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Jaguars’ Ramsey says there is “no bad blood” between him and Texans’ Hopkins

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Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey says there is “no bad blood” between him and Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

“I respect his game,” Ramsey said via Michael DiRocco of ESPN. “He knows that. He respects my game as well. You’ve got bring some fire. You’ve got to bring some rivalry in to it.”

Former Houston Texans cornerback A.J. Bouye signed a free-agent contract with the Jaguars last month. One NFL assistant coach said before free agency that a Ramsey-Bouye combo would “be lethal” for opposing offenses.

“We’re going to compete like no other – I’m going to push him, and I get the vibe that he’s going to push me,” Ramsey said. “We’re going to grind, and we’re going to grow.”

Bouye, defensive end Calais Campbell and strong safety Barry Church were signed by the Jaguars on the second day of free agency.

“Just more pieces to the puzzle,” Ramsey said. “Some older guys to mix in with the younger guys we have so we can really start winning some games.”

After Bouye signed with the Jaguars, Hopkins told a Houston radio station that he had spoken with Bouye before free agency began and joked that he expected Bouye to guard him on third down.

“I told A.J. if he goes to [Jacksonville] then he better be the dude guarding me on third down instead of Jalen [Ramsey] because he couldn’t get the job done,” Hopkins told CBS Houston 650 AM. “I love A.J., but hopefully he’s the one guarding me on third down to win the game next year for those guys. They might have a better chance.”

Ramsey took to Twitter to respond to Hopkins comment.

“It was purely entertainment for me,” Ramsey said of the Twitter exchange. “Everybody watched the game. We’ve got a mutual respect for each other. I respect his game. He knows that. He respects my game as well.

“You have to bring some rivalry into it. Everybody is always talking [about] our [division] being weak – we’re trying to bring some fire to it. I know when we play them, we’re going to go at it, if it’s me or A.J. guarding him.”

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