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Bucs QB Jameis Winston fined over $12K for push that led to brawl with Saints

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has been fined $12,154 by the NFL for his part in the scram that led to a teammate Mike Evans being suspended for a game, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reports.

Winston, who was already out of the game due to a sore shoulder, pushed New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore’s helmet during an altercation in Sunday’s game. Lattimore shoved Winston in retaliation, leading Evans to run across the field to lay a cheap shot to the back of Lattimore and then pounce on the cornerback once he hit the ground.

Evans lost his appeal of the one-game suspension, which will cost him $40,588.23 in pay.

Winston publicly apologized on Wednesday for his role in the incident.

“I just want to apologize on behalf of my teammates and Mike Evans for the incident that happened in the Saints game. That’s something I can’t do in the heat of the moment,” Winston said. “My competitive nature [took over]. Obviously I can’t come off the field and make any gesture toward an opponent, let alone touch them. I can’t do that, so I apologize for that.”

Coach Dirk Koetter called Winton and Evans’ behavior “totally unacceptable,” and suggested that both players should have been ejected.

“Jameis cannot, under any circumstances, come off the sideline when he’s not even playing in the game,” Koetter said. “And trash talking is trash talking, but to go out and tap another player, touch another player, whatever you want to call it at all on the field — that’s inexcusable.”

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