Round 3 Picks

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School: North Carolina-Charlotte | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 305 lbs.

Wins race against blockers for first hands on opponent. Fires out of his stance and into blockers with coiled hips and a wallop in his punch. Strikes with leverage. Able to dislodge blockers with anchor issues. Plus athletic ability to mirror ball carrier once he locks in on target. Has speed to chase runners in space. Can set a strong edge or penetrate upfield. Makes impact tackles on the other side of the line. Hands are fast and powerful. Has strength and balance to fight through redirect blocks and maintain his journey to the quarterback. Uses powerful right-hand club to bat away blocker’s punch and slide over the top and into the backfield. Constantly improving position as a pass rusher and can be a handful for a less-skilled pass protector. Pushes the pocket with his bull rush. Very average build for an interior player. Has continued to add weight but likely needs a few more pounds. Below-average arm length makes it essential for him to get into blocker first. Will get big-boyed occasionally. Big guards with length able to disrupt his rhythm and alter his plans. Gets in a hurry when he smells a sack and will overrun target at times. Would benefit with more disciplined pursuit angles in space. Ogunjabi uses leverage, quickness, and strong hands to counter his average size. Size and below-average length will work against him for some teams, but others who covet disruptive defensive tackles who can play in the backfield and generate some pressure will be studying him closely. Has starting NFL potential.

School: Colorado | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 198 lbs.

Exceptional combination of size and speed. Hips are fluid and feet are fast. Opens hips and gets to top speed quickly with long, easy strides to chase receivers down the field. Plus athleticism allows for quick recovery when beaten early off release. Showed marked improvement in his instincts and overall feel for coverage. Is beginning to recognize patterns and play ahead of the routes. Takes playmaking angles to the ball and defends the catch point with tremendous timing. His 2016 completion percentage against was just 26.5. Tied for second in nation in passes defensed with 20. Has a gangly frame that is all arms and legs. Will have to add more functional strength to compete against NFL physicality. Keeps weight too far back in his backpedal. Technique somewhat raw and still needs refining. Had some balance and footwork issues when matching receivers through route breaks. Tape of his run support is not for the weak. Almost always in a state of retreat when run heads his way. Unwilling to step downhill and stick his nose in to help contain the edge. Possesses a rare combination of size and speed and saw his ball production take a substantial leap this season. Witherspoon played just one season of high school football so his technique and route awareness should continue to improve. Witherspoon’s length and his ability to mirror and match in space should launch him into early playing time, but his unwillingness to tackle and hit will be a complete turn-off for some teams.

3. (67) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (from 49ers via Bears) select: ALVIN KAMARA, RB
School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Norcross, GA
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 215lbs

Spirited runner with NFL size and speed. Will open creases by varying pace of his runs. Burst to top speed is available at flip of a switch. Creates yardage with speed, wiggle and power. Twitchy and decisive. Strong lower body provides superior balance. Flexible and agile with ability to twist, spin and ricochet off of bodies and continue to gain yards after contact. Can play on all three downs. Improved in pass protection and squares up blitzers. Has lined up at slot receiver at times. Sure-handed pass catcher with excellent burst out of breaks to consistently uncover. Has talent as punt returner. Vision can be hit or miss. Not an instinctive runner. Needs to see running lane develop and is missing a feel for reading progressions of his blocks. Makes inconsistent decisions on stretch plays. Can be his own worst enemy on third level. Will run himself into a tackler rather than setting him up for a downfield blocker. Consistently cuts left when given an open-field choice against tackler. Needs to tuck ball high and tight to prevent fumbles. Ascending, competitive runner who has flashed explosive NFL talent at various times over the last two seasons. A committed runner with excellent balance who finds yardage that isn’t blocked for him. While he has never logged 20 carries in a single game, he has the talent to play on all three downs if he can prove his durability.

School: Illinois | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Groveport, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 264 lbs.

Well-conditioned with willing motor to pursue across the field. Strong closing burst closes out quarterbacks in the pocket and running backs down the line of scrimmage. Works to stay ahead of reach blocks and contain the edge. Able to knife through gaps and create disruption in backfield. Uses dip and rip when he senses he can turn the corner. Speed-to-power ability when given a runway. Good lateral quickness and would benefit from twisting scheme that allows him to operate in space. Able to redirect suddenly. Can play with hand in the ground or standing. Needs to improve skill level and become more consistent with hands as a pass rusher. Average upfield burst to challenge the edge. Face-up rusher with issues cornering edge with snug turn. Rushes without much of a plan and relatively few counter attacks. Struggles to set a hard edge and can be kicked out by quality tackles. Not enough wins against man-to-man matchups. Very small hands for the position. Duck-footed, face-up rusher able to generate some power in his rush, Smoot failed to put together the breakout season many predicted after a strong junior showing. He lacks a track record of pass rush production to excite NFL teams, but his athleticism could create an opportunity for him as a 3-4 rush end if given the chance.

School: Eastern Washington | Conference: Big Sky
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Yakima, WA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 204 lbs.

Elite level of production for any level of football. Finished career as Division I career leader in receptions, yards and touchdowns. Hands are natural and strong. Plucks it away from his body and immediately tucks it away. Utilizes route speed variances to create deep-ball opportunities. Extremely confident and competitive. Bodies up cornerbacks to win contested catches. Believes he can catch every throw and is able to make the circus grab look easy at times. Excellent ball-tracker. Uses force and leverage at break points to help create room out of his cuts. Manipulates coverage with head fakes and stutter-steps. A little upright though his routes. Lateral quickness out of breaks underneath provide no early separation. Operated as big slot but could lack separation quickness to open clean throwing windows underneath for NFL quarterbacks. Build-up runner who doesn’t seem to eat up the early cushion. Some scouts question ability to be a productive starter as outside receiver. Excessive fakes and jukes into breaks at times; will need to win with more efficient routes. Protracted gear-down getting into breaks for deep comebacks. Utilized as a slot receiver in college but could transition outside. Kup is as natural a pass catcher as you will find with desired competitive drive on each snap. His transition to NFL-level cornerbacks will take time, but he has the ability to become an early No. 3 receiver and eventual starter.

6. (70) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (from Jets) select: PAT ELFLEIN, C
School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 303 lbs.

Renown for his outrageous work ethic. Strong leadership characteristics both verbally and by example. Looks for work when uncovered. Smartly alters assignment based on flow of the defense. Always under control in his movements. Patient pull blocker who stalks his target rather than rushing the block. Plus play strength and wrestling background gives him a leg up in hand-to-hand combat against big dogs inside. Quick to roll hips into block after first contact. Drives feet through contact and uses strong hands to stick like glue to the block. Reliable and effective in down blocks. Finisher looking to make a statement at the end of the play. Has mental part down. Recognizes twisting defensive tackles and greets them with aggressiveness. Hand placement is excellent. Strikes with upward blows squarely into the strike zone as run blocker. Pass-pro punch is compact with some heat behind it. Can anchor against bull rush. Winning history on high-caliber team. Versatile; proficient and successful at both center and guard. Footwork can be a little labored at times for the center position. Marginal twitch with short-area reaction time that is just average. A bit of a straight-line player in space. Struggles to come off initial block and body up against delayed, A-gap blitzers. Understands leverage but hip stiffness causes pad level to rise as play rolls along. Anticipates early bull rush and will drop an early anchor. Not always first with his hands. Gives away his chest to interior defenders with good hand quickness. Elflein is a smart, tireless worker with a winning background and experience at all three interior offensive line spots. While his feet are just average, his core strength and wrestling background could make him a favorite of teams looking for more strength at the center position. Elflein will have occasional issues in pass protection, but his strength as a run blocker and ability to play with excellent hands and plus body control should make him one of the first interior linemen to come off the draft board.

School: Indiana | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Orland Park, IL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 305 lbs.

Tough guy with a banger mentality. Decent arm length for the position. Above-average pass protector on interior. Feet are light enough to slide quickly in either direction to protect the edge in pass-pro. Very aware of twists and blitzes. Shoots a strong punch that can jar gap shooters out of the gap and can put a sting into both twisters as he snaps and catches. Zone-blocking specialist with desired lateral quickness. Takes well-planned routes up to second-level targets on difficult backside cutoffs. Able to get around corner with pace when asked to long pull. Good patience. Finds his landmarks and strikes them. Rarely commits early to a block. Waits until he’s in proper position. Plays with redirect power in his upper body. Will take it to the whistle and looks to finish with some menace. Effective blocker in screen game. Poor pad level and a narrow base creates contact-balance issues. Shows a lack of knee bend that makes change of direction in space a task. Is a bit straight-linish in his approach. Unable to generate consistent push as a base blocker. Needs to improve hip sink for better leverage and to sustain his blocks. Hand speed is decent but punch is a little wide. Feeney is a quality zone blocker with an ability to pull and lead the charge, but he might lack the play strength to become a reliable base blocker. His intelligence and ability to operate in space and protect the quarterback could make him an early starter with a ceiling of above-average NFL guard or center.

8. (72) TENNESSEE TITANS (from Patriots via Panthers) select: TAYWAN TAYLOR, WR
School: Western Kentucky | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Louisville, KY
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 203 lbs.

Stutter-steps around press coverage and into his work. Runs routes with a purpose. Changes route speeds almost at random, creating discomfort in cover corners. Hits accelerator to get over the top on vertical routes. Easy strider with fluid hips in the open field. Impressive plant-and-go separation explosion. Differentiator from slot with suddenness and burst. Gets head around to quarterback immediately out of breaks. Effective sink and open on stop routes. Dynamic after the catch. Finds yards for himself in open field. Has brake-to-gas quickness and elusive, swiveling torso. Always competing. Nifty near sideline with ability to deaden feet and make the challenging catch. Outstanding production despite defenses focusing on him. Feasted on bubble screens, jet sweeps and several catch-and-run plays. Route variances could create some issues in systems requiring more timing. NFL route work will have to be more focused with less freestyle. Body catcher who will have the occasional focus drop. If he doesn’t work back harder to his quarterback, body catches could turn into issues with contested catches. Very aware of where safeties lurk in middle of the field. Slot-only receiver with the athleticism and separation quickness to win on the NFL level. Benefitted statistically from Western Kentucky’s scheme, but that offense benefitted from Taylor’s ability to get open and his explosiveness in the open field. High floor with the potential to be an above-average slot receiver in an offense that recognizes his flexibility.

School: Kansas State | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 255 lbs.

Good eyes vs. zone read; sees mesh point clearly. Quick responder once he diagnoses the action. Excellent change of direction ability to stay in the hunt. Finishes tackles, rarely allowing runners to escape grasp. Pursuit will not stop until the whistle blows. Proficient with hands. Hands are strong and control the action. Well-schooled with excellent stack-and-shed ability. Good strength in base and plays with adequate contact balance. Stays clean setting edge while spying into backfield. Uses blockers’ forward lean against them, sends them tumbling forward. Arm over is a pet move that gives him early wins. Track-stance pass rusher who comes out of the blocks with decent burst to the edge. Hard worker. Productive in sacks and forced fumbles.Straight-liner mover. Very deliberate as a pass rusher. Shows rush moves early and rarely deviates from original track. One-speed rusher lacking dynamic qualities to turn corner for tight loops. Could get flattened in the rush arc due to hip tightness. Timing of hands need work as he tends to shoot prematurely, opening himself up to counter moves. Rarely makes tackles redirect inside with sharp counters. Tackles often come at angles. Might need to move to outside linebacker on next level. Productive three-year starter who plays with desired motor from whistle to whistle. Willis is a stack-and-shed edge defender with good play strength and quality hand work at the point of attack. He will need more creativity to be an effective NFL pass rusher, but he should be able to earn a roster spot and work his way up the pecking order in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme.

10. (74) BALTIMORE RAVENS (from Eagles) select: CHRIS WORMLEY, DT
School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Toledo, OH
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 298 lbs.

Well-built, thick frame from head to toe. Natural bender with ease of movement and agility for a man his size. Has experience playing inside and outside. Comes out low and aggressively off snap. Able to generate bullrush with speed-to-power drive into tackles. Hints of arm-over and spin moves as rusher. Good technician at point of attack. Sets strong, decisive edge with leverage, arm extension and anchor. Pursuit speed gives him extended tackle radius. Able to close down the line quickly and restrict cutback lanes. Balance is excellent; rarely seen on the ground. Able to plow through redirect blocks when charging through gaps. Fairly disciplined in approach. Aware and reactive to jet sweeps and counters. Student of the game and a willing leader. Not very twitchy firing out of stance and up the field. Lacks explosion in first two steps as edge rusher. Shows delayed transition into the rush off play fakes. Needs to play with faster hands as pass rusher. His wins vs. blockers tend to be more eventual than sudden. Remains engaged with blockers longer than desired at times. Pursuit effort can run a little bit hot and cold. Could lack anchor necessary for full-time transition inside. NFL offensive linemen will be better equipped to counter Wormley’s brute power. Needs to bring feet with him and through the tackle. Wormley’s size and athleticism could appeal to teams that favor big, strong base ends who can set a physical edge and then bump inside as pass rushers. Wormley could be coaxed into a more sophisticated pass-rush approach with coaching, but he’s not there yet. His size, athleticism and versatility gives him a chance to earn early playing time and to become an eventual starter.

11. (75) ATLANTA FALCONS (from Bills) select: DUKE RILEY, OLB
School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Buras, LA
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 232 lbs.

Instincts and angles improved with more game experience. Shows willingness to dart downhill and into the gaps to try and make a play in the backfield. Squares ball carrier in center of his strike zone and fires from hips into the tackle with good wrap up. Shows decent acceleration in his pursuit after diagnosing. Able to open hips and run with long, loose strides in open field. Has clear eyes and processes mesh-point quickly against zone-read and play-action. Gives early response to crossing routes in his area. Undersized and could have limited position flexibility. Questionable play strength to take on blockers and constrict his gap. Only one season as a starter. Gets in trouble when he sits and waits in the hole. Has to trigger downhill early to overcome limited size and athleticism. Gets caught in the second-level trash in his pursuit. Needs to take better paths to the ball. Not a quick-twitch linebacker. Has build-up speed but lacks short-area quickness to finish from challenging tackle angles. Foot quickness isn’t good enough to match up against running backs coming out of backfield. One-year wonder who produced at a consistent level despite his average athleticism and lack of starting experience. While he’s mindful of his responsibilities, he’s not overly physical and his limitations could tie him to roles as either a WILB in a 3-4 or WILL in a 4-3.

School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Wyomissing, PA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 241 lbs.

Has desired size and athleticism to fit into any defensive scheme. His fluid hips allow for easy flips and turns in space. Wide open strider with plus range. Makes up plenty of ground to the perimeter when looking to reel in running backs. Plays with gap-to-gap lateral quickness in his shuffle. Races downhill to get a taste of what iso blockers are serving up. Three-down linebacker who showed off the speed to carry running backs down the field in coverage. Has experience playing all three linebacker spots. Squeezes routes from zone and has acceleration to match seam-running tight-ends. Has closing burst and enough wiggle to challenge the pocket as a blitzer. Plays with inconsistent base. Contact balance is very average. Needs to improve with taking on pulling guards and cross blocking H-backs. Disengagement takes too long and he expends too much energy. Needs to punch and move to avoid being engulfed by linemen. Gets moved out of his run fits by misdirection. Overreacts to play fakes and will lose sight of the ball. At times, will look to do too much in coverage rather than just manning his position. Anzalone’s size, speed and athleticism will be tempting for teams looking for a linebacker who can play all three spots. However, there are concerns about his durability. If he can stay healthy, he has the talent to become a solid three-down starter in the league.

13. (77) CAROLINA PANTHERS (from Cardinals) select: DAESHON HALL, DE
School: Texas A&M | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Seattle, WA
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 266 lbs.

Has experience at wide-9, 5-technique and as an outside linebacker. Has length and average quickness to dart into gaps and breach the flow of the play. Has tools to become better edge setter with more strength. One year of defensive line play makes him moldable for NFL coaches. Has decent bend-and-rip rush move. Has shown ability to get skinny and wedge between double-team blocks. Flexible upper body along with coordinated work between hands and feet suggest future improvements as interior rusher. Effort player who hustles his way into tackles. Still learning to play lower and drop anchor at the point of attack. Will get bounced around and widened out of the gap by size. Needs weight work to supplement average contact balance. Washed down by redirect blocks too easily. Needs to become more commanding and authoritative with his hands. Pad level too high and too welcoming for opposing blockers. Appears to have lost a little foot quickness with addition of weight over final two college seasons. Needs to prove he has toughness to play as a 3-4 defensive end. Possesses the physical traits, versatility and effort, but teams might have to wait on Hall as he is still learning to play with a hand on the ground and needs to continue adding mass to his frame. Hall is nothing special as an edge rusher but has the talent to become an interesting interior rusher as a 3-4 defensive end. If he has enough ruggedness to handle full-time work in the trenches, he could become an eventual starter.

School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 244 lbs.

Rockets out of stance like a track sprinter, but with shoulder pads on. True edge bending ability as a rusher. Pass-rush approach is more sophisticated than he is given credit for. Can win outside or inside making every rush a potential two-way go. Shows good feel for the pass-rush arc and understands when to attack the corner. Able to dip shoulder and pivot under and around an offensive tackle and into the quarterback. Hand usage well-timed as a rusher. Primarily a rusher but showed continuing improvement in technique at the point of attack. Plus foot quickness with the smoothness to drop into coverage and operate in space on zone blitzes. Can be taken advantage of with screen passes and misdirection. Has sinewy build that resembles a move tight end more than an NFL edge rusher. Is improving as edge-setter but he still needs work. Would benefit from a stronger initial punch. Athletic tackles with a well-timed punch can stymie his rush plans. Needs to do better job of getting set pre-snap. Has some hip tightness that limits his stride length upfield and laterally. Williams’ career might be as a pass-rush specialist, but he’s talented enough at that endeavor to become a dangerous rush linebacker in the NFL. With experience rushing out of both the two and three point stances, Williams offers schematic versatility.

15. (79) NEW YORK JETS (from Vikings) select: ARDARIUS STEWART, WR
School: Alabama | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Fultondale, AL
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 204 lbs.

Stewart’s a do it all kind of player, at Alabama he did everything from taking handoffs, sweeps, kick returns, and running route, his versatility will be appreciated at the next level. He’s a solid, tough run blocker, and displays a lot of physicality. Made a lot of circus catches and impressive catches in traffic in his career. Made most of his big plays after the catch. Great play recognition. Noticeable struggles when blocking at the line of scrimmage on screen plays. Noticeably not on the same page as the quarterback some plays. Needs to polish up his route running for the next level. Drops were an issue at times, even some wide open. Tries to do too much, and ends up losing yards, specifically on sweep plays. Stewart could become a game breaker. He could be a big problem to deal with out of the slot and a big after the catch threat at the next level.

School: Ohio University | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Rocky Mount, VA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 269 lbs.

Possesses an NFL-ready build including long arms and big, strong hands. Shows flashes of explosive twitch in his attack upfield. Able to dislodge a tackle’s anchor with his speed-to-power move. Has upper body power and traits to become better at softening the edge as a rusher. Plays with good short area burst to close out running backs and scrambling quarterbacks. Maintains functional motor to keep looking for tackles outside of his general area. Asked to drop into space at times and showed enough athletic ability to handle it. Roughneck who likes to take it to tackles and tight ends as edge-setter. Gives physical redirect of tight ends getting into routes. Plays with tightness in his hips which restricts his bend and pad level. Straight-line attacker who will roll past his target if he doesn’t gather his weight early. His pass rush attack is still basic. Leaves his hands at home rather than turning them into weapons of victory. Tries to bull his way around the edge with strong lower body rather than softening edge with his hands. Needs to develop a better plan with reliable counters to beat pro tackles. Lacks smoothness in his turn around the corner. Can still get more out of his long arms. Basham has the strength and length to play as a 4-3 base end or as a 3-4 rush linebacker, but his pass rush approach will need to be sharpened as he lacks the flexibility to bend the edge and attack the pocket with athleticism alone. Basham may never produce a high sack total, but his alpha playing style will appeal to teams looking to groom a solid backup with starter’s potential.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Sunrise, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 206 lbs.

Former running back with a thick frame and great speed. Patient from press. Fluid athlete with good lateral quickness and agility to press and match against plus athletes. Maintains good feel for the route as it progresses. Early accelerator with recovery quickness and “makeup” long speed. Good physicality inside the route. Shows enough reactive twitch to challenge slants. Uses size and speed to crowd vertical routes and fight off receivers’ attempts to stack him on their hips. Has upper body strength to stack and shuck most receivers. Break-down, wrap-up tackler with the build to challenge NFL runners with size. Fairly limited in his coverages with focus on Cover-3 and press man. Lower body hits pause button giving up some separation when biting into head fake at top of the route. Takes time to gather and redirect when transitioning forward from bail coverage. Instincts and ball production have been marginal. Slow to recognize clearing routes and rarely ejects to overlap back into the play area. Slow to find and track the deep throw. Has been tagged with an excessive amount of pass interferences and defensive holding penalties in college. Loses track of his man during scrambles. Moreau is an explosive athlete who had to transition from running back over to cornerback. While the transition has taken some time thanks to inexperience and his 2015 injury, Moreau’s tape shows a more confident and consistent cover man than before. He’s very strong and tested well at the combine, but some teams could be turned off by his lack of ball production. He could become an eventual starter for a press-man team.

School: Louisiana Tech | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 199 lbs.

Drops hips into breaks for sharp stop-and-open. Maintains play speed through directional route changes. Can elevate catch focus when he knows safety is coming to deliver a blow. Flashes get-away gear used to climb over top of cornerbacks on vertical routes. Sells double moves and leaves defenders trailing. Decent job of shielding throws from traffic when working inside the numbers. Hands catcher and can dip to adjust to low throws. Extremely competitive runner after the catch. Plays bigger than his listed size. Can slip first tackle and power through the second. Downhill kick returner with ability to find lanes for himself when necessary. Competition across from him was below average. Rarely challenged by competitive press. Play speed is inconsistent. Has quality top gear but doesn’t always use it in his routes. Needs to do better job of tilting defenders with quality route work on next level. Too reliant upon speed and talent over fundamentals at this point. Ran simple routes and drew quarterback’s ire when he made wrong reads on choices. Tight hipped and average at changing direction. Below average ball tracking on deep throws. Occasionally mistimes leaps. Waits on throws rather than working back to them. Focus drop come primarily on slants. Plays outside for the Bulldogs, but a little smaller than most teams will like. Henderson excels on catch-and-go throws and nine routes. He lacks the route running to come in and be an effective threat right away, but his kick return ability could get him early work.

19. (83) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (from Titans) select: DEREK RIVERS, DE
School: Youngstown State | Conference: MVC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Kinston, NC
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 248 lbs.

Consistent, high-level production as a starter. Plays the same way from snap to snap and plays with high football character. Strikes with quick upward punch under tackle’s shoulders to stake a leverage claim on the edge. Good burst out of stance as pass rusher. Rushes with lean and dips low to propel himself around the edge at his fourth step. Creates speed-to-power push with a second gear into contract. Works to uncover outside shoulder and spill play-side runs to the boundary. Adequate power for stand-up linebacker on next level. Flashes disruptive qualities in gaps. Adequate pursuit speed. Needs to play with better gap awareness after setting edge. Plays with head down after contact and loses sight of the running backs. Slow to disengage and make plays on running backs darting into the B-gap. Has problems when matched up against length. Long arms can grind his pass rush into neutral and engulf him in run game. Will need to improve at the point of attack to play on the next level. Tight-hipped in his rush. Lacks fluidity to string moves together. Motor-based edge rusher with some tightness in his hips who used efficient hands and consistent effort to whip the competition in front of him. Rivers may lack the length and agility to be a consistent, stand-up rusher on the next level, but he has the talent to find a spot as a backup who could work his way into a more prominent role with time.

School: Penn State | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Middletown, DE
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 209 lbs.

Is a big-bodied wide receiver who knows how to use his size to his advantage. Excels at using his frame to box out the defender and put himself in position to haul in the pass. Leaping ability and strong hands also play a major role. Always looks to high-point the football. Has elite awareness that allows him to track the football. Great body control. Can make adjustments on poorly thrown balls. A big target who can win in contested situations. The type of down-field threat that can change the outcome of a game with one play. Isn’t afraid to work across the middle. Does a good job working the sidelines. Isn’t a burner but does show enough speed to create some separation. Needs to be a little more consistent with catching the easy passes. There are times where the ball hits his hands but are dropped. Needs to focus a little more on the easier routes. Needs to show more aggressiveness as a run blocker. Doesn’t attack his blocking assignment with a ton of effort which resulted in the safety making the tackle. Godwin has the talent to be a highly effective NFL receiver. His ability to fight through contact and high point the football is what NFL teams are looking for in a receiver.

21. (85) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (from Lions) select: ANTONIO GARCIA, OT
School: Troy | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height/Weight: 6-6 / 302 lbs.

Outstanding athleticism. Very good lateral quickness coming out of stance. Former high school hooper who still has basketball feet. Able to mirror pass rushers before and after engagement. Rarely beaten cleanly around edge by speed. Continues to slide feet and maintain engagement up and around pass arc. Works to keep his blocks centered in his power zone. Easily redirects back inside to chase an inside challenge. Has loose hips and quick feet providing recovery ability. Plays with his length. Fluid in space and can get to challenging angles. Keeps battling to anchor if he gets bumped early. Finds ways to get his man blocked. Carries stringy frame with upper body that looks like a defensive end. Lack of lower body strength exacerbated by elevated pad level. Needs to bend hips to dip pad level below defender’s. In pass protection, opens outside hip up early rather than staying square in initial stages. Hands take outside path to target and punch can be ill-timed, allowing rusher first strike into his frame. Defaults to lunging at target when he panics. Lacks anticipation against twists. Grabs and holds to counter bull-rush. Narrow base carries no power as base blocker in run game. Footwork and angles inconsistent on reach blocks. Consistently playing below 300 pounds, his lanky frame is the first thing that gets noticed. But his positive attributes show up on tape more than his weaknesses. Mass and functional strength are concerns and he still needs plenty of technical work, but a team could look to draft and stash him based on his starter’s traits and ability.

22. (86) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (from Vikings via Dolphins) select: KAREEM HUNT, RB
School: Toledo | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Willoughby, OH
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 208lbs

Compact body with broad frame and muscular legs. Above-average agility for his size. Has hips and feet to elude darting defenders in backfield. Uses effective jump-cut to avoid the sludge and shift to the open gap. Runs with good vision and overall instincts. Presses the line before making back-side cuts. Conforms his run to changing space within running lane. Spin moves are effective against first-look tacklers on second level. Suddenly shifts to bounce an inside run to the perimeter. Strings moves together on outside zone plays. Runs with knee bend and forward lean. Adequate pass catcher for screens and check-downs. Can elude initial tackle but struggles to accelerate after redirecting his feet. Average explosion traits. Marginal downhill burst through line of scrimmage. Inconsistent inside runner. Gets too cute in the hole when run comes to a close. Looks to spin rather than finish with authority. Needs to run to his size more consistently. Premature in breaking off play-side runs in outside zone. He might not trust his play speed. back with plus vision and enough elusiveness to make the first defender miss. Feel for the rushing lane helps him choose the correct path between the tackles but lacks the burst to turn the 4-yard run into 14. Zone-scheme runner with serviceable hands out of the backfield. Adequate in most areas and has talent to become a backup that can step in and handle a bigger load if needed.

School: California | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Prosper, TX
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 229lbs

Stands tall in the pocket with a high release point. Rhythm passer. Can drive it with accuracy between hashes when allowed to sling from a clean pocket. Shows patience to allow crossing routes to clear traffic. Expedites release with compact delivery when blitzed. Functional poise with blitz in his face. Slides to create cleaner platform to launch from when pocket gets noisy. Has feel for when ball has been in his hands too long and will look to release it. Feet are good enough to operate in a boot-action passing attack. Robotic decision-making. Decision on where to go with ball seems predetermined despite coverages. Needs to get better at manipulating safeties with his eyes. Inconsistent velocity to sideline causes nose of ball to dip. Drive throws sometime sail. Has slow setup in pocket with excessive pre-release steps. Timing passes must come out sooner. Plagued by accuracy issues and decision-making outside the numbers on both intermediate and deep throws. Five of his 12 interceptions in 2016 were along deep sidelines due to under-throws and failure to read safety help. Touch and placement are an issue when forced to leave the pocket. System quarterback with more than 65 percent of his attempts coming inside of 10 yards. Webb has enough raw talent to be considered a developmental prospect, but his decision-making and accuracy issues beyond 10 yards is a big red flag that might be tough to overcome in the NFL.

School: UCLA | Conference: PAC12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Auburn, CA
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 305 lbs.

Solid functional lateral movement and change of direction. Able to spin out of blocks with quick feet. Gives good chase along backside. Booming power in his hands to tilt rep in his favor after initial punch. Explodes hips into contact to dislodge blockers Has strength and ability to play nose tackle or three-technique. Can two-gap. Gets inside arm under and rag dolls move blocks to challenge cutback lanes. Grows roots against double teams and fights to split them rather than trying to survive. Brings toughness and edge to the workplace. Better rush potential than numbers indicate. Has strength to walk interior linemen back in the pocket. Missed almost entire 2015 season with torn ACL and he didn’t seem to bounce all the way back in 2016. Carries weight poorly in his upper body and especially midsection. A little slow in reaction time off snap. Gets behind against move blocks and will often play from backside rather than play-side. Pad level rises after initial stages of rep. Needs to improve conditioning. Has to keep weight down and get full mobility back. Despite his ability, sack production has lagged behind. Vanderdoes is athletic and powerful, but his weight and health of his knee could be a concern. He has the talent to become a disruptive, productive starter if his body bounces back to his earlier form. If not, he’s still a solid rotational defensive tackle.


School: Texas | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Texas City, TX
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 249lbs

Outstanding athleticism for a big runner. Smooth lateral movement. Has feet and agility for slide and go cuts from one gap to the next without a noticeable gear down. Finesses run lanes with subtle shifts and turns. Measured stride length optimizes balance. Can hurdle open field tacklers who try and go low. Play speed is adequate. Has size and balance to pinball from one tackler to the next if he’s not wrapped up. Jars linebackers and safeties at impact with his size alone. North-south runner. Rarely caught taking a loss due to ill-advised “bounce” outside. Proved he could shoulder heavy workload while cranking out consistent production week after week. Had tremendous conversion rate when short yardage was needed. Usually opts for finesse over power despite his size. Needs to become more decisive and aggressive between the tackles. Inconsistent acceleration into contact. Waits to churn feet until after blow has landed. One pace runner. Impatient keeping runs play-side and looks to break back inside prematurely. Burst is average through the line allowing defenders to get hands on him. Alarming ball security issues this season with seven fumbles and six lost. Poor mechanics in pass protection. Doesn’t square assignments defaulting to lazy shoulder blocks. Foreman has outstanding foot quickness and wiggle for a back his size, but will need to run behind his pads and with more aggression on the next level. Teams could be split on his draft value as some may covet his size and athleticism while others will be concerned about a lack of third down value. Ultimately he has the talent to be a good NFL starter, but he’s still a work in progress.

School: Central Florida | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Height/Weight: 6-0 / 194 lbs.

Has good size and strength. Has a disruptive punch and feet to impede in press coverage. Loose and athletic in his movement. Able to flip hips and match receivers without giving up much early separation in his transition. Allowed just 32.9 percent of throws his way to be completed. Possesses plus ball skills. Uses well-timed leaps and strong hands to challenge at the catch point. Is a rake it or take it cornerback with 34 passes defensed over the last two seasons, including six interceptions. Runs through targets looking to jar the catch loose. Aggressive in run support. Looks to play through receivers on the way to the ball. Can wrap up or chop down running backs. Long speed is very average and will allow some vertical separation against speedsters. His instincts and anticipation are just average. Can be slow with pattern recognition on combo routes. Has issues maintaining his coverage distance from man-off. Plays tall in space limiting his transition quickness when attempting to mirror receivers out of their route breaks. Has to be careful not to lunge when trying to reroute receivers after their release. Griffin plays the game with an aggressive tilt both in coverage and in his run support. Griffin has good ball skills with a closing burst to challenge throws, but his anticipation is just average and he may not be able to play off of receivers and still be as effective with his ball production. Because he lacks long speed but is an effective tackler, he could be targeted by a defense favoring Cover-2 coverage.

27. (91) LOS ANGELES RAMS (from Bills via Chiefs) select: JOHN JOHNSON, FS
School: Boston College | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: West Hyattsville, MD
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 205 lbs.

Has starting experience as cornerback and safety. Can play high safety or cover the slot. Plays with smooth hips and above average mirror and match footwork for the safety spot. At ease with directional changes in space. Adequate instincts in coverage. Will shade his coverage from high safety based on play development and quarterback’s glances. Winning ball skills with very good ball tracking and soft hands. Interceptions don’t just come his way, he goes and gets them. Has agility to take zig-zag downhill track to running backs. Bounces into run fits with lively feet and a tackle-ready base. Special teams monster with 30 tackles over the last three seasons on cover teams. Tends to take passive routes to the ball when he’s the last line of defense. Leverages to the sideline while drifting backwards rather than closing downhill. Features a small delay at top of his transition when triggering. Needs to improve physicality as a tackler. Feet deaden near point of impact. Needs to drive through his target and finish with his feet. Ascending defender with the experience, athleticism and ball skills to play as a high safety or in man coverage. Johnson is well above average as a ball-tracker and has the soft hands to finish at the catch-point against receivers. He has decent size but won’t be a banger as a tackler, however, his ability in coverage has NFL personnel men buzzing as a potential early starter in the league.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 5-10 / 188 lbs.

Ultra-competitive with an overwhelming drive to succeed. Allowed just seven catches in 2016 for completion percentage against of 23.3. An annoyance from press coverage. Squats on top of his target waiting to punch and impede. Twitchy feet can stick and close to ball instantly when he reads pass. Able to flip hips and accelerate quickly. Has lateral quickness and agility to flourish from the slot. Has adequate recovery speed to make up for an early mistake. Finds ball with back to quarterback as well as anyone in college. Maintains tight coverage downfield and waits for receiver’s eyes to cue him in on when to turn and find it. In three years as a starter, credited with 42 passes defensed, including six interceptions. Allowed just two touchdowns during same time frame. Has special teams experience as a gunner and in return game. Limited in coverage options due to matchup concerns against elite NFL size. Has to work overtime to disengage from physical wideouts in run support. Tape shows small delay in reaction when attempting to mirror an inside release. Tendency to grab if beaten early off the line. Will allow his man a head start past him when he starts reckless eyeballing the quarterback from off coverage. Might lack necessary spring to win 50-50 balls at the high point. Technician with the foot quickness and overall athleticism to handle himself from the slot. Shouldn’t be much of a detriment against the run for teams who want to attack on the ground from 11 personnel. Excels from press and plays with confidence and edge. Lack of size will scare some teams and could cause him to fall out of the first round, but he has the ability to become a very good slot corner for a man-cover team.

School: Auburn | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Vienna, GA
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 304 lbs.

Low out of his stance and with good explosiveness. Springs into gaps to stress guards and split double teams. Usually first into neutral zone. Disruptive when working the gaps. Burly lower half with good thickness through his hips and thighs. Powerful leg drive pushes him through blocker’s shoulder and into the backfield. Pursues from backside with hustle. Has some bull rush potential if he keeps pads low. Strikes head first with eyes down losing sight of the play. Doesn’t utilize hands well enough to keep himself clean. Needs to improve punch and extension to add value as a two-gap tackle. Sticks on blocks and labors to disengage. Short stepper with limited lateral effectiveness as pass rusher. Active as rusher but fails to stress the edge often enough. Has carried label as underachiever at times. Has talent but needs to more consistently play to it. Adams can be disruptive off the snap but is not the type of player to recover quickly if beaten early in the rep. He is a rotational defensive tackle for gap-attack defenses, but is unlikely to offer much as a pass rusher.

School: Tennessee | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Jonesboro, GA
Height/Weight: 5-11 / 188 lbs.

Man-cover corner with feet to mirror and match off line of scrimmage. Responsive to route keys from wideouts. Decent instincts looking to jump hitches and wide receiver screens. Desired fluidity of movement with ability to open and run from backpedal. Confident in coverage and rarely penalized. Good acceleration to ball raking across catch point when he gets there. Praised by coaches for competitive character and selfless, team-first attitude. Worked his tail off to return to field after fracturing ankle in mid-September. Punt-return talent; career average of 14.9 yards with three touchdowns. Too passive in press coverage, failing to land solid hands that slow opponent or redirect their routes. Can be bodied around by big wideouts. Plays a little tall in his backpedal. Feet lack some twitch when asked to plant and explode forward from pedal. Has issues with back to the quarterback; late to turn and find the ball, allowing catches over his head. Unreliable in run support with too many side-swipe, grab-and-drag attempts. Four-year starter with the fluidity to handle man coverage on the outside, but lacking desired physicality and run-support traits that zone teams covet. Sutton flashed outstanding ball production his first two seasons but saw his per-game production drop since. Could be forced inside due to a lack of size on next level. Punt-return ability could be what gets him on the field first.

31. (95) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (from Falcons) select: DELANO HILL, FS
School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 216 lbs.

Compact build that is able to accept and deal out physical play. Aggressive in run support. Likes the life near the line of scrimmage. Plays downhill and will meet the ball in the backfield when he gets a chance. Steps downhill from high safety and takes good angles to the ball. Plays both high and low and has matched up on the slot. Has zone-cover potential. Chest-up tackler with a good finishing rate. Hips lock up on him when trying to flip and chase the post route. Has no room for false steps in his game. Lacks athleticism to match up on space down the field. Below average play speed and range from high safety. Instincts are average. Can be slow to recognize and respond to intended misdirection. Transitions forward from his pedal will stall at the top and slow his break on the throw. Hill has the size and physical demeanor to get a quality look from a team as a box safety, but his lack of coverage quickness and ball production won’t help his chances. Hill will have to open eyes on special teams and as a lights out, downhill tackler to become an NFL factor.

32. (96) DETROIT LIONS (from Patriots) select: KENNY GOLLADAY, WR
School: Northern Illinois | Conference: MAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 218 lbs.

Tall with arm length to match. Has room to add more muscle and strength. Was the quarterback’s pet with his long, available frame. Steps into his routes with push and purpose. Long-strider who, if unaccosted, can eat up cushion and work over top of cornerbacks. Good hand fighter who can create additional vertical separation. Catches it away from his body and with desired extension. Long arms offer a wide net for a catch radius. Can go way up or dig out the low ball. Shows good instincts in space and will work back to the ball if he senses the window closing down. Can be knocked off course and off schedule in timing routes. Has build-up speed but needs a clean runway. Could struggle to uncover against bump-and-run corners. Below average sideline awareness. Made too many catches against the sideline that didn’t end up counting. Needs to leverage more throwing room for his quarterbacks on vertical boundary throws. Route work failed to create tilt from defenders. Routes need to be better disguised. Passive, positional run blocker who waits to block until he has to. Golladay could be targeted by teams looking for a field-stretcher with size who has the potential to become a matchup problem in the redzone. Golladay has the talent to become an eventual starter in the league.

School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Beech Island, SC
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 199 lbs.

Angular build with good length. Looks to harass and smother receiver for as long as he can. Runs with access to a second gear when needed. Two-year starter with experience in a variety of coverages. Disruptive at the catch point using full arm extension to maximize his length. Ball production was very good; had eight interceptions in just two years as a starter. Soft hands will pluck it out of the air if he gets into position. Gets desired depth in Cover-2 responsibilities, balancing between high and low. Comes to balance and squares up as a tackler. Looks to tackle low and springs into ball carriers with aggressive shoulder aimed at their thighs. Anticipation and instincts slightly below average. Eyes are unsure and can be slow to process and react. Lacks bend in his backpedal and bail techniques. Struggles to sink and redirect quickly for transitions forward against comeback routes. Allows too much route separation from off coverage and will need to squeeze tighter on next level. Balance concerns in coverage. Feet and hips can be clunky when it’s time to open and run out of press shuffle. Will panic when he gets behind on vertical routes and starts to grab. Had eight pass-interference calls against him in two season. Inconsistent in finding the ball when back is to the quarterback. Needs to add more muscle to frame. Has an impressive body of work as a lockdown, boundary cornerback but he has some holes in his transitions that could open the door for more separation on the next level. While he’s not always the most fluid in coverage, his 6-foot-1 frame and eight interceptions will be the two numbers some teams will focus heavily on.

34. (98*) ARIZONA CARDINALS (from Cardinals) select: CHAD WILLIAMS, WR
School: Grambling State | Conference: SWAC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Height/Weight: 6-1 / 204 lbs.

Plays bigger than his size. Confident in his hands and snatches the ball way out in front of this frame. Shows some physicality after the catch and isn’t easy to bring down. Hung 13 catches for 152 yards on Arizona early in the season. Uses body as a shield between the throw and the defender and can play as big as he needs to in space. Early route speed is below average. Takes too long to get to the top of his routes. Straight-liner. Heavy feet and stiff hips prevent shakes and jukes to allude early tacklers. Needs to run under the deep ball rather than gliding down the field. Can improve his adjustments on low throws. Heavily targeted and highly productive against a lower level of competition. Williams has decent size and ball skills, but looks slow on tape with very disjointed route work. He needs to run well at his workout, but even if he does, he’s a developmental prospect rather than an early helper.

35. (99*) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (from Ravens) select: RASUL DOUGLAS, CB
School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG12
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: East Orange, NJ
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 209 lbs.

Very aware from zone coverage. Will roll out of his coverage area and overlap in order to make a play. Reads quarterbacks drops and will break early to race ahead of slants and make a play on the throw. Finisher when the ball is there to be had and flashed ball skills of a pro. Plays with strong hands. Able to go up high and win the 50-50 balls and needs very little time to have hands interception-ready. Good recognition of route combinations and will shift from pattern to pattern. Not a physical tackler but gets guys down. Length allows him to catch stray running backs breaking contain. Tall corner who plays upright in his pedal, which affects his balance and transition quickness. Very average in his pattern matching and has below average closing burst to the ball. Won’t be able to match quick-footed receivers from press coverage. Athletic and coverage limitations could limit his scheme fits. Doesn’t have the downfield juice to stick with burners on go routes. Makeup speed is below average. Inconsistent hitter who may lack necessary aggressiveness as tackler to project to safety. Defaults to arm tackles. There is no doubting Douglas’ ability to make plays on the ball when he’s in position, but his lack of long speed and closing burst could make his big senior season an anomaly. Douglas is a zone corner with press and trail ability but needs to run a reasonable time at the combine to solidify his draft slotting.

36. (100*) TENNESSEE TITANS (from Rams) select: JONNU SMITH, TE
School: Florida International | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Ocala, FL
Height/Weight: 6-3 / 248 lbs.

Plays with urgency and looks to squeeze the most out of each play. Flashes an electric burst up the field and into his routes. Seam buster with ability to race over top of the linebacker and into a throwing window quickly. Plays fast. Talented, competitive runner after the catch. Mashes the gas and can run away from linebackers. Loose hips with slick lateral side step after the catch. Has ability to work on all three levels. Shows willingness to handle the heavy lifting as zone scheme blocker. Uses good angles and timing in his combination blocks. Body catcher who doesn’t trust his own hands. Has dropped 10 passes over the last two seasons with too many double catches. Needs to do a better job of helping his QB by working to the ball and shielding. Gets grinded on by redirects out of his release into routes. Needs to learn how to adjust routes or disengage earlier. Not a convincing route runner and just kind of goes through the motion rather than selling fakes. Undersized for an in-line option. Frame may not be able to carry additional weight. Athletic tight end with four years of pass-catching production and experience as an in-line blocker. Smith is electric after the catch and has the speed to attack all three levels of the field, but his inconsistent hands could hold him back. Smith’s lack of size will likely push him into a “move tight end” role, but he’s a more effective blocker in the zone game than many who have been asked to do it on the pro level.

School: Lamar (TX) | Conference: Southland
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Marietta, GA
Height/Weight: 6- / 20 lbs.

Still raw, but very moldable for defensive backs coach who loves to teach. Has a stiff, disruptive punch from press coverage and can uncork it from his backpedal. Former wide receiver with excellent ball skills. Uses well-timed leaps to high-point the football like a basketball rebounder. Comfortable from bail coverage and shows the eye discipline to manage his man and the quarterback’s eyes at the same time. Has desired length for the position with blazing speed to carry vertical routes down the field. Technique from press coverage is all over the place. Narrow base causes poor balance in his transitions against an inside release. Ragged backpedal needs work. Doesn’t have clean “stick and drive” footwork when triggering forward from his pedal. Struggles to stay in phase with receiver throughout the route. Had some really disappointing reps in one-on-one drills at the Senior Bowl allowing excessive route separation. Not an aggressive run supporter and will wait on running backs to take it to him. Langley displays issues with his mirror and match footwork from press coverage and might be better suited in off-man or zone coverage where he can read quarterbacks and utilize his ball skills with the play in front of him. Langley has NFL backup potential.

School: North Carolina | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Roanoke Rapids, NC
Height/Weight: 6-5 / 304 lbs.

Has good size with long arms and thick lower half. Play strength is above average. Likes to initiate the contact at point of attack. Initial punch has some shock behind it and he has the power to press defenders off of his chest and keep them at the end of his length. Hand placement generally sound. Can beat one-on-one blocks. Has ability to set the edge and man both gaps. Good twitch in his shed to disengage and make the tackle. Above average tackle production for interior. Rarely beaten soundly by a base block. Shows some control at point of attack. Instincts and awareness are below average. Can be slow to find the football. Fooled by misdirection, play-action and screen passes. Lacks feel for flow of the play causing him to play behind the blocks rather than racing in front of them. Lacks feet to recover past a reach block. Needs to operate with more width in his base for balance consistency. Below average change of direction. Plows head-first into pass protection. Doesn’t have much of a rush plan and is still looking for a competent counter move. Plays with some stiffness in lower half which affects pad level. Phone booth defender who has good length and the power to fight for control at the point of attack. Jones’ strength is his ability to play the run and he could be a physical fit for 3-4 teams looking to add a run defender to their linemen corps. His inability to get the quarterback will cap his draft slotting but he does have pro potential.

39. (103*) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (from Patriots via Browns) select: TREY HENDRICKSON, DE
School: Florida Atlantic | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Apopka, FL
Height/Weight: 6-4 / 266 lbs.

Good upper-body turn that presents a difficult target for tackles to punch. Rushes with good lean and has a strong club hand to soften the edge. Uses arm extension and acceleration to generate some speed-to-power push. Impressive, fluid footwork with spin move counter. Hands are effective at warding off cut blocks. Good lateral quickness to squeeze running lane. Rakes at the ball as tackler, forcing six fumbles over final two seasons at FAU. Special teams demon; blocked a punt, two field goals and an extra point in 2016. Not an “other side of the line” run defender. A tick slow to diagnose and respond off snap. Allows blockers to cross his face and beat him to the block. Needs to do better job of thumping and setting a strong edge. Plays too tall in his tackle-end twist transitions, allowing blockers under his pads. More of a second-effort sack man than a quick-win specialist. His lack of length on the edge will be a turnoff for some, but he flashes enough to warrant a third-day draft selection as a backup 4-3 defensive end who could continue to develop as a rusher with additional work.

40. (104*) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (from Vikings via Chiefs) select: C.J. BEATHARD, QB
School: Iowa | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Franklin, TN
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 215lbs

Played in pro-style passing attack, working under center and from shotgun. Capable and confident rolling out. Squares shoulders to deliver strikes. Footwork and pocket mechanics look solid. Throws with some natural accuracy despite pedestrian completion percentage. Has the arm strength to throw the deep out without laboring. Trusts his line and keeps eyes downfield. Plays with relatively calm demeanor. Good feel and timing for screen game. Team leader with ability to handle adversity. Won’t take unnecessary chances. Often late to pull trigger on throws toward the sideline, forcing receivers into boundary and out of the catch. Slow field scanner who tends to lock into a single side. Too much eye-balling and not enough manipulating. Poor feel for pocket pressure. Oblivious to backside pressure until it’s too late. Needs more air under the long ball. Deep-ball accuracy has been terrible. Pro-style quarterback who dealt with nagging injuries to key pass catchers and himself in 2016. Beathard plays checkers with safeties rather than chess, which could always hinder his ability to attack down the field with success. Could be a career backup who finds himself in the action at some point down the road.

School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Hometown: Erie, PA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 235lbs

Arm tackles are a waste of time. Carries heavy momentum behind pads at finish. Drops shoulder to punish final tackler. Uses wicked stiff-arm to punch and swat tacklers to the ground. Creates for himself through brute force. Natural power in lower half. Doesn’t need a clean point of entry for aggressive, downhill charge. Excellent contact balance despite heavy shots on his legs. Short-yardage specialist who can move the chains and score touchdowns. Willing to leave his feet and sacrifice body near goal line. Willing blocker in pass pro and showed ability to come out of backfield in wheel routes, swing passes and outs. Needs a clean slate of blocks to consistently make his way around the corner on the next level. Could struggle to accelerate from tacklers if he gets too cute. Lacks quick-escape athleticism for sudden shake in open field. All power, no finesse. Early defensive penetration short-circuits his run. Average lateral movement and not desired amount for every-down back. Can be a little slow to process moving parts in front of him. Not a press-and-cut back and needs to learn to set blocks up better. Hands a little stiff as pass catcher and will fight the ball at times. Shows occasional confusion in blitz pick-up. Physical, battering-ram style runner who makes the hitting a two-way affair. Conner’s lack of speed and reactive quickness could limit his role as a pro, but his heart, work ethic and ability to keep the chains moving could make him a red-zone specialist with the ability to handle some third down duties as well.

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG10
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 214 lbs.

Good NFL size with above-average arm length. Experience in Michigan’s pro-style passing attack. Saw increase in targets and responded with improved production. Fluid working two-way releases from slot. Smooth transitions in his routes. Won’t give away plant-and-go cuts to the post, allowing him to stay ahead of the cornerback. Heady player. Adjusts routes to create better throwing opportunities for quarterbacks. Accepts responsibility as blocker climbing up to cornerbacks with some urgency of engagement. Able to sustain his block when run play flows his way. Locks up back-side safety blocks. Build-up runner who is slow to eat up cornerback cushion. Play speed appears to be average. Missing suddenness and twitch. Inconsistent release quickness against press. Could struggle to uncover against aggressive man coverage. Gradual sink into breaks alerts cornerbacks to slam on breaks and challenge the throw. Body catcher. Ball will beat him up and he suffers from focus drops. Needs to improve positioning against defensive backs. Rarely escapes a spirited tackle attempt. Not very dynamic after the catch. Darboh’s outstanding size will have some teams excited While he lacks the quickness and hands to make a living underneath, his physical traits and willingness to help as a blocker are what will make him stand out. Scheme fit could determine whether he becomes a WR2 or just a guy fighting for snaps off the bench.

School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Clinton, LA
Height/Weight: 6-2 / 243 lbs.

Big throwback frame with ability to bang between the tackles. Has experience in the middle with both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. Takes well-reasoned paths to the ball. Won’t get caught rushing downhill without a plan. Will down into guards as pre-emptive strike before they combo up to him. Maintains his run fits and leverages his gap with an aggressive forearm shiver to short-pulling guards and isolation blockers. Hands are quick with some shock. Can unlock a surprising closing burst to close out on the perimeter. Eyes are disciplined. Good read and respond but plays the game with patience. Body control a plus. Won’t always be pretty but he gets guys tackled. Awareness in space and overall football IQ is above average. Able to find receivers working through his coverage area. Reads quarterback’s eyes helping him drift toward targets. Inconsistent taking on second-level blocks. Is good with his hands but will default to run around or “olé” approaches at times. Athleticism and agility are very average. Could struggle playing sideline to sideline. Has some straight-line burst but takes awhile to unlock hips and chase to the sideline. Plays way too tall. High center of gravity slows his ability to redirect. Missed tackle total too high over last three years. Pad level hinders ability to break down in space and change direction to wrangle shifty running backs. Stiffness in space could spell doom if asked to cover backs out of the backfield. Productive full-time starter over last two and a half seasons on talented LSU defenses. Has the size and spirit to play for teams expecting physicality from their inside linebacker, but his game comes with some athletic and coverage limitations. He has starter’s ability when healthy.


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