch. Can return both punts and kicks. Adequate concentration when ball is in the air. Hands catcher who will pluck it away from his body. Extends to snare the high throw. Shows subtle shake after catch to make first responders miss. Drops pad into contact and falls forward for additional yardage at the finish. Had momentum shifting kickoff return against Louisville. Sure-handed as punt returner. Catch-and-go target who tends to get what scheme offers him. Not particularly quick or fast. Missing kick out of his breaks for route separation. Routes lacking in vertical push and purpose. Needs to play at his top speed more often. At times, will drift in his routes relying on scheme and route combinations to open him up. Lacks length and long speed for vertical separation. Missing sudden component teams desire from slot. Too small and slow on the outside and lacks the suddenness and shiftiness that teams like from the slot. Scott has a competitive streak in him and made his share of big plays for Clemson, but he may lack the physical attributes to make an impact as a pro receiver. His ability to contribute on special teams will help.

School: Villanova | Conference: CAA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Bronx, NY
Height/Weight: 6-9 / 311 lbs.

Selected by: Tennessee Titans – No. 236

Three-year starter with surprising lateral quickness and agility for such a tall player. Patient on the move and takes good angles to reach defenders outside shoulder on play-side zone. Uses consistent footwork to mirror and sustain his blocks on the move. Has body control to handle work-up assignments to linebackers on combo blocks. Will adjust his second level assignment and find work when his initial target is out of range. Good balance leads to easier redirects inside against stunts and twists. Displays adequate anchor against bull-rushers. Quickness of kick-slide is average. Could have trouble handling left tackle pass pro responsibilities in NFL. Punch rhythm is predictable and can be timed up by a studious defensive end. Will need to improve his play strength to help him do a better job of redirecting defenders when they get to his edges. Hands tend to land a little wide and his punch lacks snap. Height forces him into disadvantage from leverage standpoint. Plays with too much waist-bending as run blocker in attempt to lower pad level. Struggles to create push as drive blocker. There are a handful of very tall tackles with good athleticism in this draft, but most of the others lack a functional anchor to hold up against power. Seaton isn’t a power player, but he appears to have enough natural core strength to project as a swing tackle best-suited to the right side. His ability to operate on the move could appeal to zone running teams.

School: Mississippi State | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 331 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 210

Gains adequate ground in his slides. Keeps chin tucked and helmet out of his pass sets. Hitch-free punch is generally well-timed. Inside hand is stiff. Throws strikes with strong hands that glue to the frame. Adequate mirror after engagement. Able to reset hands and keep defenders at the end of his long arms. Body control is adequate. Smart angles to his blocks and can have an impact on second level. Works feet into lateral position before engaging. Drive power comes from inner foot. Intelligent with good field awareness. Footwork is inconsistent. Needs more bulk and more muscle in his upper body. Movement lacks desired flexibility. Weight distribution in a consistent issue. Gets weight too far outside in his pass sets opening an inside lane. Too willing to chase speed with a gallop around the edge rather than maintaining technique. Struggles to drop pad level and can be rocked onto one foot as wall-off blocker. Has anchor problems against good speed-to-power. Stiff-legged with limited effectiveness when asked to pull. Senior has long arms and strong hands, but his lack of bend and inconsistent footwork could cripple his NFL cause if he doesn’t improve them. Senior is a right tackle only who has three years of experience against talented, SEC defensive ends. His size could get him drafted, but he has some work to do before ever hitting an NFL field.

School: Ashland | Conference: Great Lakes
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Galena, OH
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 278 lbs.

Selected by: Chicago Bears – No. 45

Enormous frame for a tight end. Powerfully built, well-proportioned frame. Has good sink into breaks and can make sharp cuts coming out. Has foot quickness for clever stutter-and-go double moves to uncover against linebackers. Above average speed and acceleration for his size. Creates leverage points against man coverage before breaking his routes off and pulling away. Moved all over the field. Was isolated for fade routes near endzone. Plus hand-eye coordination and shows ability to alter body positioning to improve catch-odds while ball-tracking. Trusted in pass protection. Sees twists and blitzes and responds to them. Needs work as run blocker but has desired frame of a Y-tight end. Upper body is stiff and mechanical in his routes. Hasn’t learned how to utilize hands to free himself against press. Gets jammed up in his release and can be knocked off the timing of his patterns. Will need to learn to adjust in space in order to maneuver past traffic. In need of his fair share of technique work as a run blocker. Ducks head into initial contact. Finds himself lunging and chasing when asked to climb to second level. Big, fast and athletic, Shaheen will immediately interest teams who are looking for size and traits. He’s a poorer blocker than what might be expected for a player with his frame, but he’s also a much more dangerous pass catching target. The jump in competition will be substantial and teams will expect him to become a more consistent blocker, but he’s a pass catching tight end in a Y-tight end’s body. Shaheen has starting potential with an ability to impact a passing game early in his career.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 343 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 129

Hulking wide-body with long arms that dangle beside his massive frame. Well proportioned with thick legs to match his upper body. Length can be debilitating for rushers if he lands first. Active with hands in pass pro and lands them inside defender’s frame. Has enough anchor that bull-rushing him won’t be much of an option. Uses his mass to overwhelm opponents and push them out of the play with his redirection. Big strong hands can clamp and ride defenders out of the play when he gets them framed up. Better pull blocker than might be expected. Decent straight-line movement carries him into striking position on the perimeter. Doesn’t have flexibility in his ankles and knees to drop his pads to a functional level for leverage. Down blocks land way up the frame of his target and creates marginal block security. Waist-bender. Reaches for his targets with his upper body rather than his feet. Labored lateral movement just isn’t quick enough. Unable to get across the face of defenders and doesn’t have the upfield quickness to make cut-off blocks on linebackers. Lacks feet and body control needed to mirror and keep his blocks centered. One-and-done blocker who can’t be counted on for combos. Massive tackle who will be forced to bump inside due to a lack of athletic ability to handle pass protection details. Sharpe does have enough size and length to get a team out of the game at tackle if injuries set in. Sharpe’s lack of leverage and lateral agility limits what teams can ask of him and he needs to be in the right scheme for a chance at success as a starter.

School: San Diego State | Conference: MWC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 319 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 122

Compact, girthy frame with thickly muscled arms. Low center of gravity with adequate hip bend to unlock power. Strong core. Able to scoop under defenders and root them out. Drive blocker with strength to win individual battles. Better-than-expected maneuverability when asked to pull. Able to redirect his weight. Has anchor to pass-set at shallow depths and handle bull rushers. Showed a little more nasty in his game as a senior than he did in junior season. Great in the locker room and well liked. Labors coming out of stance. Tends to pop upright and is delayed in his lateral movements. Reach blocks and cut-off blocks on middle linebackers are mission impossible. Hands are a little slow with inconsistent placement. Impatient with punch and will get caught lunging. Has to work to keep weight balanced in pass sets. Unable to punch and mirror, allowing active rushers a pathway to his edge. Three-year starter with a penchant for power, but lacking the functional lateral movement to do consistent work outside of his phone booth. Has an NFL-ready frame with the ability to open holes for the running back but will likely appeal to power teams only. Pass protection could be a recurring issue early in his career.

School: Arkansas | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Arvada, CO
Height/Weight: 6-10 / 309 lbs.


Very tall for the position with decent functional athleticism. Has experience starting at both tackle spots. Has operated in a pro-style rushing attack and has experience firing off the ball and working with guards. Decent timing with his pass-pro punch. Can pull and is able to operate in space as a run blocker. While not always fluid with it, shows ability to transition from first to second block. Intelligent and aware of his responsibilities against twists. At times, height works against him due to lack of anchor. Is consistently jolted by power players at first punch. Will default to wide, engulfing hands in pass protection, which opens his chest to bull-rushers. Rarely able to get his pad level into leveraged position due to center of gravity. Missing leg drive to consistently pop and secure his down blocks. Hand placement is spotty and he lacks power in them. As run blocker, will be unable to turn NFL defenders out of the hole with footwork and technique. Size will be appealing to some NFL teams as will his experience at both tackle positions. His experience in Arkansas’ physical rushing attack should work in his favor, but he lacks the sand in his pants to consistently match power with power against bigger, NFL-caliber talent at the point of attack. The same height that will intrigue some teams might ultimately rob Skipper of the necessary leverage he needs at the next level. Could project as a swing tackle prospect who will have to battle to win a roster spot.

School: Tulane | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 296 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Rams – No. 189

Excited to play football on every single rep. Times up snap and is quick into the neutral zone. Always searching for the ball. Uses hand quickness to disengage and tackle on time. Good football instincts and quick to recognize and react to screens. Plays with quick hands and quick feet that get him in position to make plays. Gets to blocker’s edge with low center of gravity to drive up the field and disrupt. Able to fill a stat sheet up against both run and pass. Feet and hands are a whirlwind of action that never stop looking for improved positioning. Catches blockers under their pads and has the leg drive to bull them back into the pocket. Short and squatty frame. Matched up against below average competition on most weeks. Plays straight-legged which limits his change of direction. Lack of length causes him to swing and miss in tackle attempts against shifty runners. May not have enough raw power to make up for his lack of size. Long-armed guards can stab his chest and stick him in neutral. He’s a three-technique only who lacks desired size and length, but his quickness and disruptive nature lead to consistent production week in and week out. Smart needs to be in an upfield scheme that takes advantage of his ability to play in the gaps. His draft stock will take a hit due to his lack of measurables, but he has NFL backup potential thanks to his ability to rush the passer.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 215 lbs.

Selected by: Pittsburgh Steelers – No. 62

Outstanding size and a very available target. Shows no concern working over the middle. Hyper-aware of defenders around him in space. Works back to the ball as aggressively as he needs to when defenders are attempting to ball-hawk. Searches and sinks into the optimal openings against zone coverage. Plays to his size and has plus route strength. Shows effective uses of frame to shield cornerbacks from contested catches. Plucks it way out front of his body with strong, confident hands. Tremendous ball tracker with ability to search, find and follow the pass in over his shoulder. Has body control to twist and contort in mid-air to pull the throw in. Plays with sideline awareness and consistently drops feet in-bounds on boundary catches. Rugged, aggressive runner after the catch with a stiff-arm to hurt feelings. Reliable blocker who can help spring a big run. Able to sustain blocks with power. Outstanding size and a very available target. Needs to get better at freeing himself at the break point of his routes. Doesn’t seem to get cornerbacks tilting with his routes. Missing the sudden acceleration out of his cuts to generate separation and an easy throwing window. Contested catches will have to be a big part of his future. Rarely shows a second gear to run under the deep throws. Will coast when turning to find deep ball rather than maintaining play speed. Off-man corners may squat on underneath routes if they don’t fear his vertical speed. Can be slow to release against press coverage. Smith-Schuster will get dinged for his lack of speed and separation but his strong hands, physical approach and ability to win the combat catches will make up for that. JuJu is missing some of the speed traits teams want from their WR1, but he could become a high-volume, possession target with the size to win some 50/50 throws down the field. Teams who have a speed merchant at one spot would be wise to take a look at Smith-Schuster as a physical counterpart.

School: Florida International | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Ocala, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 248 lbs.

Selected by: Tennessee Titans – No. 100

Plays with urgency and looks to squeeze the most out of each play. Flashes an electric burst up the field and into his routes. Seam buster with ability to race over top of the linebacker and into a throwing window quickly. Plays fast. Talented, competitive runner after the catch. Mashes the gas and can run away from linebackers. Loose hips with slick lateral side step after the catch. Has ability to work on all three levels. Shows willingness to handle the heavy lifting as zone scheme blocker. Uses good angles and timing in his combination blocks. Body catcher who doesn’t trust his own hands. Has dropped 10 passes over the last two seasons with too many double catches. Needs to do a better job of helping his QB by working to the ball and shielding. Gets grinded on by redirects out of his release into routes. Needs to learn how to adjust routes or disengage earlier. Not a convincing route runner and just kind of goes through the motion rather than selling fakes. Undersized for an in-line option. Frame may not be able to carry additional weight. Athletic tight end with four years of pass-catching production and experience as an in-line blocker. Smith is electric after the catch and has the speed to attack all three levels of the field, but his inconsistent hands could hold him back. Smith’s lack of size will likely push him into a “move tight end” role, but he’s a more effective blocker in the zone game than many who have been asked to do it on the pro level.

School: Illinois | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Groveport, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 264 lbs.

Selected by: Jacksonville Jaguars – No. 68

Well-conditioned with willing motor to pursue across the field. Strong closing burst closes out quarterbacks in the pocket and running backs down the line of scrimmage. Works to stay ahead of reach blocks and contain the edge. Able to knife through gaps and create disruption in backfield. Uses dip and rip when he senses he can turn the corner. Speed-to-power ability when given a runway. Good lateral quickness and would benefit from twisting scheme that allows him to operate in space. Able to redirect suddenly. Can play with hand in the ground or standing. Needs to improve skill level and become more consistent with hands as a pass rusher. Average upfield burst to challenge the edge. Face-up rusher with issues cornering edge with snug turn. Rushes without much of a plan and relatively few counter attacks. Struggles to set a hard edge and can be kicked out by quality tackles. Not enough wins against man-to-man matchups. Very small hands for the position. Duck-footed, face-up rusher able to generate some power in his rush, Smoot failed to put together the breakout season many predicted after a strong junior showing. He lacks a track record of pass rush production to excite NFL teams, but his athleticism could create an opportunity for him as a 3-4 rush end if given the chance.

School: Arkansas | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: White Hall, AR
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 252 lbs.

Selected by: Washington Redskins – No. 154

Combination tight end who doesn’t have to leave the field. Has arm length and base to help in pass protection. Effective blocker willing to do the physical work. Snaps into down blocks and secures. Strong hands lead to sustained blocks. Able to engage and sustain against safeties in space. Long frame with room to carry more weight. Has arm length and hand size of an NFL offensive tackle. Big, presentable target over the middle. Plus red-zone worker. Sells blocks on delayed-release play-action. Burrows into holes of zone and protects passes with his frame. Goes down to pick low throws off top of grass. Sneaky build-up of speed in routes. Long strides eat up ground as route progresses. Can pull away from linebackers on intermediate routes. Uses height, arm length, and high-point technique to go way up the ladder and over top of defenders. Nasty stiff-arm after catch. Above-average body control for size. Feet a bit heavy out of release and into routes. Legs and arms flail away into some of his breaks. Below-average at utilizing route leverage to create additional throwing room for quarterbacks. Needs to adjust crossing routes to keep defenders on his hip. Lacks short-area quickness to make defenders miss after catch. Needs to work back to ball more often. If block assignment vacates, he doesn’t find new work. Instincts as blocker need work as he appears lost at times. Hand placement is average. True “Y” tight end with outstanding length and a frame that can handle more weight. Has the toughness to be an NFL blocker, but might need to add more upper- and lower-body strength before he’s ready. He’s a big, reliable target in the red zone and underneath against zone, but needs a longer runway to create separation in his routes. Sprinkle isn’t great in any one area, but he’s good in most and should be a safe pick and quality starter in the league.

School: Louisville | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Lineville, AL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 195 lbs.


Long strider with long speed. Had 80 percent of his catches go for first downs over last three years. Explosive leaper with springs in his hips. Can climb the ladder and win over the top. Plays with above average body control. Able to extend well beyond his frame to snare the throw. Scoops out low throws that seem impossible to save. Plays with good concentration when making combat catches. Stronger after the catch than he looks. Will shield, connect and sustain as a blocker. Praised by his coaches for work ethic and maturity. Telegraphs his pattern. Changes stride length when nearing top of his route. Leans into slants prematurely allowing corners to get an early break. Cruises out of break points rather than explodes. Needs to work back to the ball more aggressively. Throws with pace can eat his hands up. Downfield contact throws off his play speed. On vertical routes, has a bad habit of gearing down when turning to look for the throw which allows balls to fall just out of his reach. Tall target with explosive speed and leaping ability. His routes are sloppy and his inconsistencies as a vertical threat certainly don’t help his cause. However, he will likely draw the attention of a team looking for a big-play lottery ticket they can try and develop.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Fultondale, AL
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 204 lbs.

Selected by: New York Jets – No. 79

Stewart’s a do it all kind of player, at Alabama he did everything from taking handoffs, sweeps, kick returns, and running route, his versatility will be appreciated at the next level. He’s a solid, tough run blocker, and displays a lot of physicality. Made a lot of circus catches and impressive catches in traffic in his career. Made most of his big plays after the catch. Great play recognition. Noticeable struggles when blocking at the line of scrimmage on screen plays. Noticeably not on the same page as the quarterback some plays. Needs to polish up his route running for the next level. Drops were an issue at times, even some wide open. Tries to do too much, and ends up losing yards, specifically on sweep plays. Stewart could become a game breaker. He could be a big problem to deal with out of the slot and a big after the catch threat at the next level.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Matthews, NC
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 188 lbs.


Has a long frame and understands how to use it. Drapes himself over wide receivers off the line of scrimmage. Excels when playing with inside leverage. Can smother receivers against the sideline and is able to challenge sight lines for quarterbacks on comeback routes. Has some talent in trail coverage. Comfortable with back to the quarterback and shows good pattern recognition from that coverage technique. Well-versed in finding and tracking the deep ball. Uses length and leaping ability to create a wall between the throw and the receiver down the field. Soft hands; snared six interceptions over last two seasons. Willing tackler who sees what he hits and looks to wrap up. Sluggish change of direction due to marginal short-area quickness. Struggles to mirror sharp, in-breaking routes and clever releases. Has a hitch in movement when opening hips to run, allowing receivers a stagger start into routes. Long strider with poor recovery speed. A little handsy down the field to make up for speed deficiency. Has issues squeezing routes from off coverage and zone. Lack of quickness leaves little room for error. Linear press corner who took advantage of newly-found playing time and produced results. While he has NFL length, his long speed is problematic and he struggles to maintain coverage against quick receivers who work inside the numbers. There are defenses who will prefer Stribling’s physical traits and ball skills, but he will be limited by scheme fit.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Jonesboro, GA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 188 lbs.

Selected by: Pittsburgh Steelers – No. 94

Man-cover corner with feet to mirror and match off line of scrimmage. Responsive to route keys from wideouts. Decent instincts looking to jump hitches and wide receiver screens. Desired fluidity of movement with ability to open and run from backpedal. Confident in coverage and rarely penalized. Good acceleration to ball raking across catch point when he gets there. Praised by coaches for competitive character and selfless, team-first attitude. Worked his tail off to return to field after fracturing ankle in mid-September. Punt-return talent; career average of 14.9 yards with three touchdowns. Too passive in press coverage, failing to land solid hands that slow opponent or redirect their routes. Can be bodied around by big wideouts. Plays a little tall in his backpedal. Feet lack some twitch when asked to plant and explode forward from pedal. Has issues with back to the quarterback; late to turn and find the ball, allowing catches over his head. Unreliable in run support with too many side-swipe, grab-and-drag attempts. Four-year starter with the fluidity to handle man coverage on the outside, but lacking desired physicality and run-support traits that zone teams covet. Sutton flashed outstanding ball production his first two seasons but saw his per-game production drop since. Could be forced inside due to a lack of size on next level. Punt-return ability could be what gets him on the field first.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Washington, DC
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 199 lbs.

Selected by: Detroit Lions – No. 53

Prototypical size and athleticism. Plays with bouncy feet in coverage. Good initial patience and foot quickness to mirror receiver’s release from press. Has the quick twitch to accelerate and pattern match receivers throughout their routes. Has recovery speed to bird-dog crossers. From zone, can split high/low routes and is quick enough to challenge the catch on either. Has agility and change of direction to come off of one route and pick up the next. Shines when the ball is in the air. Pro-ready closing burst. Has excellent hand-eye coordination. Hands and timing help turn opportunities into interceptions. Willing to unload into receiver’s ribs in order jar a ball free. Often played excessively deep off-coverage. Shows balance issues in space. Occasionally loses footing in coverage during his transition. Shows willingness to sit on routes and grab receivers trying to go vertical rather than flipping hips to chase. Can be undisciplined from zone losing track of his responsibilities. Appears to be hit or miss with instinctive playmaking. Finesse cornerback. Avoids mixing it up with physical receivers away from the ball. Considered a high-maintenance prospect. Has been suspended due to drug tests and a run-in with a teammate in practice. Tabor has terrific size and quickness. While he has some lapses in judgement and awareness in coverage, his nine career interceptions didn’t happen by accident. He is a pure cover corner with the ability to pattern match around the field, but don’t expect him to be a plus tackler in run support. He has the traits of a first-round cornerback, but some teams may be put off by some of his annoyances.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Beech Island, SC
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 199 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 97

Angular build with good length. Looks to harass and smother receiver for as long as he can. Runs with access to a second gear when needed. Two-year starter with experience in a variety of coverages. Disruptive at the catch point using full arm extension to maximize his length. Ball production was very good; had eight interceptions in just two years as a starter. Soft hands will pluck it out of the air if he gets into position. Gets desired depth in Cover-2 responsibilities, balancing between high and low. Comes to balance and squares up as a tackler. Looks to tackle low and springs into ball carriers with aggressive shoulder aimed at their thighs. Anticipation and instincts slightly below average. Eyes are unsure and can be slow to process and react. Lacks bend in his backpedal and bail techniques. Struggles to sink and redirect quickly for transitions forward against comeback routes. Allows too much route separation from off coverage and will need to squeeze tighter on next level. Balance concerns in coverage. Feet and hips can be clunky when it’s time to open and run out of press shuffle. Will panic when he gets behind on vertical routes and starts to grab. Had eight pass-interference calls against him in two season. Inconsistent in finding the ball when back is to the quarterback. Needs to add more muscle to frame. Has an impressive body of work as a lockdown, boundary cornerback but he has some holes in his transitions that could open the door for more separation on the next level. While he’s not always the most fluid in coverage, his 6-foot-1 frame and eight interceptions will be the two numbers some teams will focus heavily on.

School: Western Kentucky | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Louisville, KY
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 203 lbs.

Selected by: Tennessee Titans – No. 72

Stutter-steps around press coverage and into his work. Runs routes with a purpose. Changes route speeds almost at random, creating discomfort in cover corners. Hits accelerator to get over the top on vertical routes. Easy strider with fluid hips in the open field. Impressive plant-and-go separation explosion. Differentiator from slot with suddenness and burst. Gets head around to quarterback immediately out of breaks. Effective sink and open on stop routes. Dynamic after the catch. Finds yards for himself in open field. Has brake-to-gas quickness and elusive, swiveling torso. Always competing. Nifty near sideline with ability to deaden feet and make the challenging catch. Outstanding production despite defenses focusing on him. Feasted on bubble screens, jet sweeps and several catch-and-run plays. Route variances could create some issues in systems requiring more timing. NFL route work will have to be more focused with less freestyle. Body catcher who will have the occasional focus drop. If he doesn’t work back harder to his quarterback, body catches could turn into issues with contested catches. Very aware of where safeties lurk in middle of the field. Slot-only receiver with the athleticism and separation quickness to win on the NFL level. Benefitted statistically from Western Kentucky’s scheme, but that offense benefitted from Taylor’s ability to get open and his explosiveness in the open field. High floor with the potential to be an above-average slot receiver in an offense that recognizes his flexibility.

School: Oklahoma State | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 304 lbs.

Selected by: Miami Dolphins – No. 194

Fires out of his stance with some gas. Can win the early battle for neutral zone. Able to create push at point of attack and make plays on other side of line. Plus upper body strength. Bench-press numbers are impressive. Can toss blockers aside and win the gap late in the rep. Has long arms and active hands in passing lane. Motor is adequate and he’ll give an honest chase to the ball. Not a stagnant rusher. Looks to find blocker’s edge and has posted solid sack production.Top heavy with stiff ankles and an overall lack of functional flexibility in his play. Short-area quickness is somewhat limited. High center of gravity and narrow base allows blockers to wash him down in space and turn him out of his run fit with base blocks. Upright as a pass rusher and can be redirected too easily. Unable to gain ground with lateral movement, stunting his effectiveness in twist game as pass rusher. Taylor has consecutive seasons of good production in the pass-happy Big 12, but he lacks the consistent contact balance and anchor that teams will be looking for from an interior defender. His ability to disrupt off the snap with quickness and strength gives him a chance to get a foot in the door as a rotational tackle.

School: Western Michigan | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 209lbs.


Production and consistency are right down the middle of the fairway over the last three years. Recognizes when to make touch throws and is able to feather passes in over the top of defenders. Plus accuracy on short and intermediate throws. Throws with good ball placement. Stays within himself and accentuates his strength. Has toughness to take the big shot and come back to make plays. Below average height, weight and strength for an NFL quarterback. Upper body is a little busy in his set-up and release. His release contains too much wasted motion. Unable to make all of the NFL throws. Drive throws will dive. Has to put additional air on field-side throws that could turn into interceptions as a pro. Needs to throw with better anticipation. Prone to fumbles with seven this season. Benefitted from QB-friendly scheme and dominant lead receiver. Could be written off as a viable NFL prospect due to a lack of size and arm strength, but his accuracy, toughness and production are a plus. If Terrell can impress with his consistency and decision-making, he might be able to fight for a third quarterback spot in the future.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Euless, TX
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 311 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 190

Has starting experience at both left and right tackles. Displays good foot quickness in his pass sets and operates from consistent base width. Able to meet speed at the edge in pass protection. Converted defensive tackle and has a little bit of edge in his play. Downblocks have some kick in them. Works well with guards. Big hands with decent strength. Helmet blocker who ducks head into contact in both run and pass blocks. Doesn’t throws hands quickly enough and they land higher than he’s likely aiming. Despite foot quickness, fails to consistently find position on back-side blocks. Plays with stiffness in knees which creates pad level issues. Weight too far outside in his pass sets and can be rocked off-balance by stab moves and bull rushes. Way behind on his work against twists. Has decent size and enough athletic ability to warrant a look as a swing tackle. His lack of anchor in the passing game and instincts against twists could be big problems for offensive line coaches.

School: Stanford | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Coppell, TX
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 273 lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 3

Lined up at multiple positions. Has ravenous approach to the game. Gets out of the blocks quickly and attacks with early, skilled hands. Stays hungry and wants to feast. Powerful for his size. Shows ability to win with power or quickness. Outstanding athleticism. Fluid in his play. Transitions from move to move. Unpredictable pass rush. Attacks both the edges and can crank up a bull rush. Uses swipes, rips and arm-over to unlock his rush. Hands and feet work in unison. Has lightning-quick spin move he can access to unhinge from block and find new life in his rush. Violent disengagements from blocks leave no doubt blocker is whipped. Relentless approach combined with athleticism makes block recoveries extremely difficult in run or pass. Refuses extended engagements to blockers and works himself free. Very good pursuit speed and range as playmaker. Considered a “tweener” by scouts, who believe he could struggle to keep enough weight on his frame to play along interior. Length is below average as five-technique. Plays with inconsistent pad level. Tends to play taller as play rolls along and can get washed out of plays by strong down blocks. Hands are quick but need more consistent pop behind them. Overall play strength can be improved. “Big and strong” across from him causes some issues. Gets engulfed at times. Snap-count guesser with seven offsides penalties in 2016. Explosive defender who combines strength, quickness, and a muscle-car motor to drive him around the field making play after play. Has the hands and feet to be a quick-win specialist and the size to fit as a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive end who can reduce inside for pass-rush downs. He has all the athletic traits to become a high-impact player and possesses more than enough skill and talent to believe he will continue to elevate his game as a pro. Thomas has the potential to become a future all-pro.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Valencia, CA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 204 lbs.

Selected by: Seattle Seahawks – No. 111

Quality athlete with desired long speed. High school wide receiver with good hands and outstanding ball skills. Can climb the ladder and challenge the jump ball. Works to stay in front of the route rather than trailing. Instincts and athleticism lead him to the throw. Successfully reads quarterback’s intentions. Takes the playmaker’s path to throws targeting catch point over receiver. Squeezes top of the route in zone. Finished with 10 interceptions at Colorado. Covers skills are a plus. Desire as a playmaker can be used against him. Bait routes can pull his attention away from deep help responsibilities in single-high looks. Path to ball as downhill tackler needs improvement. Grab-and-drag arm tackler over wrap-up finisher. Tends to attack from angles rather than squared up as tackler. Not much thud behind his pads as a hitter. Thompson in an instinctive cover safety with strong ball skills and a history of production during his time at Colorado. Lacks physicality to operate around the box, but his football intelligence and playmaking skills will get him drafted and could give him a shot at eventually starting.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: McDonough, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 310 lbs.

Selected by: New York Giants – No. 55

Fires jarring punch into blockers quickly and is in control of the rep. Has good feel for double teams. Broad, powerful hips and strong post leg helps him drop anchor against down blocks. Awareness and power helps him constrict his gaps. Maintains two-gap responsibility until it’s time to tackle. Doesn’t linger on blocks long. Stacks and sheds with consistency. Locates ball quickly. Recognizes run-direction tendency from certain formations. Long, lateral step allows him to get head-start on blocker and prevent being reached. Quality motor and effort. Chases outside his area like he expects to make the play. Willing to do dirty work in Alabama’s twisting defensive scheme. Does outstanding job of occupying both blockers on twists. Active hands in passing lane to bat down passes. Slow-twitch defender who lacks quickness into neutral zone off the snap. Most pass-rush success comes via twists and games up front. Not a threat to beat interior pass protection with rush moves. Makes predictable pass-rush charges and doesn’t garner enough pocket push as bull rusher. Tomlinson’s powerful frame and ability to stack the run between the tackles could make him a scheme-flexible target in the draft. While he is likely to be drafted as a run bully, his history of operating in Alabama’s stunt-and-twist-oriented defense could help keep him on the field on third downs for teams using a similar concept. Tomlinson has a chance to become an early starter and should work into a defensive line rotation immediately.

School: Indiana State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: McHenry, IL
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 236 lbs.


Very good athlete transitioning from wideout to tight end. Stands over 6-foot-4 and ran impressive 4.58 at his pro day at 236 pounds and posted a 35-inch vertical leap. Flashes his second gear and potential to separate as a tight end on crossing routes and verticals. Can fight over the top of coverage when the door is opened. Will be able to challenge on second and third levels. Plus catch radius with some highlight-reel snares on throws over his head. Has quick, strong hands late in the catch and is able to put away throws that are right on top of him. Touchdown maker who shines on back-shoulder targets in red zone. Has just three years experience as a receiver. Route breaks need better bend. Looks like a step counter when running his routes. Will need to play bigger and improve at utilizing size to overwhelm defensive backs in space. Play strength is below average for the position. Effort level will have to show a great deal of improvement to block on NFL level. Needs to block with stronger hands and better sustained positioning. Tonyan is a quarterback-turned-receiver who is now transitioning to tight end. He’s an impressive athlete with good initial quickness and a second gear to create separation in his routes and the ball skills and strong hands to secure challenging catches. He’s not ready to block and he needs to improve his functional strength to prepare for the pounding he will get in his routes by NFL safeties. He projects as a slot tight end who could open eyes as early as this year’s training camp.

School: Pennsylvania | Conference: Ivy League
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 215lbs.


Three-year starter with fit build and NFL size. Athletic with success in zone-read. Dug into the film after sophomore season with desire to become smarter quarterback and showed drastic reduction of interceptions over next two years. Keeps ball tucked high and tight pre-delivery. Has big, strong hands to pump and reload if he spies late trouble. Ball comes out of his hand with tight spiral and good velocity. Gets it out quick if pressure flashes suddenly. Throws with touch on deep balls. Naturally accurate and throws with confidence between the hashes. Lacks experience in pro-style attack. Checks are called from the sideline. Offense filled with one-and-done reads. Has to break habit of staring targets down. Wasn’t asked to be a full-field reader. Will have to play faster to adjust to shrinking NFL throwing windows. Will hang onto the ball a tick too long on rollouts. Inconsistent release. At times, his release with become elongated and with a pronounced dip in it. Reads could be inconsistent against zone. Developmental quarterback with NFL size and a good head on his shoulders. Torgersen’s success came against a much lower level of competition, but it is worth noting that his accuracy and arm strength will also benefit his growth when he’s throwing to NFL-caliber targets.

School: Kentucky | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 307 lbs.


Good size and bulk. Understands his physical limitations and plays to his strengths. Fits into blocks with good body control and at a leveraged strike position. Unlocks hips at contact on down blocks to pin defender and present a running lane. Generates power from his lower half. Utilizes efficient, compact punch. Has good hand strength to snatch and engage. Operates with plus hand placement, and willing to re-set hands to improve positioning when necessary. Able to control shoulder and steer opponent away from the hole. Good arm length for a center. Looks for work in pass protection and has enough anchor to thwart a bull rush. Marginal athlete. Plays with heavy feet and below-average lateral quickness. Could struggle with sudden redirects inside to catch blitzers and twisters. Struggles to mirror athletic, interior rushers in pass pro. Labors to recover once beaten. Snap-to-step quickness is very average. Effectiveness wanes beyond line of scrimmage. Has some hip stiffness which causes him to rely on leaning over bending. A little slow in his climb to second level. Toth is a tough, four-year starter. Will appeal to teams looking for centers who can operate in a power-based rushing scheme. While he’s better in a phone booth than on the move, he understands his limitations and does a good job of staying within himself. He’s not the best athlete at the position but his size, arm length, strength and consistency should outweigh that on the next level. Toth has the traits and ability to be an eventual starter in the NFL.

School: Minnesota | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 206 lbs.


Physical player with good size and the desired play demeanor for the position. Force player who will always opt for the more violent strikes. High character player and person. Considered coachable and dependable. Displayed versatility in Gopher defense. Lined up as a box safety, high safety and on the slot. Has box safety instincts against the run. Takes efficient paths to the perimeter from down low. Plays with a spirited effort. Shows ability to handle coverage duties on tight ends. Instincts are solid. Responds quickly to quarterback’s intentions. Outstanding special teams talent who can help right now. Can get a little loose in his pursuit angle headed downhill giving away some leverage against backside cuts. Has tightness in his hips. Sluggish lateral quickness. Has to gear down and take a more rounded path to the ball. Slow to open hips in his transitions. Range and long speed appear to be below average. Could struggle to maintain coverage responsibilities in vast space. Still room for improvement with tackling technique. Comes in hot rather than coming to balance before striking. Needs to eliminate some of the head-first approaches and look to square up his open field targets. Travis is a box safety who has the size and play demeanor to handle the rigors of the position, but will need to improve the consistency of his tackling. Travis may have enough cover skills to match up against in-line tight ends and handle zone responsibilities, but routes that force him to handle coverage down the field could become a challenge.

School: North Carolina | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Mentor, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 220lbs.

Selected by: Chicago Bears – No. 2

Tall, solidly built passer. Outstanding athlete with the mobility and body strength to escape pressure and extend plays. Efficient pocket movements to climb and delicately operate amidst backfield pressure with his eyes downfield. Slightly above average arm strength and controls his ball speeds well. Shows consistent accuracy on short-to-intermediate passes and doesn’t force his receivers to work for it. Very confident passer who will use the entire field – steady play in late-game situations. Displays the ability to make anticipation throws on in- and out-breaking routes, delivering prior to the receiver starting his break. Almost 98 percent of his dropbacks came from shotgun. Will have to learn NFL footwork from under center which could take time. Benefits from offense loaded with RPOs (run-pass option) that pull linebackers forward and open easier throwing windows. Played in space-based passing attack that didn’t often ask him to throw to tight windows in traffic. Accuracy tends to drop when throwing on the move. Needs to improve his field awareness and better protect the ball when scrambling (four fumbles in 2016). Only one season of starting experience and after spending three years on the sidelines – showed patience to sit and wait his turn, but his inability to unseat Williams as the starter is a question mark. Trubisky is a high-end quarterback prospect who possesses NFL size, a big arm and the ability to throw with accuracy from the pocket or on the move. Despite playing in a spread-based offense, he’s a full-field reader who does a very good job of getting an early read on the safeties before crafting his course of action. Trubisky will have to become much more pocket aware and do a better job of recognizing and attacking blitzes to back NFL defensive coordinators off. He hasn’t put all the pieces together yet, but the puzzle is all right in front. Trubisky projects as a good starting quarterback with a high floor and the potential to be great.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 331 lbs.

Selected by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No. 223

Possesses a jarring initial punch. Built low to the ground with ability to strike at upward angles. Gets his initial hand placement right and is able to win control at the point of attack. Not content to just eat space and lay on his block. Finds runners and looks to mirror to make plays. Looks to shuck quickly. Agile big man with ability to move down the line. Uses power to get late separation from blockers and make tackles against runners using his lane. Has experience eating double teams to keep his linebackers clean. Strong, wide base keeps him on his feet. Drain-clogger near the goal line. Portly frame with plenty of heft around the middle. Despite natural leverage, still allows centers under his pads when fatigued. Needs to stop allowing centers to hang around on blocks rather than overwhelming them. Should learn how to clean his frame and free himself by swatting blockers’ hands away. Longer centers stifle his strengths. Can press pocket a little bit as rusher but not enough to matter in the pros. Likely limited to early down snaps only. Left Utah to earn more playing time at USC and it seemed to pay dividends. With a jarring punch that sets him up for success, he is able to get rid of blockers for quick wins and is a productive tackler once he’s free.

School: William & Mary | Conference: CAA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Bowie, MD
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 321 lbs.


Good-looking on the hoof with NFL frame and length. Makes use of his long arms and big hands. Plays with good foot quickness in his initial, lateral movement. Has ability to reach three-techniques with more coaching. Athletic enough to secure, climb and locate moving targets. Displays a nasty streak and looks to finish blocks with some attitude. Can be a nuisance to pass rushers when he strikes first and locks those long arms out in pass protection. Has experience at both tackle spots. Outstanding intelligence and moldable prospect. Might need additional work and time to be able to catch up with the jump in talent he’ll see at pro level. Doesn’t always take the smart angle against twists and allows his protection to become leaky at times. Too often stiff-legged at contact in his pass sets, allowing open door for bull-rushers to create instant push. Plays with narrow base as drive blocker. Will lunge at the top of the pass rush arc rather than relying on technique. Needs to bring feet with him on angle blocks in order to maintain better contact balance. Didn’t pick up the sport until his junior year of high school but has shown rapid growth over the last three years. While there is a lack of consistency in his technique at this time, he has the traits and potential that should provide offensive line coaches with enough ammo to correct his issues. If he can play with more consistent bend and a wider base, he has interesting developmental potential, but he will likely require a patient approach.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Auburn, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 305 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 88

Solid functional lateral movement and change of direction. Able to spin out of blocks with quick feet. Gives good chase along backside. Booming power in his hands to tilt rep in his favor after initial punch. Explodes hips into contact to dislodge blockers Has strength and ability to play nose tackle or three-technique. Can two-gap. Gets inside arm under and rag dolls move blocks to challenge cutback lanes. Grows roots against double teams and fights to split them rather than trying to survive. Brings toughness and edge to the workplace. Better rush potential than numbers indicate. Has strength to walk interior linemen back in the pocket. Missed almost entire 2015 season with torn ACL and he didn’t seem to bounce all the way back in 2016. Carries weight poorly in his upper body and especially midsection. A little slow in reaction time off snap. Gets behind against move blocks and will often play from backside rather than play-side. Pad level rises after initial stages of rep. Needs to improve conditioning. Has to keep weight down and get full mobility back. Despite his ability, sack production has lagged behind. Vanderdoes is athletic and powerful, but his weight and health of his knee could be a concern. He has the talent to become a disruptive, productive starter if his body bounces back to his earlier form. If not, he’s still a solid rotational defensive tackle.

School: Northwestern | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Miami, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 238 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 161

Adequate straight-line pursuit speed. Flashes burst gear to close out runners looking to get the corner. Smart player with excellent work ethic. Considered a great teammate and leader. Instinctive downhill runner, and productive. Always looking to play tackles near the line of scrimmage. Works around second-level blocks with limp inside shoulder and upper body turn, causing blockers to miss the target and fall forward. Able to adjust path to the ball in space. Instinctive with good peripheral vision. Outstanding field awareness. Urgent helper on wide receiver screens and hitches. Plays with balanced eyes in coverage, darting between his coverage area and the quarterback’s eyes. Crowds target in his area, but willing to come off and hustle to a passing lane if he reads pass. Has some stiffness in his movement. Has been too muscle-bound and tight at times during career. Got too big, too fast. Missed tackle total on the high side. Comes downhill with some rigidity in his feet that prevent quick, lateral shifts. Sluggish to redirect his weight to mirror shifty runners in the hole or in open field. Should continue to work on functional flexibility. Will need to meet lead blocks with better knee bend and more force. Take-on skills need work. Feet are ahead of his hands when taking on climbing linemen. Allows blockers into his frame rather than punching and maintaining distance. Struggles to play off blocks. Can be obliterated and erased from his gap by angle blocks. A productive, downhill linebacker who misses too many tackles and struggles as a take-on player. He checks all the desired boxes for football and personal character and can be counted on to do what it takes to improve his game. He could become a decent starting linebacker within his first few years.

School: Oklahoma | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Garland, TX
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 310 lbs.


Can be tough to handle when motor is cranked and he’s working the gaps. Comes off the snap with good get-off. Able to rip through a blocker’s edge with good violence once the door opens up just a little bit. Has upper body power to set a strong edge. Plays with unusual agility and athleticism once he’s into the backfield. Able to redirect his weight for sudden change of direction. Plays on his feet. Shows ability and play speed to chase down running backs and quarterbacks headed for the perimeter. Operates with a big closing burst and an extended playmaking radius. Hands show power and potential in both run and pass. Works his hands and feet in unison as interior rusher. His football character called into question by coaching staff after he failed to come back from October 1 concussion and left team with two regular season games remaining to prepare for NFL draft. Effort level and motor fluctuates. Was a relative non-factor in all four of the games he played. High cut and struggles to maintain his ground against double teams. Lacked urgency as a pass rusher that he showed in 2015. Needs to add a rush counter when initial charge is foiled. Will lay on blocks at times. Needs quicker shed with tackle-ready posture. Disruptive defensive tackle with the initial quickness and power to become a factor for a one-gapping, upfield front if he can ever put it all together. Despite his flashes, Walker’s career starts can be counted on one hand and 2016 was a complete loss of a season, but his athleticism and potential give him a chance to become an NFL starter.

School: Florida State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 280 lbs.

Selected by: Denver Broncos – No. 51

Ties quick swim move to his jump-step in order to climb over top of pass protection. Posted eye-popping sack production (25) over last two seasons at FSU. Attempts to play past the blocker rather than giving in. Always searching for new opening when original rush move is stymied. When rush stalls, he spies quarterback and gets hand in alleys. Eight career passes defensed. Gathers blockers to set up teammates when first on twists. Active, heavy tackler. Stack-and-shed power on the edge when pad level is right. Thick bubble and thighs with ability to carry more mass. Able to stuff cut blocks and keep his feet clean. Hasty with hands and lands first. Engages and mirrors flow of running back with square pads. Durable and dependable. Inconsistent motor. Allows backside tackle opportunities to escape his grasp when he’s not hustling. Range as a tackler is average. A step slow when sliding down line to constrict cutback lanes. Needs to show quicker feet. Struggles to work feet and hips back into playmaking position once beaten on reach blocks. Pops straight and loses his leverage when fatigued. Doesn’t have the juice or hips to consistently bend the edge as a pro rusher. Needs two-way goes to do his best pass rush work. Moves well, but lacks suddenness and play speed is average. Level of play greatly impacted by fatigue level. Walker’s sack totals are impressive, but he’s not the type of “early win” sack artist that generally post those types of numbers. He’s a base end with power to hold up at the point, but better suited to reduce inside as interior rusher on passing downs. Walker lacks the desired size and physical traits teams look for off the edge; a move to three-technique isn’t out of the question.

School: Alabama State | Conference: SWAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Valley, AL
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 317 lbs.

Selected by: Oakland Raiders – No. 231

Athletic with decent movement skills. Flexible and comes off the ball with good pad level. Makes contact at leveraged angles. Can roll hips through defender after contact and generate some push in run game. Once he’s locked in, will pump his feet. Understands his length. Able to keep defenders off of him with long arms and plus hand placement inside the frame. Impressive strength in his large hands. Can snatch and maintain engagement to jersey/pads of his opponent. Decent balance in pass sets with well-timed punch. Rarely shoots hands unless pass rusher is in range. Appears to have foot quickness and agility to handle edge rushers. Could struggle initially against speed-to-power pass rushers. Doesn’t always bring his feet with him after contact, causing balance inconsistencies when trying to maintain his run blocks. Inconsistent footwork in pass sets. Gets caught mid-gallop at times and can be knocked off-balance. Opens up a little too early in his slides. Needs a more flat-footed punch approach. Played a lower level of competition. Needs to quicken speed of hand usage to match NFL speed he will see. Noticeably late out of his stance too often. A prospect with the traits and athleticism to potentially advance more quickly than others with the developmental label. While his pass sets need work, he seems to have a good feel for how to use his long arms and strong hands. He will need time to add more bulk to his frame to handle bull-rushers, but he has some tools and might have a future in the NFL with more experience and coaching.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Mooresboro, NC
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 309 lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 142

Athletic big man. Shows good movement skills for interior lineman. Operates in twisting, stunting defensive front at Clemson. Good lateral movement and agility creates problems for reach-blocking offensive linemen. Comes off the ball ready to punch and land first with his hands. Has closing burst down the line of scrimmage to challenge running backs looking to make back-side cut. Will stop his pass rush and activate hands in the passing lane when he sees quarterback begin wind-up. Played both nose and 3-technique at Clemson. Substantially more effective player if kept fresh in a rotation. Shows good awareness and recognition against screens. Pad level rises as snap progresses. Powerful guards can get under his pads and turn him out of the gap. Quality of play diminishes rapidly when fatigued. Needs to get early advantage as pass rusher or he won’t be a factor. Missing quality counter moves as a rusher. Needs more aggressiveness at point of attack and shed blocker earlier. Motor runs hot and cold. Needs to show more explosive, sudden elements in his game. While Watkins has had a productive, successful career at Clemson, it is hard to isolate the area of his game that he will call a definitive strength in the NFL. Watkins is athletic and may have rotational appeal to teams that covet active interior linemen. His top-heavy frame limits his anchor at the point of attack and if his motor isn’t revved up, he gets put on skates too often against power. Watkins has some talent and his traits are NFL-worthy, but he will need to play at a more consistent level in order to become a factor as a pro.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Gainesville, GA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 215lbs.

Selected by: Houston Texans – No. 12

Tremendous leader and winner. Good pocket posture with quiet upper body. Good pocket mobility and doesn’t show much panic when pocket gets noisy. Sacked just 32 times over his last 1,181 drop-backs. Willing to stand in and deliver the ball against rib-wreckers on a clear path for him. Has history of clutch play in big games and big moments. Averaged 472 yards of total offense with eight total touchdowns and one interception in his two championship appearances against Alabama. Throws with anticipation and touch. Arm strength currently limited by mechanical issues that are correctable. Big, strong hands to pump fake and manipulate. Keeps ball tucked near his chest when scanning. Has compact, over-the-top release that uncorks a tight, pretty spiral. Throws with adequate accuracy on the move. Has traits to operate out of boot-action attack. Tremendous athlete who has ability to pick up chunks of yardage on ground. Has called running plays could ignite a stagnant offense. Accuracy runs hot and cold. Tends to over-stride on drive throws, causing release point to drop and balls to sail. Ball placement on crossing routes and slants needs to improve. Will leave throws behind intended targets. Deep-ball accuracy has been scatter-shot over his last two seasons at Clemson, with throws sailing well beyond his target. Design of offense limited his need to make full-field reads. Has to become adept at working through progressions and playing chess against safeties. Needs to let routes develop rather than rushing anticipatory throws. Watson’s transition from Clemson’s offense to a pro-style attack will obviously take time, but his combination of intangibles and athletic ability make him a worthy selection.

School: Wisconsin | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Pewaukee, WI
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 252 lbs.

Selected by: Pittsburgh Steelers – No. 30

Produced at high-end level with just one season of full-time football. Has desired length for the edge with room to accommodate more size. Attacks blockers with early arm extension and utilizes push-pull technique to upset their balance as his pet move against run and pass. Outstanding hand play in his game. Disruptive as first man in on twists. Always ready to leap into passing lane and deflect the throw. Strikes fast and early to create leverage points. Rarely has helmet involved in play and is constantly searching for the ball. Understands art of quick disengagements and can flatten out against outside run. Has good agility to clear trash near his feet and pursue the ball. Functional in space when asked to cover. Can get skinny when shooting gaps and has decisiveness and pursuit quickness to crash down the line and close-out cutback lanes. Consistent, wrap-up finisher as tackler. Short strider who lacks explosion out of stance and up the field to bend the edge as a pass rusher. Foot quickness is average and needs to win with technique and great hand play. Won’t generate enough acceleration to crank up speed-to-power rush with consistency. Plays with a narrow base. Needs to play with more consistent bend to play through redirection by offensive line. Will have to add power in his base to hold point of attack against tackles. Pass rush menu will need more options against NFL tackles. A long-limbed effort rusher who posted impressive numbers against the run and pass in just one year as a starter. He is a tireless worker who pursues from snap to whistle and his brother, J.J., will be a tremendous resource for technique and pass-rush plan. While he is unlikely to win a race to the edge, he’s a plus run defender who can get to the quarterback with plus hand work and relentless effort.

School: California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Prosper, TX
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 229lbs.

Selected by: New York Giants – No. 87

Stands tall in the pocket with a high release point. Rhythm passer. Can drive it with accuracy between hashes when allowed to sling from a clean pocket. Shows patience to allow crossing routes to clear traffic. Expedites release with compact delivery when blitzed. Functional poise with blitz in his face. Slides to create cleaner platform to launch from when pocket gets noisy. Has feel for when ball has been in his hands too long and will look to release it. Feet are good enough to operate in a boot-action passing attack. Robotic decision-making. Decision on where to go with ball seems predetermined despite coverages. Needs to get better at manipulating safeties with his eyes. Inconsistent velocity to sideline causes nose of ball to dip. Drive throws sometime sail. Has slow setup in pocket with excessive pre-release steps. Timing passes must come out sooner. Plagued by accuracy issues and decision-making outside the numbers on both intermediate and deep throws. Five of his 12 interceptions in 2016 were along deep sidelines due to under-throws and failure to read safety help. Touch and placement are an issue when forced to leave the pocket. System quarterback with more than 65 percent of his attempts coming inside of 10 yards. Webb has enough raw talent to be considered a developmental prospect, but his decision-making and accuracy issues beyond 10 yards is a big red flag that might be tough to overcome in the NFL.

School: Oklahoma | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Cameron, TX
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 178 lbs.

Selected by: Jacksonville Jaguars – No. 110

Plays with sudden feet in tight quarters. Uncovers quickly while working underneath. Rhythmic cadence in his routes. Dangerous after the catch. Vertical transitions in his routes are smooth and sudden with loads of acceleration. Patient in routes and reads corners hips to time his cuts. Works back to most every throw with vacuum-like hands. Improviser who finds open spots for a scrambling quarterback. Leverages cornerbacks toward hash to create throwing room to boundary on fades and deep balls. Long speed looks legit. Runs under and through the deep ball with desired tracking over his shoulder. Plays bigger than his size. Willing worker in front of safeties in middle of the field. Shadow blocker, but willing to maintain positioning as long as he has to. Utilized as kick and punt returner in important spots. Could have issues holding up against NFL size. Can be a little lackadaisical with the simple routes. Needs to back corners off with greater show of vertical push into routes. Play speed is inconsistent. Allowed free releases and rarely faced physical challenges. Could struggle with contested catches on the next level due to size. Scheme allowed for less safety help over the top and more one-on-one looks. Character concerns will need to be addressed with NFL teams. Natural glider with ability to play outside but could be moved to slot due to size concerns. Often found running in the clear thanks to strong double moves and weak competition. Westbrook’s separation quickness, second gear, and reliable hands are all translatable play traits that should turn into catches on the next level.

School: Southern California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Height/Weight: 6-7 / 306 lbs.


Solid athlete. Competitive with high football character. Comes off the snap with controlled, tight footwork in short areas. Works to stay connected to his blocks. Balanced on angle blocks with ability to keep his man centered while chopping feet. At best as a move blocker. Can make cross-face blocks and cut blocks. Shines with his “work-up” blocks. Always spies his second block while securing his first and climbs up to his target with easy, controlled pace. Can redirect body to adjust on second-level blocks. Able to pull and lead the charge. Can snatch and ride pass rushers when he lands the first punch. Comes out of stance with high pad level and leverage game suffers. Initial contact at point of attack lacks pop. Rarely rolls hips under his pads for desired drive-blocking power. Ducks head and loses sight of his man. Stack-and-shed defenders can discard him. Carries hands low and punch timing is off in pass pro. Needs to play with inside hands. Tries to manufacture anchor through his lean. While anticipating contact with rusher his feet deaden, robbing him of functional recovery skills. A move blocker with the ability to operate confidently in space while lacking the power to whip the man across from him. Lack of core strength and consistent footwork in pass protection could force him to make a move inside to guard for a zone team. Could become an eventual starter, but might be best-suited as a swing tackle on the NFL level.

School: Florida State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Dothan, AL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 194 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 216

Spies quarterback from quarters coverage and drives early to underneath routes. Shows good awareness of routes around him. Willing to overlap his coverage responsibilities from off-man. Long arms and big hands. Jams with quick reaction time post-snap. Looks to land punch on inside shoulder. Crowds the outside release. Allowed just one touchdown over last two seasons as field corner. Obvious balance issues transitioning from press into his turn. Lacks patience from press. Opens to first fake he sees. Tall, stiff backpedal. Gives away inside leverage, allowing open throwing windows. Poor career ball production with just 11 passes defensed. Slow to get head around to find ball. Delayed stick-and-click burst forward from backpedal. Waits on running backs to bring action to him. Allowed total of eight missed and broken tackles four to just 22 total tackles this season. Finesse cornerback with limited ball skills and production as two-year starter. Coverage stats from junior season garnered attention, but his 2016 tape was average, with marginal instincts and coverage inconsistencies from press. Length is a plus and he does have talent, but he needs technique work to iron out some issues.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Shreveport, LA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 192 lbs.

Selected by: Buffalo Bills – No. 27

Quick twitch with exceptional footwork. Uses controlled hop-steps from press for extended face-up against receivers. Patient in press and rarely commits prematurely. Uses reactive quickness for quick recovery when beaten from slot. Pattern reader will jump path of route and attack throw. Plus click-and-close burst to ball. Stop-start change of direction allows him to shadow in tight quarters. Sticky coverage on crossers and intermediate routes. Improved willingness to attack line of scrimmage and do his part against the run. Three-year punt returner with a return touchdown in each season. Was also used as a gunner. Physicality and play strength a concern from slot. Big-bodied slot targets will post him up in space and drive him off the line in run game. Tackles when necessary, but doesn’t seek out contact. Less technique-oriented and more grabby from slot. Early anchor from off coverage caused struggles opening hips when receivers would stem and go. Recovery-quick but not recovery-fast. Full-time starter for better part of four years and one of the premier mirror-and-match cornerbacks in the game. Has the feet, athleticism and instincts for prolonged coverage responsibilities and his twitch will always have him near the throw. Best suited for all forms of man coverage. Should compete as special teams performer. Lacks run-support physicality to be an every-down corner, but he’s talented enough to challenge for slot duties right away.

School: Brigham Young | Conference: FBS Independents
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Fontana, CA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 212 lbs.

Selected by: Green Bay Packers – No. 134

Carries NFL size with a muscular build and good height. Able to bend at point of impact and attack with decent leverage. Uses his stiff arm as a weapon to escape tackles on an angle. Decisive runner. Sees it and goes. Not into dancing. Has a functional spin move he uses to spin out of tackles and grind out a few extra yards. Keeps his feet churning through contact. Above average ball security with a fumble rate of 140 (one fumble every 140 carries). Bulls through running lanes crashing into blockers rather than shifting with the contours. Doesn’t have athleticism to create early yardage for himself. Missing a functional jump cut for sudden shift from gap to gap once line of scrimmage muddies. Hit or miss with run lanes he chooses. Excessive forward lean creates issues with contact balance. Too easily felled by arm tackles. Banger, but not a tackle breaker. Doesn’t have the speed to turn the corner when runs spill outside. His NFL size and physical nature give him a shot to make the back-end of the running back depth chart, but his inability to create for himself with broken tackles and elusiveness puts a ceiling on his draft value.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Allentown, PA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 202lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 121

Has get-away burst in small spaces. Flashes breakaway speed to take it to the house if he gets up to the safeties. Sudden second gear to turn the corner or accelerate through line of scrimmage. Carries weight in his lower half, allowing for unique contact balance. Able to recover from hits that bring most runners down. Runs feet through initial contact and blows through arm tackles. Makes defenders earn their tackles and is hard to bring down. Can create with wiggle and power. Has lateral shuffle of a basketball player to slink out of traffic jams and escape outside. Can string moves together on second and third levels. Lowers pads to finish runs with momentum. Retired” for a month before coming back after Utah running back corps was depleted due to injuries. Questions have arisen about his football character and commitment to the game. Ball security issues are a concern; lost six fumbles over 289 carries at Utah. Needs to press line of scrimmage longer before making his cuts. Will run into traffic that he might be able to avoid. Non-factor as third-down option. Rarely catches passes and not committed to blocking. Williams has the ability to keep runs alive that other running backs couldn’t. His ability to create yardage for himself is a necessary piece of the puzzle for NFL runners, but his inability to contribute on third downs is a negative. Williams has talent as a runner and should have no problem securing a roster spot.

School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Corona, CA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 202 lbs.

Selected by: New Orleans Saints – No. 42

Able to play from deep positioning and still make plays on the ball. Good recognition of quarterback’s intentions gives him a head-start on the throw. Has desired open-field speed to close from hash to sideline. Former basketball player and high-jumper with the leaping ability and timing to win the 50-50 throws. Productive tackler and careful finisher. Steps downhill against the run. Leverages ball carriers to the sideline and rarely lets him cross back over into middle of the field. Gathers feet and widens out to unfurl a wider tackling net. More of a finesses safety than hitter. Takes the worst of it in one-on-one tackles. Can be dragged along for additional yardage. Plays with a hitch in his transition from backpedal. Occasionally follows quarterback’s eyes too carefully and can be manipulated. Ball-hawking free safety who has outstanding ball skills and has shown a propensity for causing turnovers. He can play from a high centerfield spot and utilizes his instincts to swoop down and challenge throws. He’s able to get running backs down, but he’s not physical enough to be a combination safety. NFL teams love defensive backs with athletic traits, instincts and ball skills.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Vance, SC
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 218 lbs.

Selected by: Los Angeles Chargers – No. 7

Sells vertical push to create an early hip turn from backpedaling cornerbacks. Uses hands to create late separation on vertical throws. Long arms and big hands can go get throws at their highest point, snatching 50/50 balls away from his in-air competitors. Ball tracking is impeccable. Able to track it inside, outside or over his shoulder. Hands catcher who plucks it away from his body. Concentration ramps up when routes take him between the hashes. Works middle of the field with no reservations about what is lingering. Can make cornerbacks miss after the catch and extend his play. Needs more commitment as a run blocker but has frame and strength to make a difference as a blocker. Natural pass catcher who will occasionally run into focus drops. Drops issue found him over second half of the season. Route work lacks focus and energy. Creates very little indecision from cornerbacks with his head fakes and jab steps. Ability to win with physical traits could dry up on next level. Could use better understanding of route leverage to open wider passing lanes for quarterbacks. Plant-and-go at the stem lacks crispness as does acceleration from his cuts. Average release quickness. Gets hung up by press corners with a good lead jab. Needs to play to his size. Gets muscled against sideline too often. Williams looks the part of a WR1 and has shown an ability to work all three levels of the field after coming back from his 2015 neck injury. Williams is tough enough to be a high-volume target while working the middle of the field and his size and ball skills make him a formidable foe in the end zone. He’ll have to be coached up with his routes and releases, but he has the talent to become a big safety blanket for a young quarterback.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 244 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 78

Rockets out of stance like a track sprinter, but with shoulder pads on. True edge bending ability as a rusher. Pass-rush approach is more sophisticated than he is given credit for. Can win outside or inside making every rush a potential two-way go. Shows good feel for the pass-rush arc and understands when to attack the corner. Able to dip shoulder and pivot under and around an offensive tackle and into the quarterback. Hand usage well-timed as a rusher. Primarily a rusher but showed continuing improvement in technique at the point of attack. Plus foot quickness with the smoothness to drop into coverage and operate in space on zone blitzes. Can be taken advantage of with screen passes and misdirection. Has sinewy build that resembles a move tight end more than an NFL edge rusher. Is improving as edge-setter but he still needs work. Would benefit from a stronger initial punch. Athletic tackles with a well-timed punch can stymie his rush plans. Needs to do better job of getting set pre-snap. Has some hip tightness that limits his stride length upfield and laterally. Williams’ career might be as a pass-rush specialist, but he’s talented enough at that endeavor to become a dangerous rush linebacker in the NFL. With experience rushing out of both the two and three point stances, Williams offers schematic versatility.

School: Kansas State | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 255 lbs.

Selected by: Cincinnati Bengals – No. 73

Good eyes vs. zone read; sees mesh point clearly. Quick responder once he diagnoses the action. Excellent change of direction ability to stay in the hunt. Finishes tackles, rarely allowing runners to escape grasp. Pursuit will not stop until the whistle blows. Proficient with hands. Hands are strong and control the action. Well-schooled with excellent stack-and-shed ability. Good strength in base and plays with adequate contact balance. Stays clean setting edge while spying into backfield. Uses blockers’ forward lean against them, sends them tumbling forward. Arm over is a pet move that gives him early wins. Track-stance pass rusher who comes out of the blocks with decent burst to the edge. Hard worker. Productive in sacks and forced fumbles.Straight-liner mover. Very deliberate as a pass rusher. Shows rush moves early and rarely deviates from original track. One-speed rusher lacking dynamic qualities to turn corner for tight loops. Could get flattened in the rush arc due to hip tightness. Timing of hands need work as he tends to shoot prematurely, opening himself up to counter moves. Rarely makes tackles redirect inside with sharp counters. Tackles often come at angles. Might need to move to outside linebacker on next level. Productive three-year starter who plays with desired motor from whistle to whistle. Willis is a stack-and-shed edge defender with good play strength and quality hand work at the point of attack. He will need more creativity to be an effective NFL pass rusher, but he should be able to earn a roster spot and work his way up the pecking order in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme.

School: Houston | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Sophomore | Hometown: Desoto, TX
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 184 lbs.

Selected by: Cleveland Browns – No. 126

Averaged an interception (nine total) every 15 targets despite just one season as a full-time starter. Drapes his length over throwing windows. Has impressive burst to ball that brings him into range to make plays on the throw. Has the size and speed to stay with burners down the field. Springy leaper with catch radius to ruin the 50/50 tries. Always monitoring quarterback from off-man and zone. Will take a direct line to the ball when he decides to trigger. Has the hips and feet to mirror and match all over the field. Well-coached and experienced in a variety of techniques. Shows no fear when it’s time to come get ball carriers as a tackler. Goes low and goes hard. Has very limited experience relative to the rest of the cornerbacks in this draft. Will require additional time to hone his pattern recognition and instincts down the field. Has a very thin frame with skinny legs. Plays a little too upright at times. Scouts believe he could struggle early inside a complicated defensive scheme. Smooth athlete with excellent length who has a long history of making plays on the football. Wilson is fast and fluid and he’s willing to do his part as a tackler, but he needs more muscle and more experience before he’s ready to handle some of the physical receivers he will see in the league. Wilson’s size, speed and ball skills will be coveted traits and they give him a chance to become a good NFL starter with time.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 211 lbs.

Selected by: Indianapolis Colts – No. 46

Prototypical size for cornerback or safety spot. Big and physical. Very competitive. Willing to accept challenge of taking on a team’s top wideout. Uses play strength to overcome some athletic and speed deficiencies. Can maul receivers off line of scrimmage and eliminate them from a route if they don’t get clean release against his press. Plus anticipation in coverage. Makes quick reads on in-breaking routes and attacks in front of the route. Finished career with six interceptions. Responsive to play-action keys. Good feel for when to step downhill as tackler. Plays off perimeter blocks quickly. Willing to stick his nose in as a tackler. Willing to be the hammer and not just the nail when it comes to challenging running backs. Hips and feet can be exceedingly sticky in his transitions. Will fight his feet a little in his backpedal and shuffle. Footwork average in space. When feet fail him, he opts to use his hands. Could see spike in illegal contact and holding penalties if asked to play corner early in career. Reliant upon strength and grit in man coverage over speed and athleticism. Plays too tall which hinders click-and-close burst. Allows too much separation against complex routes. Below average reactive athleticism for the position and will struggle to carry long speed. His size and physicality combined with issues in staying glued to quick receivers could lead him to the safety spot where his instincts, ball skills and willingness to tackle will all serve him well.

School: Arkansas | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 274 lbs.’

Selected by: New England Patriots – No. 131

Uncommon arm length (35 inches) with enormous hands. Terrific power in his punch and is able to jolt tackles with it. Uses brute force to set a strong edge. Can rag-doll blockers with stack-and-jerk upper body power. Effective use of arm length to keep blockers out of his frame. Heavy tackler engulfing ball carrier with full weight of his frame. Uses long strides to gain ground up the field as pass rusher. Powers through contact when he’s at the edge. Legitimate bull-rush potential when pad level is good. Has frame that will accept more mass. Quick getting hands into passing lane when rush stalls. Production fell well below expectations. Lost early down reps during senior season. Heavy-stepper with excessive stride length for short-area movement. Lacks lateral quickness and ability needed in twist games as rusher. Painfully slow to restart engine after changing direction. Below average reactive quickness allows running backs to dart past him. Tackling range has limitations. Hands have power but not suddenness. Won’t get many quick wins at point of attack in the backfield. Pad level rises as rep rolls on. Upfield rush doesn’t threaten the edge. Tackles drop early anchors to counter his power. Needs active feet after contact. Lacks edge rush ability to stay outside on third downs. Slow-twitch power player with rare physical attributes but a lack of functional athleticism to chalk up a stat sheet. Might have been miscast as a 4-3 defensive end considering his lack of quickness and rush talent. But his length and power at the point of attack could make him an attractive draft option for 3-4 teams looking for a two-gapping defensive end with the traits to bounce back from a disappointing senior season.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 198 lbs.

Selected by: San Francisco 49ers – No. 66

Exceptional combination of size and speed. Hips are fluid and feet are fast. Opens hips and gets to top speed quickly with long, easy strides to chase receivers down the field. Plus athleticism allows for quick recovery when beaten early off release. Showed marked improvement in his instincts and overall feel for coverage. Is beginning to recognize patterns and play ahead of the routes. Takes playmaking angles to the ball and defends the catch point with tremendous timing. His 2016 completion percentage against was just 26.5. Tied for second in nation in passes defensed with 20. Has a gangly frame that is all arms and legs. Will have to add more functional strength to compete against NFL physicality. Keeps weight too far back in his backpedal. Technique somewhat raw and still needs refining. Had some balance and footwork issues when matching receivers through route breaks. Tape of his run support is not for the weak. Almost always in a state of retreat when run heads his way. Unwilling to step downhill and stick his nose in to help contain the edge. Possesses a rare combination of size and speed and saw his ball production take a substantial leap this season. Witherspoon played just one season of high school football so his technique and route awareness should continue to improve. Witherspoon’s length and his ability to mirror and match in space should launch him into early playing time, but his unwillingness to tackle and hit will be a complete turn-off for some teams.

School: Louisiana Tech | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: West Monroe, LA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 197 lbs.

Selected by: Dallas Cowboys – No. 191

Ball skills are a plus. From high safety, tracks the ball the moment it comes out of quarterback’s hands. Understands when he can undercut routes and has sticky hands to bring the ball in. Plays with above average instincts that have him primed to swoop into a passing lane. Drives hard on the route as soon as quarterback begins windup. Considers the ball his birthright. Always looking to make a play and is often successful. Has ridiculous ball production over last three seasons with fourteen interceptions and five forced fumbles. Can bring the wood as a hitter and has talent for timing hit to jar the ball loose from receivers. Good tackle production despite being moved around the field. Size is a little below average for the position. Better hitter than tackler. Needs to fine-tune tackle fundamentals to eliminate misses in space. Slow to change direction. Lacks reactive athleticism and quickness for desired recovery ability. Backpedal is upright and little rigid. Tightness through his hips limits stride length and agility in space. Can be slow to range from the hash to the boundary against deep ball unless he gets a head-start. Will bust coverage looking to make a play. Gets caught guessing and can be manipulated and moved by quarterback glances. Will have to learn to play with better discipline. Woods’ career stat sheet at Louisiana Tech is loaded with play after play, but that has to be balanced out with his occasional lack of discipline that can cost his defense on the back end. Woods has outstanding instincts and ball skills, but will need to play with the game in front of him due to potential athletic limitations in space.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Toledo, OH
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 298 lbs.

Selected by: Baltimore Ravens – No. 74

Well-built, thick frame from head to toe. Natural bender with ease of movement and agility for a man his size. Has experience playing inside and outside. Comes out low and aggressively off snap. Able to generate bullrush with speed-to-power drive into tackles. Hints of arm-over and spin moves as rusher. Good technician at point of attack. Sets strong, decisive edge with leverage, arm extension and anchor. Pursuit speed gives him extended tackle radius. Able to close down the line quickly and restrict cutback lanes. Balance is excellent; rarely seen on the ground. Able to plow through redirect blocks when charging through gaps. Fairly disciplined in approach. Aware and reactive to jet sweeps and counters. Student of the game and a willing leader. Not very twitchy firing out of stance and up the field. Lacks explosion in first two steps as edge rusher. Shows delayed transition into the rush off play fakes. Needs to play with faster hands as pass rusher. His wins vs. blockers tend to be more eventual than sudden. Remains engaged with blockers longer than desired at times. Pursuit effort can run a little bit hot and cold. Could lack anchor necessary for full-time transition inside. NFL offensive linemen will be better equipped to counter Wormley’s brute power. Needs to bring feet with him and through the tackle. Wormley’s size and athleticism could appeal to teams that favor big, strong base ends who can set a physical edge and then bump inside as pass rushers. Wormley could be coaxed into a more sophisticated pass-rush approach with coaching, but he’s not there yet. His size, athleticism and versatility gives him a chance to earn early playing time and to become an eventual starter.

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